Digital PR Specialist Certification


Digital PR is an online public relations professional. Indispensable in large companies as in small realities, Digital PR takes care of maintaining the web reputation of the brand for which it works.

Measures the dialogue with web communities and establishes and maintains relationships with influencers, monitors the success of online campaigns and the brand whose communication they are managing with special tools.

Become a certified professional in web and social network relationship management. He becomes a Digital PR Specialist.

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Find out who a Digital PR Specialist is and what he does and consider attending an online Digital PR course that allows you to acquire, certify your skills and find work in a digital PR agency.

If you want to know if and how to become a Digital PR Specialist, Digital Coach offers the free opportunity to participate in the online orientation webinar “Digital Jobs: Discover the New Digital Professions“. During this online appointment, you will discover all the opportunities in the digital world and, if you wish, you can make an appointment for one-hour one-to-one coaching with one of our Digital Career Consultants. Together with him and through a specific analysis of your professional profile, you will be able to understand what your next digital job could be.

Who is and what does a Digital PR Specialist do

A Digital PR professional is the one who monitors, manages, tries to improve the online reputation of a company, the notoriety of its brand and the perception that the public and influencers have of it.

Using software to monitor web conversations in relation to the brand, build, increase and improve the reputation of the company within online communities.

Identify industry influencers and establish relationships with them aimed at giving visibility to the brand you work for.

Listen, moderate, respond and stimulate the social network audience in direct interactions with the company. Prevents, and possibly manages, any crisis situations in communication on social networks.

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The Digital PR Specialist must have the basics of SEO skills, know how to plan and analyze the effects of a Digital PR campaign in terms of positioning on search engines.

Participate in industry events, both online and offline, to build relationships with professionals and influencers. He nurtures his network of contacts for the projects he follows and works in perspective for future ones. Identify, interact and nurture relationships with potential brand ambassadors.

Recipients of the Digital PR Specialist Certification

young graduates

Young Graduates

eager to specialize in one of the new digital professions most in demand on the labor market, thanks to a credible certification.

press officer

Press Officers, External Relations Managers

who want to move their sphere of action to the web.

freelancer icon

Freelancers and Self-employed workers

who want to update themselves towards the new digital professions.

employee icon

Employees in corporate communication, PR Manager, Media Planner

who wish to acquire web and social skills to be applied in their own reality.

blogger icon

Bloggers or Aspiring

bloggers who want to understand how to manage online relationships.

Mode and Frequency

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140 hours of training

140 hours of training divided into 14 training modules (56 hours of Work Experience) + final exam to obtain the Certification in Digital PR Specialist.


Study when you want

You can follow the lessons of the course using the on demand video lessons, to watch when it is more convenient for you.

real internship

Real Internship

In addition to the theoretical lessons, you will have the opportunity to access our Work Experience , i.e. 4 months of real internship where you can measure yourself with operational work and put into practice what you learned during the course.

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Examination and Certification

By taking a final exam you will be able to test your level of preparation and obtain the Certification of Competence and Attendance.


You must know that the Digital PR Specialist Certification offers the opportunity to choose how, when and in which way to attend. In this way you will have the opportunity to study in the best possible conditions based on your personal needs.

The frequency mode can be:

  • Live, in streaming, participating in practical-operational interactive exercises.
  • On demand.

The course consists of 140 hours of lessons divided into 14 training modules and 1 cycle of exercises to be carried out over about 4 months which allow the lessons learned to be put into practice on real work cases.

At the end of the course there is a final exam which, if passed with at least 70 points out of 100, allows the issue of the certification confirming the skills acquired during the course. In addition to the certification of competence, a certificate is also issued which shows the % of effective attendance and the grade of passing the exam.

Benefits of the Digital PR Specialist Certification


An INTERNATIONAL training, in Milan even if you don’t live in Milan.

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Orientation interview and entry test can be carried out ONLINE.

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Work, Practice, Study: all CONTEMPORARY .

wex pr

WORK EXPERIENCE: a work experience in the role of Digital PR.

Digital Marketing is truly an opportunity for everyone, and, with the right application, it can be learned from scratch and applied in the most diverse sectors. Our students are of all ages and come from different educational and working experiences. Who at the first job, who has been employed for a long time, all have found a place and a direct application in Digital Marketing.

Real internship – Work Experience







work digital pr specialist

The Work Experience is the flagship of the Digital-Coach training experience.

4 months of operational practice in one of the 12 teams of the different WEXs, with the supervision of established professionals in the sector, will offer the student the opportunity to compete with real Digital Marketing cases and test the teachings received during the Certification in the field.

The Wex experience is a unique opportunity to increase your operational skills in digital marketing. If the chosen training course provides for it, it is possible to follow from one to four work experiences to supplement your study path. Discover all the Digital Coach wex teams!

Who is the Work Experience aimed at:

young graduates

Young recent Graduates

eager to specialize in one of the most sought-after digital professions, thanks to a credible certification.

employee icon


who want to keep up with the new digital professions to innovate their company.



freelancer icon


who want to specialize in digital and focus on the web for their future.

blogger icon


who want to acquire web and social skills to be used to carry out their duties.

Discover the other Work Experience TEAMS:


content marketing wex

Become a Content Marketing Manager!


visual ux team icon

Become a Visual & UX Specialist!


inbound marketing icon

Become an Inbound Marketing Specialist!




Become a Web Analytics Specialist!



Become a Social Media Specialist!


seo copy specialist icon

Become a SEO Copy



Become an SEO Manager!


digital pr specialist icon

Become a Digital PR Specialist!


e-commerce specialist icon

Become an E-Commerce Specialist!



Become a Social Advertising Specialist!


marketing automation icon

Become a Marketing Automation expert!


video marketing specialist icon

Become a Video Marketing Specialist!

Digital PR Specialist Certification Program

But let’s see in detail all the disciplines included in the study plan.

Social Media Modules

DIGITAL PR: we will find out who are the actors with whom to do public relations online and how to interact effectively with them, using the tools that help us simplify our lives. How to work profitably with bloggers, online publishers, influencers, social stars.

WEB REPUTATION & SOCIAL MEDIA MONITORING: various software and tools are now able to read the conversations that take place online and on social media and to return data that can allow the evaluation of opinions and perceptions in relation to a brand, a product, a campaign. We will find out what they are, how and when to use them to improve our web reputation.

FACEBOOK ADVERTISING: we will set up advertising campaigns with all the tools that Facebook makes available to reach millions of potential customers but in a targeted manner based on gender, age, domicile and interests. From Facebook adv to content sponsorship, from Offers to Facebook remarketing to then analyze the results with Facebook Insights.

LINKEDIN MARKETING: we will discover the advertising, lead generation and social selling opportunities offered by the professional Network which now has more than 6 million users in Italy. From the creation, management and moderation of Company Pages to the community management of LinkedIn groups up to the possibility of creating advertising campaigns. The references will be both personal and corporate.

INSTAGRAM MARKETING: we will try to understand which peculiarities have allowed Instagram to become the social network that has grown the most in the last year, surpassing Twitter by number of users. We’ll find out how some brands are using the immediacy of visual content in an original and effective way.

FACEBOOK COMMUNITY MARKETING: the creation and management of Facebook Pages. From the daily management of the editorial calendar to the rules of engagement and moderation of the community, passing through social care and crisis management. There will be elements of measurement of results through analytics.

TWITTER AND NEW SOCIAL MEDIA (Telegram, WhatsApp and Messenger): In this final module we will explore the potential for growth and applications of twitter and other emerging social networks, testing them live. We will learn, depending on the company we work for, to find the niche social networks that can best allow it to reach its audience.

WORDPRESS FOR BLOGGING & SEO COPYWRITING: we will make you understand why the Blog is the center of the best social media marketing strategies as well as the first content marketing channel to consider when addressing your users. We’ll find out how to use WordPress and the main plugins to become autonomous in managing a blog and to write content that is optimized for search engines.

CONTENT MARKETING & BLOGGING: we will learn to produce content capable of attracting, engaging and responding to our potential customers. We will discover how to enhance them thanks to a company blog, maximize their distribution through social media. We will learn to use useful tools to facilitate its creation (CMS, visual content tools, video content, infographics, image processing) and automate posting on social networks.

PERSONAL BRANDING & PROFESSIONAL SUCCESS: we will start from the definition of our professional positioning and then take the first steps, as always helped by the right tools, aimed at increasing our personal visibility both on search engines and on social media. We will define a personalized action plan for each participant, in order to make a change in our career and make our professional dreams come true !

YOUTUBE & ONLINE VIDEO MARKETING: we will discover how even a small company can set up a video marketing and video advertising strategy by reaching the right audience even with limited budgets. We will learn how to create a YouTube channel, how to create the right video content, advertise it with Ads for videos and monitor the results with YouTube analytics.

DIGITAL STORYTELLING: with the Digital Storytelling Course you will learn what digital storytelling is and how to do it, what are the characteristics of successful corporate communication and, through the definition of Brand Identity, you will understand how brands connect their customers to a story and not directly to a product or service.

Web Area Modules


SEO: Search Engine Optimization: activities aimed at optimizing the presence on search engines in order to generate traffic from users interested in their products and services. Seo is a now historic discipline that in recent years has undergone, and continues to undergo, radical changes, configuring itself as the most holistic of web marketing disciplines.


E-commerce/Web Advanced Modules


SEO ADVANCED: we will present the latest updates in search engine algorithms (Google Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird and others) which determine significant changes for the activity of SEO specialists. In particular, the ever-increasing need for integration between this discipline and the issues of content marketing, social media, semantics in order to produce results. We will also propose some advanced tools.




Certificates and Certifications

  • Final exam with grade: Passing with a minimum score of 70/100

  • Subsequent possibility to also take our other certification exams on digital professions

  • Certification of skills” acquired and tested through the exam

  • 6 annual sessions available to take or repeat the exam

  • Certification of achievement (final grade) and actual attendance

Teaching Method


Teachings supported by practical tests with live corrections + homework with video corrections.

Strategy and best practices immediately applicable in the company.

Questions and interaction with the teachers during the live lesson and after the lesson in the dedicated groups.


Practical-Operational approach with a strong focus on business and turnover.

Use of tools and software such as Google tools, Facebook, WordPress, etc.

Teachers and professional contributions, for direct learning from digital experts.

At the end of the course, participants in the Digital PR Specialist course will be able to:

  • Choose the most suitable web and social channels to undertake a digital PR strategy
  • Know the main free and paid tools for social listening and social media monitoring
  • Know how to manage company pages and advertising activities on all the main social networks: Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Google Plus and others
  • Learn to listen to your audience, know how to implement a sentiment analysis
  • Know how to identify influencers for your sector and find the most effective method of engagement
  • Evaluate the effect of Digital PR in terms of brand reputation, visibility, conversions in the medium and long term
  • Know the principles of online crisis management
  • Finalize the digital PR activity for positioning on search engines (SEO)

Services Included

funding icon

Possibility of financing through Deutsche Bank

video tutorial

Video Tutorials related to the Social Media themes of the new TUTORIAL area

interview icon

Pre-enrollment orientation / suitability interview

student area

Access to reserved students area and Placement Service (see our Digital Jobs portal)

final grade

Additional scores on the final grade by participating in the “Work Experience” and options for 2 additional exams on new digital professions

pointer icon

I catch up on ON DEMAND lessons when unable to follow live streaming

exam icon

Possibility to take the exam up to 18 months after enrolment

suspend session icon

Possibility to temporarily suspend participation and resume from the following semester with the next session

Read what former students think

On Google, Facebook and YouTube you will find hundreds of OPINIONS of ex-students

In all of them you will find their first and last name and a direct link to their social profile. This way you can verify its reliability.

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