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Digital Marketing Course Program

Enhance Your Digital Marketing Skills through Practical Learning


Are you considering enrolling in a fully online Digital Marketing Course?

Digital Coach® offers a comprehensive program covering all aspects of web marketing, social media marketing, and e-commerce. Our course is 100% practical and operational, teaching you to master the essential technical tools, strategies, methods, and best practices in digital marketing.

You’ll have access to all video lessons in your personal, reserved area.

Who is the Digital Marketing Course for?


This course is an ideal choice for those looking to shape their career towards the in-demand digital professions.

Learn hands-on how to perform the tasks these roles require.

The course culminates in a certification exam, validating your knowledge, effective participation, and the skills you’ve acquired.

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This program is ideal for employees who are looking to steer their careers toward the emerging digital professions within the digital marketing sector.

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Whether you’re a young individual or someone seeking to retrain or specialize, our course is tailored for those aiming to enter the new digital professions. These roles are increasingly in demand in a rapidly evolving job market, offering opportunities for stable employment. 

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Entrepreneurs, self-employed individuals, or those aspiring to be self-employed will find this course beneficial. It’s designed to help you leverage the Internet to enhance the visibility of your business, company, or startup. The goal is to increase your customer base and revenue.

Career Opportunities in Digital Marketing


The Digital Marketing Course equips you with the skills and certification necessary to pursue various careers in the field:

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  • Digital Marketing Manager
  • Web Marketing Manager
  • Social Media Marketing Manager
  • Content Marketing Specialist
  • SEO Specialist
  • SEM Specialist
  • Social Media Specialist
  • Community Manager
  • Web Content Specialist/Manager
  • Web Trafficker
  • Digital PR Specialist
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Content of the Digital Marketing Course


Digital Coach’s Digital Marketing Course is distinguished by its adherence to US standards, emphasizing

  1. The use of cutting-edge technologies and advanced working methodologies.
  2. A business-oriented approach focused on generating tangible results.
  3. The integration of complementary tools and channels for a holistic marketing strategy.

Program Description of the Digital Marketing Course

To offer world-class Digital Marketing practices, our program encompasses a comprehensive curriculum. It covers all channels, mediums, and tools that contribute significantly to the Digital Marketing strategies of leading web companies.

The program includes 29 training modules divided into three main areas:

Web Marketing: 11 modules covering various aspects of web marketing.
E-Commerce and Advanced Web Marketing: 6 modules focusing on user experience and Magento utilization.
Social Media: 12 modules exploring social channels to maximize business potential.

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6 E-Commerce & Web Marketing Modules

Delve into user experience and Magento use.

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11 Web Marketing Modules

Analyze all strategies for website traffic conversion.

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12 Social Media Marketing Modules

Explore social channels to maximize your business’s potential.

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A New Approach to the Digital World


Our online marketing course philosophy, approach, methodologies, and teaching tools are designed to challenge the traditional perspectives and beliefs of those familiar with conventional marketing and communication.

This course aims to demonstrate how the digital world is revolutionizing business at every level:

  • Strategy Development,
  • Investment Planning,
  • Sales Channel Management,
  • Communication Channel Utilization,
  • Customer Service Enhancement,
  • Operational Marketing Tool Implementation,
  • Human Resource Management and Organizational Structure.

Course Structure and Attendance for Digital Marketing

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The course includes 171 hours of instruction, divided into 29 training modules. It also offers placement services, guidance towards digital professions, and a final exam for the Digital Marketing Course Certification.


Flexible Study Schedule

Access on-demand video lessons at your convenience.

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Practical Work Experience

In addition to theoretical lessons, you have the option to engage in 12 months of real-world practice. This includes job rotations every four months across three different areas, allowing you to apply what you’ve learned in a practical setting.

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Examination and Certification

A final exam assesses your preparedness, leading to a Certification of Competence and Attendance.

Our Digital Marketing Course offers you the flexibility to choose how, when, and in what manner you attend, allowing you to study under the best conditions tailored to your personal needs.

The course comprises 171 hours of lessons, spread across 29 training modules. For those interested, there are also cycles of practical exercises, each spanning approximately 4 months. These exercises provide an opportunity to apply the lessons learned to real-world cases.

Upon completing the course, a final exam is conducted, leading to the issuance of a certification that confirms the skills you’ve acquired in digital marketing. In addition to the competence certificate, you’ll receive a certificate detailing your actual attendance percentage and your exam score.

tEnhance your Training with Real-World Practice


Add Digital Coach Work Experience to Your Study Plan!

This unique experience allows you to consolidate the skills gained during your studies through direct collaboration with professionals.


The Digital Coach Work Experience is Ideal For:

young graduates

Young graduates
Eager to specialize in one of the most sought-after digital professions and gain credible certification.

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Looking to stay updated on new digital professions to innovate their businesses.

freelancer icon

Aiming to specialize in digital marketing and focus on web-based opportunities.

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Seeking to acquire web and social media skills for their professional roles.

Real practice – Work Experience


Months of Practical Experience

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The Digital Marketing Work Experience (WEX): A Key Component of Your Learning Journey

Spend four enriching months immersed in one of our 12 specialized WEX teams. Guided by seasoned industry experts, you’ll tackle digital marketing challenges and apply the knowledge gained during your certification process.

Embarking on the WEX journey offers an unparalleled opportunity to enhance your hands-on digital marketing skills. Depending on your course selection, you can participate in up to four distinct work experiences, each designed to complement your educational path. Explore the diverse teams within the Digital Coach WEX program!

Digital Marketing Course Program

A comprehensive look at the Study Plan

Web area modules


DIGITAL STRATEGY Fusion: This module merges online and offline tactics. We’ll explore core online marketing channels, understanding their unique attributes. From SEO to email marketing, and from social media to mobile marketing, we’ll examine the principles for selecting the best channel mix for various businesses. The focus is on strategies that unify these channels, ensuring a cohesive journey from traffic generation to sales conversion, including the integration of offline elements.

WEB ANALYTICS Essentials: Dive into tools, primarily Google Analytics, to understand your audience’s behavior and preferences. Use this data to refine your web marketing strategies, continually measuring and adjusting for optimal results. Explore tools like A/B testing, heat maps, and webmaster utilities.

SEM & DISPLAY ADVERTISING Mastery: Learn to capitalize on the traffic to your site using PPC tools. Tailor your strategies based on location, demographics, and user behavior, leveraging platforms like Google Ads for keyword and display advertising.

E-MAIL MARKETING Evolution: Discover the enduring power of email marketing (DEM) for driving online sales. We’ll explore techniques in communication, technology, and copywriting to enhance this tool’s effectiveness.


SEO Dynamics: Optimize your online presence on search engines to attract users genuinely interested in your offerings. Understand the evolving nature of SEO, recognizing its role as the most integrative web marketing discipline.

MOBILE MARKETING Outreach: Learn how smartphones and tablets enable reaching your audience with tailored strategies that complement other media. Dive into mobile app design, mobile ad campaigns, SMS marketing, and mobile couponing.

INBOUND MARKETING & Pathway Creation:Navigate the emerging world of inbound marketing to guide website visitors through optimal actions, maximizing conversion chances.

E-COMMERCE Blueprint & Oversight: Identify the pillars of a successful online sales venture, discussing online strategies, sales channels, and tech choices. We’ll also touch upon offline elements like inventory management and customer service.
WEBSITE Design & WORDPRESS Mastery: Recognize the website as the cornerstone of all web marketing endeavors. Learn to craft and manage dynamic websites using WordPress, the user-friendly CMS.

LOCATION-DRIVEN MARKETING: Leverage modern technology and mobile advancements to launch marketing campaigns based on potential customers’ geographic locations.

AFFILIATE MARKETING Online Evolution: Understand the online counterpart of traditional sales networks. Delve into its principles, intermediaries, and tools to establish and reward your online sales team.

Social Media Modules

FACEBOOK COMMUNITY MARKETING: Learn to create and manage Facebook Pages, from daily editorial calendar management to community engagement and moderation. We’ll also cover social care, crisis management, and measuring results through Analytics.

DIGITAL PR: Discover how to conduct public relations online effectively, working with bloggers, online publishers, influencers, and social stars.

FACEBOOK ADVERTISING: Set up targeted advertising campaigns using Facebook’s tools. Learn everything from content sponsoring to remarketing, and analyze results with Facebook Insights.

YOUTUBE & ONLINE VIDEO MARKETING: Learn how even small companies can develop a video marketing strategy. Create a YouTube channel, produce the right video content, and advertise with video ads.

LINKEDIN MARKETING: Explore advertising, lead generation, and social selling opportunities on LinkedIn. Learn about managing company pages, community management of LinkedIn groups, and creating advertising campaigns.

WORDPRESS FOR BLOGGING & SEO COPYWRITING: Understand why a blog is central to social media marketing strategies and the first content marketing channel to consider. Learn to use WordPress and its plugins for blog management and SEO-optimized content writing.

INSTAGRAM & INFLUENCER MARKETING: Understand the features that have made Instagram a rapidly growing social network. Learn how brands use visual content effectively and its role in Influencer Marketing.
TWITTER AND NEW SOCIAL MEDIA (Telegram, Whatsapp and Messenger): Explore the growth and potential of Twitter and other emerging social media platforms. Learn to find niche social media that best enables you to reach your audience.

CONTENT MARKETING & BLOGGING: Learn to produce content that attracts, engages, and answers your potential customers’ queries. Discover how to enhance content through a corporate blog and maximize distribution through social media.

PERSONAL BRANDING & PROFESSIONAL SUCCESS: Start by defining your professional positioning, then take steps to increase your visibility on search engines and social media. Develop a personalized action plan to achieve your professional goals.

DIGITAL STORYTELLING: Learn what digital storytelling is and how to do it effectively. Understand the characteristics of successful corporate communication and how brands connect with customers through stories.

WEB REPUTATION & SOCIAL MEDIA MONITORING: Discover software and tools that can analyze online conversations and provide data to evaluate opinions and perceptions related to a brand, a product, or a campaign.

E-commerce/Web Advanced modules

E-COMMERCE TECH & MAGENTO Mastery: Dive deep into e-commerce platforms, understanding the advantages and challenges of each. Focus on open-source solutions like Magento CMS and learn to build online stores using its core features.

USER-CENTRIC DESIGN Principles: Master the art of designing elements to enhance website user experience. Understand the difference between UX and UI, and delve into aspects like website usability, content strategy, and user research.

ADVANCED SEM + Programmatic Innovations: Navigate the evolving landscape of Programmatic Buying and Real Time Bidding, reshaping the SEM realm. Understand the foundational principles of these technologies, and explore the potential of Retargeting/Remarketing tools offered by industry leaders.

WEB ANALYTICS 2.0: In the data-rich digital marketing world, harness tools like Google’s Universal Analytics to seamlessly integrate mobile, desktop, and social data. Enhance your insights with A/B testing and eye tracking tools, deepening your understanding of user behaviors and preferences.

SEO Next-Gen Tactics: Stay updated with the latest shifts in search engine algorithms—Google Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird, and more. Recognize the growing interplay between SEO, content marketing, social media, and semantics. Explore advanced tools to stay ahead in the SEO game.

E-COMMERCE Legal Landscape: Equip yourself with the legal know-how essential for launching an e-commerce venture—covering withdrawal rights, privacy regulations, cookie usage, online contracts, and more. Understand the nuances of B2B vs. B2C sales and stay updated with the latest European regulations governing e-commerce.

Digital Marketing Course Benefits

What makes the Digital Marketing Certification stand out?

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Orientation interview and ONLINE entrance test

Begin your journey with a comprehensive orientation interview and an online entrance test to assess your readiness.

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Practical and operational approach

Our course offers a hands-on, operational approach that significantly differs from the theoretical focus of traditional universities.

Concrete implementation of the activities

You’ll learn to implement digital marketing strategies in real-world scenarios, applying them directly in your workplace the day after each lesson.

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Work Experience Opportunities

Engage in a Work Experience session, allowing you to gain practical experience in the field.

The Digital Marketing Course at Digital Coach is designed to provide you with concrete skills that you can apply immediately in your job. Our teaching methodology is distinct from traditional universities and generalist business schools, focusing on practical, operational skills.

Certifications and Exams

Final exam with grade: Achieve certification by passing with a minimum score of 70 out of 100.

Additional Certification Exams: Opportunity to take other certification exams related to digital professions.

Certification of skills: Acquire and validate your skills through rigorous examination.

Frequent Examination Sessions: Six sessions per year are available for taking or retaking the examination.

Certification of Achievement and Attendance: Receive certification that reflects your final grade and actual attendance.

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Interactive Lectures: Engage in lectures complemented by practical tests, including homework with video corrections

Immediate Application: Learn strategies and best practices that are immediately applicable in a business setting.

Interactive Learning: Ask questions and interact with lecturers during lessons.

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Business-Oriented Practical Approach: Our course emphasizes a practical-operational approach with a strong focus on business and revenue generation.

Hands-On Tool Usage: Learn to use tools and software such as Google tools, Facebook, WordPress, and more.

Learn from Professionals: Benefit from professional lecturers and contributions, gaining direct knowledge from digital experts.

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Are you passionate about the digital world and aspire to become a professional Digital Marketer?

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