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How to start an E-Commerce Business Course


Are you an aspiring entrepreneur wishing to start an e-commerce business? Or are you an entrepreneur who would like to bring online the products you already sell in the traditional system?

You are on the right page!

The How to Start an E-Commerce Business Course was created to support an aspiring entrepreneur to set up their own E-commerce and to open and manage their online shop using Digital as a key competitive lever. The program comprises 18 disciplines, i.e. all those digital marketing channels necessary for selling products and services online.

Discover the How to Start an E-Commerce Business Course

How to Start an E-Commerce Business Course is a program that combines Coaching, Training, Orientation, and OTHER services (networking events, job advertisements). Specifically, Digital Coach includes in the program:

  • 164 hours of live training courses, held by industry professionals;
  • 10 hours of coaching to help you create the foundations of your e-commerce project;
  • Possibility (optional) to take part in the Work Experience, i.e. 4 months of real practice where you can measure yourself against operational work;
  • Career Days with leading digital companies
  • Placement services on our job portal
  • Financing with Deutsche Bank

If you need more information you can make an appointment for a one-hour one-to-one coaching session with one of our Digital Career Consultants. Together with him and through a specific analysis of your professional profile, you will understand what your next job in the digital world could be.

e-commerce courses

One-to-one Coaching

Our Digital Coaches will offer their extraordinary experience in 10 hours of coaching to help you build the foundations of your e-commerce project. Coaching, unlike traditional lessons, will focus your energies and those of the coach on your entrepreneurial project and the hurdles to overcome to get it off the ground successfully.

Coaching includes 3 areas of intervention:

  • BUSINESS PLAN creation: In the first phase a coach will guide you in drawing up the Business Plan of your new online business;
  • DIGITAL STRATEGY: in the second phase, another coach will help you define which digital marketing channels to focus your efforts and investments on, which target customers to address, how to differentiate yourself from competitors, which tools and software to choose


    ONLINE STORE / WEBSITE CREATION: Finally, our coaches will help you design, configure and get your website or e-commerce online.

Mode and Attendance

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164 hours of live training divided into 18 training modules + final exam to obtain the Certification.

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Study when you want

You can choose the attendance mode that suits you best! You can follow the lessons in streaming  or use the on-demand video lessons when it is most convenient for you.

coaching one to one

Coaching one-to-one

Our Digital Coaches will provide their unique expertise in 10 hours of coaching to help you build the foundations of your e-commerce project.

certification icon

Examination and Certification

By taking a final exam, you will be able to test your level of preparation and obtain Competence and Attendance Certification.


You should know that the How to Start an E-Commerce Business Course offers you the opportunity to choose how, when and in which mode you attend. This gives you the opportunity to study under the best possible conditions according to your personal needs.

The mode of attendance can be:

  • Live, streaming;
  • On demand

The course consists of 164 hours of lessons divided into 18 training modules.

At the end of the course there is a final exam which, if passed with a score of at least 70 points out of 100, allows certification to be issued confirming the skills acquired during the course. In addition to the certification of competence, a certificate is also issued showing the % of actual attendance and the exam pass mark.

Start your E-Commerce

Get the training and digital skills to open and manage your online shop now!

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What other advantages does the E-Commerce Program offer?

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Immediate application

Concrete implementation of activities (which you can then apply directly on the job) learned in class from the very next day.

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Pragmatic approach

The Certification has a work approach that is far removed from that of traditional universities and/or generalist business schools.

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Work Experience

With this program you have the choice of participating in the Work Experience. Although optional, WEX is recommended because its operational focus sets us apart from other digital marketing courses.

Participate in the WORK EXPERIENCE

Our coaches recommend it because in addition to the theoretical lessons, you will have the opportunity to access 4 months of real work experience where you can measure yourself against operational work and put into practice what you learn during the course.

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Real practice – Work Experience


Months of practice

ONLINE participants

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extra skills acquired

work experience

The Work Experience is the flagship of the Digital-Coach training experience.

4 months of operational practice in one of the 12 teams of the different WEXs, under the supervision of established professionals in the sector, will give the student the opportunity to measure themselves against real Digital Marketing cases and test the lessons learned during the Certification in the field.

The WEX experience is a unique opportunity to enhance your operational skills in digital marketing. If your chosen training course provides for it, you can follow one to four work experiences to supplement your study path. Discover all the Digital Coach wex teams!

Who the Work Experience is aimed at:

Young recent graduates

Young recent graduates

Eager to specialize in one of the most in-demand digital professions, thanks to a credible certification.

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Who wish to update themselves on the new digital professions in order to innovate their company.

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Who want to specialize in digital and focus on the web for their future.

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Who wish to acquire web and social skills to use in the performance of their duties.

How to Start an E-Commerce Business Course

Let’s look in detail at all the disciplines included in the syllabus.

Web area modules


DIGITAL STRATEGY: online & offline integration: overview of all the main online marketing channels, peculiarities and differences between them. From SEO to email marketing, through social media to mobile, we will try to understand what criteria should guide us in choosing the optimal mix for different types of companies and businesses. We will then discover channel integration strategies aimed at maximising the contribution of each channel in the cycle that starts with traffic generation and must lead to conversion into sales, while also considering offline aspects.


WEB ANALYTICS BASIC: we will teach how to use software, primarily Google Analytics, useful for acquiring business intelligence information on the needs, behaviour, tastes and preferences of one’s audience. The collection and interpretation of data will then be used to implement consequent web marketing actions, the results of which will be measured and interpreted again for further changes in communication strategy. Other tools will include A/B testing tools, heat maps, webmaster tools and more.


SEM & DISPLAY ADVERTISING converting the traffic generated on your site: this module teaches how to use various PPC (Pay Per Click) type tools with which to implement targeted strategies in terms of location, days, times as well as interests, age and gender of the users. These include Google Ads and its Keyword advertising and Display Advertising (banner) functions.

-E-MAIL MARKETING: DEM (Direct Email marketing) is a historically outdated tool but still extremely effective in stimulating actions that often lead to online sales. We will look at all the technological, communicative and copywriting expedients in order to clearly improve the performance of this tool.


SEO: Search Engine Optimisation: activities aimed at optimising your presence on search engines in order to generate traffic from users interested in your products and services. SEO is a historical discipline that has undergone, and continues to undergo, radical changes in recent years, becoming the most holistic of web marketing disciplines.

MOBILE MARKETING: we will discover how through Smartphones and Tablets it is now possible to reach one’s audience and create integrated strategies with other media. We will understand how to design Mobile Apps, mobile advertising campaigns, SMS marketing, mobile Couponing.

INBOUND MARKETING & LEAD GENERATION: through this emerging discipline we will define the sequence of optimal actions (Funnels) to be taken by visitors to your website in order to maximise the likelihood that they will convert into customers. We will understand how to attribute to each medium (SEO, SEM, email, social…) the correct role in the right phase of the conversion process.

E-COMMERCE STRATEGIES & MANAGEMENT: we will define the critical success factors of an online sales project, analysing for each of them the Best Practices that produce the best results. We will discuss online strategy, online sales channels, and technological choices, although offline topics such as range choices, warehouse management (Drop Shipment), customer service and organisational set-up will not be missing.

WEBSITE CREATION & WORDPRESS: the website is the starting and finishing point of every web marketing action and as such is a dynamic tool that must be improved and modified on a daily basis. In this module we will teach you how to build it using WordPress, the CMS that allows you to create and manage websites without the need for programming and design skills.

LOCATION BASED MARKETING: the development of technologies and the mobile world now make it possible to carry out marketing actions based on the geographic location of our potential customers, enabling us to reach them in the right place and at the right time to optimise our advertising expenditure. We will discover in this module the ways and software to do this.

AFFILIATE MARKETING: New business activity traditionally carried out through agents and sales networks in the traditional offline world is increasingly finding a counterpart online in affiliate marketing. We will learn about its principles, intermediaries and software to create, manage and remunerate your online sales force.

E-commerce/Web Advanced modules

E-COMMERCE SOFTWARE & MAGENTO: we will analyse the pros and cons of the different ways to choose your E-commerce platform, evaluating the risks and opportunities of each, from the use of proprietary solutions to the choice of open source CMS (Content Management System) software. We will show why we favour the choice of Open Source solutions and in particular the Magento CMS. We will create online stores using Magento itself and teach how to use its main functionalities: from product catalogue creation to product card enrichment, from marketing & sales functionalities to order and warehouse management.

USER EXPERIENCE: you will learn how to design the intangible, how to create an effective strategy to improve the user experience on a website across the board. You will understand the difference between UX and UI because to be truly useful to users visiting a site, graphics are not enough: the interface is not the solution. We will explain what the user experience is, which elements are important for a successful project: website usability, content strategy, visual design, information architecture, user research, graphical interaction, and many others, as well as the tools that are indispensable for the maximum effectiveness of the user experience.

SEM ADVANCED + Programmatic & real time bidding: we will understand how the emerging technologies of Programmatic Buying and Real Time Bidding are giving a new direction to the SEM sector and we will understand the logic on which these technologies are based. We will also delve into the opportunities of Retargeting/Remarketing technologies and try out the tools made available by the main players in the sector.

WEB ANALYTICS ADVANCED: the ever-increasing availability of information in the world of digital marketing requires the ability to know how to use tools capable of integrating it effectively, such as Google’s Universal Analytics. In this module, we will learn how to integrate mobile and desktop data with data from social media and social analytics. However, we will also discover and use A/B testing and eye tracking tools useful for improving our understanding of the preferences, habits, and interests of our potential customers.


SEO ADVANCED: we will present the latest updates in search engine algorithms (Google Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird and others) that bring about significant changes for SEO specialists. In particular, the increasing need for integration between this discipline and the issues of content marketing, social media, and semantics in order to produce results. We will also propose some advanced tools.

E-COMMERCE LEGISLATION: we will present all the key issues to be considered when opening an e-commerce site: right of withdrawal, privacy, use of Cookies, online contracts, EU and non-EU VAT, VIES (Vat Information Exchange System) database registration. We will also discover the differences to be considered for Business to Business sales compared to Business to Consumer sales and we will see the new regulations governing the sector at European level.

Social Media Modules

FACEBOOK ADVERTISING: we will set up advertising campaigns with all the tools Facebook makes available to reach millions of potential customers in a targeted manner based on gender, age, domicile and interests. From Facebook adv to content sponsoring, from Offers to Facebook remarketing and then analysing the results with Facebook Insights.


  • Final exam with grade: passing by minimum score 70/100

  • Subsequent possibility to also take our other certification exams on digital professions

  • “Certification of skills” acquired and tested through the exam

  • 6 sessions per year available for taking or repeating the examination

  • Certification of profit (final grade) and actual attendance

Certificato di frequenza e profitto E-commerce Program
Certificato di frequenza e profitto E-commerce Program


Lessons supported by practical tests with live corrections + homework with video corrections.

Strategies and best practices immediately applicable in the company.

Questions and interaction with lecturers during the live lesson and after the lesson in dedicated groups.


Practical-Operational approach with a strong focus on business, turnover.

Use of tools and software such as Google tools, Facebook, WordPress, etc.

Professional lecturers and contributions, for direct learning from digital experts.

Contact for information and clarification

By Mail, phone or Skype

See dates and timetablesDownload the LIST

Services included

lessons without schedulesStudy when you want

lessons on demand

Attending On Demand

Guided tours of the company


recorded lecturesVideo recordings of lessons the day after the lesson

funding icon

Possibility of financing through Deutsche Bank

video tutorial

Video Tutorials on Social Media topics in the new TUTORIAL area

interview icon

Pre-enrolment orientation/suitability interview

student area

Access to reserved student area and Placement Service (see our Digital Jobs portal)

final grade

Additional marks on the final grade by participating in the “Work Experience” and options of 2 additional exams on the new digital professions

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Recovery of lessons ON DEMAND when unable to follow live streaming

exam icon

Possibility to take the exam up to 18 months after enrolment

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Possibility of temporarily suspending participation and resuming from the following semester with the next session


On Google, Facebook and Youtube you will find hundreds of OPINIONS from former students; click on the images below to view them. In all of them you will find their Last Name and the direct link to their social profile. You can thus check their trustworthiness

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