Certification that makes a difference
Do you know what is Facebook Blueprint? It is a Facebook marketing training and certification program established in 2016.

The aim of the Facebook Blueprint Certification Course is to certify Facebook Marketing skills and qualify individuals who aspire to become proficient professionals in Facebook Advertising, Facebook Community, and Facebook Marketing.

This program enables individuals to obtain a certificate, signifying advanced knowledge and skills in best practices for utilizing tools to create impactful campaigns within Facebook Power Editor and Business Manager, following completion of a dedicated training course.

Improving the effectiveness of advertising and community management activities enhances the credibility of the social media manager and anyone seeking to implement Facebook Marketing strategies. A professional who attains the Facebook Blueprint certification demonstrates proficiency in managing a Facebook Page, devising Facebook Advertising campaigns, and analyzing data through result measurement tools. The examination maintains a high level of seriousness, encompassing stringent identity verification, prevention of plagiarism, and, above all, thorough competence validation.

what is facebook blueprint certification online

Facebook provides the study material absolutely free of charge, but in our experience, the study is tool theoretical and lacking in the practical part on which many of the exam questions are based.

So if you don’t have many years of serious experience as a Facebook manager and want to stand out from the crowd you are improvising social media managers, we highly recommend the Facebook Marketing Course including preparation for Facebook Blueprint certification, which you will discover in this page, is not free.

When is Facebook Blueprint certification worth it?

Facebook Blueprint certification is worth pursuing when you aim to enhance your proficiency in Facebook marketing, advertising, and analytics. It holds value if you seek to validate your skills, improve your career prospects, and gain recognition as a knowledgeable professional in the field of social media marketing.

facebook blueprint certification skillsFacebook is currently the most widely used social network in the world and, as such, has an unprecedented archive of profiled data at its disposal: not even Google can boast such a large amount of information (and so detailed) about its users. What kind of information are we talking about? In addition to your name and surname, your gender and age, and the places you frequent, Facebook can collect detailed information about your interests and things you like: from the music you listen to, the films you watch, and the sports you follow to the products you like, purchase, or would like to buy, etc.

Thanks to all the information Facebook collects, it is easy to understand the potential of an advertisement on this social network. Facebook Blueprint certification knows what its members like. An advertising campaign on Facebook is an arrow that hits the bull’s eye if it is well executed and aimed at the right target

It is possible to reach those we have defined as our buyer personas, i.e., those users who have shown interest in what our company can offer in the past or are currently showing interest.

Today, more than two million companies advertise on Facebook. Moreover, many people who use the Internet do so only and exclusively via their Facebook accounts. These people, therefore, use something other than Google as a search engine when they need to search (even a simple restaurant or hotel) but Facebook. This figure also makes us realize how important it is to be able to present one’s company and advertise one’s product on this social network.

Remember another essential aspect: Facebook also means Instagram and Messenger. The field of expertise is vast and, therefore, very resalable. This is why comprehensive and advanced course, such as the Advanced Social Media Marketing Course, should be taken.

Naturally, there are numerous individuals presenting themselves as Facebook Blueprint certification experts without possessing the requisite professionalism. Therefore, the significance of distinguishing oneself from the masses through this blue seal cannot be understated, even though obtaining it does take time.

Remember, the future of marketing is social, be a pioneer in this dynamic landscape with our expert-led course!


Why is Facebook Blueprint certification important?

Facebook is one of the most significant social platforms and one of the primary competitors to Google. As a result, it has recognized the necessity to contend with the well-established Google Partners badge (which certifies competence in managing advertisements via Google Ads, previously known as AdWords) by introducing its own program and a specialized Facebook Blueprint certification. This certification aims to qualify professionals by confirming their proficiency in utilizing Facebook’s advertising tools.

facebook blueprint certification globalFor approximately three years now, it has been possible to obtain certification as a professional in the field of Facebook Marketing directly from Facebook itself. Currently, proficiency in various aspects of Facebook marketing is in growing demand, making Facebook Blueprint certification a valuable asset, particularly when endorsed by Facebook.

We are talking about a special certification, because it does not merely ‘certify’ attendance at a course or the possession of certain skills, but rather certifies your ability to do Facebook marketing activities with Facebook tools. In recent months, in fact, companies that are increasingly thirsty for visibility on social networking sites have begun to look for figures such as:

  • Facebook consultants,
  • Facebook Ads Managers,
  • Specialists, experts in Facebook Community Marketing Management.

Possessing the Facebook Blueprint certification is a decisive factor today in the selection process of companies looking for social workers.

Facebook Blueprint Certification List

The Facebook Blueprint certification consists of two different professional modules:

  1. Facebook Certified Planning Professional;
  2. Facebook Certified Buying Professional.

Facebook Blueprint Certified Planning Professional

This first module is aimed at those who wish to become certified in the field of digital social advertising. In particular, those who want to become specialists in planning advertising campaigns on Facebook.

To obtain the Facebook Certified Planning Professional certification two different examinations must be passed:

  • Facebook Advertising Core Competencies;
  • Facebook Certified Planning Professional.

You will therefore need to demonstrate that you are able to correctly plan a Facebook Advertising campaign by correctly identifying both the objectives of that campaign and the target audience. You must demonstrate that you can read the resulting data in order to prove its effectiveness.


Facebook Certified Buying Professional

The second module is aimed at those who want to buy advertising campaigns on Facebook. To obtain the Facebook Certified Buying Professional certification, two different examinations must be passed:

  • Facebook Advertising Core Competencies (same exam as Planning module);
  • Facebook Certified Buying Professional.

How the Facebook Blueprint examination works

The exam to pass to obtain the Facebook Blueprint Certification consists of 56 exam questions (all multiple-choice) and the time available is 90 minutes. At the end of the exam you will receive your result immediately. Once you have passed both exams, you can request your certification by simply sending an email to: blueprint@facebook.com.

If you do not pass the test, you can retake it after 30 days.

How much does the Facebook Blueprint certification exam cost?

The cost of the Facebook Blueprint exam may differ by country, but it is around $150.

How to prepare for Blueprint Certification?

The following is a list of training courses that are useful for successfully preparing for the Facebook Blueprint certification exam.

Facebook Marketing Course by Digital Coach®

The Facebook Marketing certification course has a duration of 17.5 hours of practical operational lessons + 11 hours of exercises and will enable you to master the use of Facebook Business Manager tools.

The significance of the tutorials is paramount: they enable you to develop the ability to craft and oversee Facebook Pages, execute Facebook Ads campaigns along with diverse ad formats to enhance conversions, engagements, and overall website traffic; they equip you to craft and manage tailored audience segments aligned with your target demographic; and lastly, they empower you to decipher Facebook Insights and generate comprehensive reports detailing accomplished outcomes.

The Facebook Blueprint certification preparation course consists of 5 different modules (3 courses + 2 practical exercises):

  • Facebook community marketing;
  • Facebook advertising;
  • Web reputation & social media monitoring;
  • Facebook ads tutorials (bonus);
  • Web graphics exercises (bonus).

facebook blueprint certification ads

Facebook Blueprint eLearning

Facebook offers you a platform where you can access a range of online courses designed to teach you all the essential aspects of running campaigns on Facebook, thereby enabling you to successfully clear the certification exam. Additionally, the platform provides a diverse array of resources, encompassing images, videos, and detailed tutorials, guiding you through the process of crafting advertisements. In the present day, the platform also offers courses related to Instagram, Messenger, and the Audience Network.

Advantages: Courses are totally free.

How long the Facebook Blueprint Certification is valid for

Certifications are valid for 12 months. After one year, then, if you wish to be re-accredited, you must take an update and pass an examination again.

Do you want to prepare for the Facebook Blueprint certification but prefer to take an on-demand course that includes several hours of practical exercises? You can do it with us!