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Digital Project Management Certification Course

The Digital Project Management Certification Course is aimed at web professionals who are seeking to enhance their knowledge in creating, organizing, and delivering projects to web agencies.

One of the most needed web professions due to the need for agencies to respect their schedule and deliver projects on time. Not only technical skills are required, but humans as well as it is needed to cooperate with a team of various figures.

If you are looking to become a Digital Project Manager, you are in the right place! Digital Coach has created the perfect course which will grant also a certification! Here you will be able to find all the basic pieces of information, but just fill out the contact form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

Digital Project Management Certification Course Jobs

Are you good at organizing and projecting? Then, what are you waiting for? 

Contact us and learn digital project management with us. 

Master Digital Project Management with AI

Did you know that nowadays all the web agencies are trying to improve themselves by using Artificial Intelligence tools? Are you curious to learn how you can master AI to achieve your goals sooner? Well, get comfortable, and let us show you how.

Just imagine how AI is expanding rapidly in the whole world and how it can be your intelligent assistant to help you by projecting faster, giving you the perfect schedule to follow, and helping you achieve what your human and artificial minds have created. Now this is what Artificial Intelligence in Digital Project Management is all about! 

Don’t think that you will just give some prompts and then AI will do everything for you. Artificial Intelligence can be considered a perfect tool only in the hands of the ones who can use it. It’s a pure collaboration between human and artificial brains which need to cooperate to get those projects done. The human hand will always be needed in the digital world because otherwise, we won’t get original, creative, and unique content. Even in projects, if we all give the same prompt, we would get the same results. It’s the human behind the machine that makes the difference at the end. 

That’s why our Digital Project Management Certification Course is the right choice for you. We will teach you how you can play with AI to improve your project management skills and how Artificial Intelligence tools will enhance your skills, by always keeping your personal touch.

Are you ready to discover the many possibilities that AI can provide in your digital project management adventure? Get in touch with us! Fill out the contact form below and we will answer all your doubts enabling you to master AI and web project management. Your future is just a contact form away.

Digital Project Manager Job Description


The Digital Project Manager is a figure with a background in humanistic and technical abilities. This professional needs to work to deliver a project on time. The DPM needs to coordinate teams by making sure that everybody is working within their skills, with the right time and resources to get the job done. Also, the right knowledge of the project management system software is required.

Different names might be used to describe the same job: web project manager, digital producer, or technical project manager. It depends on the web agency you decide to work for. Do you know, at the end of the day, what is the least common multiple of all these figures? Functional and emotional logistics.

The Digital Project Manager is undoubtedly one of the most important figures within a Web Agency. And let’s not forget that a good knowledge of web marketing is required because the very last step of digital project management is always to ensure that the right social media and marketing campaigns are held.

Skills of a Digital Project Manager

Communication, digital marketing, content management systems, problem-solving, and leadership become the best tools in your hand in the delivery of good quality projects. Creating original projects and coordinating a whole team to get them done on time is becoming increasingly important in the rapid world of web marketing where every second wasted is translated into lost money.

Knowing the basics of digital marketing will be effective especially after the whole project has been conducted in achieving greater online visibility, through social media, and much more. 

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 Mode and Attendance of the Digital Project Management Certification Course

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339 hours of training

171 hours of live training divided into 29 training modules + 168 hours of Work Experience + final exam to obtain the Certification.


Study when you want

Pick whether you want to attend lessons via streaming (either with our diurnal or evening programm), or on-demand with video lessons.

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Real Practice

Start practicing with our Work Experience. Get this: 4 months of real practice to measure and enhance your skills as a Digital Project Manager

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Examination and Certification

Be ready to test your level of preparation with our final exam to obtain the Certification of Competence and Attendance (a score of 70 or above out of 100 is required).

Participants of the

Digital Project Management Certification Course

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Young university graduates

enthusiastic to learn and delve into the world of new digital professions most in demand on the market, thanks to our credible certification.



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Off-line press officers, off-line external relations managers

seeking to stay updated on emerging digital professions to bring innovation to their companies.

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Freelancers and self-employed workers

willing to update their skills for these new digital professions.

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Corporate communication employees

seeking to acquire web and social skills to integrate into their job responsibilities.



The Digital Project Management Certification Course enables you to get professional careers either by working remotely or on-site in a web agency. 

This is one of the main advantages as you will benefit from both types of job. You will be able to coordinate an online group of people directly from your couch, or on-site by engaging with them.

Remuneration is variable depending on experience and company size, but with the right experience and skills, the Digital Project Manager is one of the highest-paid jobs in the web world. 

Digital Project Management Certification Course Benefits

Advantages of the Digital Project Management

Certification Course

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INTERNATIONAL training, (this course is completely online!)

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Orientation interview and entrance test available ONLINE.

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Work, practice, study.

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WORK EXPERIENCE: work experience in the role of Digital Project Manager.

Digital Project Manager WORK EXPERIENCE


Acquire the skills to coordinate and deliver new projects.


Acquire the techniques for scheduling and optimizing projects.

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Manage an editorial calendar.

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Communicate amongst your team-members.


Manage social media projects.

Real practice – Work Experience


Months of practice

ONLINE Participants

Application hours


Extra skills acquired

wex digital coach

The Digital Coach program is not just theory but also practice with the Work Experience.

Spanning 4 months of operational practice within one of the 12 distinct WEX teams, mentored by established professionals in the digital realm. This will offer them a unique opportunity to take part in real Web Marketing scenarios and apply the knowledge gained during the Digital Project Management Certification Course.

The WEX is an unparalleled opportunity to practice all the skills in digital projecting and marketing. Depending on the Certification Course you have applied for, you can take part in one to four work experiences. Practice with us in the Digital Marketing world with our Digital Coach WEX squads!

Who the Work Experience is aimed at

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Young recent graduates

enthusiastic on learning about new digital roles, backed by our digital project management certification course.

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seeking to always keep updated on new digital professions to bring innovation to their businesses.

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Aiming to specialize in the digital world and become one of the most important figures in a web agency.

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Enhance their professional responsibilities, by enriching their digital knowledge.

Discover the Work Experience TEAMS


content marketing icon

Become a Content Marketing Manager!


visual experience icon

Become a Visual & UX Specialist!


inbound marketing icon

Become an Inbound Marketing Specialist!


analytics icon

Become a Web Analytics Specialist!


social media icon

Become a Social Media Specialist!


seo copy wex icon

Become a Seo Copy



Become a Seo Manager!


digital pr wex icon

Become a Digital Pr Specialist!


e-commerce wex icon

Become an E-Commerce Specialist!


social ads wex icon

Become a Social Advertising Specialist!


affiliate marketing wex icon

Become an expert of Marketing Automation!


video marketing wex icon

Become a Video Marketing Specialist!

Digital Marketing is an opportunity open for everyone. You just need the right application and you will need to start learning even from scratch.

Don’t worry about how old you might be. Age is just a number. Everyone is welcome. Even people with different educational and professional background.

Digital Project Management Certification Course Program

Let’s take a look in detail at the modules included in your study plan.



WEB ANALYTICS BASIC: learn together with us how to use some particular software, for example, Google Analytics, so that you will practice understanding your business needs. Every data you collect will be implemented in web marketing actions, then measured and interpreted for further changes and to provide feedback for what you’ve learned.


AI: Artificial Intelligence is becoming rapidly the gold standard tool for every activity in the web marketing world. We are one of the first schools to include this in every course. You will learn every secret on how to use AI to create and deliver better projects faster.


DIGITAL & AFFILIATE MARKETING: have you ever heard about Funnel? You will learn how every medium has to take the correct role in every phase of the conversion process. Also, we will explore with you essential tools for your web sales team. 


E-COMMERCE PLATFORMS & MAGENTO: To deliver the best projects on time, it will be needed that you learn about e-commerce platforms. Risks and benefits of the most important CMS software, with a focus on Magento CMS. 


USER EXPERIENCE: You will learn how to improve the UX and UI of your website. Every part is important to achieve a successful project: usability, strategy, visual design, and so on. You will master all of these aspects to deliver a well-executed project. 


ADVANCED WEB ANALYTICS: But how can you understand if the project is giving the results you hoped for if you are not able to read tools like Google Analytics? Also, we will show you how to put in place A/B testing and other tools to understand your client’s interests. 


SEO: Optimising your presence on search engines is always the top practice to generate traffic from clients interested in your products. In particular, how SEO is linked with every aspect of web marketing (content, social media, and so on).

CONTENT & VIDEO MARKETING: Learn, with us, how to create content capable of captivating a user’s attention and converting them into potential customers. It’s not just WordPress (but you will get a full module on this CMS because everything starts with a website), but also how to set up a video campaign and a visual strategy through YouTube.

Certification Details

  • Examination Outcome: It is required a score of at least 70 out of 100.

  • Skill Verification: A “Certification of Profit” is awarded to enrich your CV as well. 

  • Examination Frequency: You will get six opportunities annually. 

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