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What are internship courses? Internship courses are educational programs created to offer students practical work experience in a particular field or industry. Opting for internship courses is an excellent way to enhance your prospects of entering the job market. Without any prior experience, securing immediate employment can be more challenging.

Companies and recruiters often prioritize candidates with some work experience, making the completion of a course with an internship a valuable step that can significantly influence your placement opportunities.This is true for every occupational field but mainly for digital professions, where practical experience is essential for comprehensive preparation.On this page you will discover why you should prefer internship courses online.

What does Digital Coach’s training offer include? Digital Coach is a training institute that places great importance on the value of real internships for the development of new digital professionals.

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Why choose internship courses

How many times have you found yourself equipped with the appropriate qualifications for a job position but lacked the necessary experience to apply? By simply glancing at LinkedIn or job advertisement websites, one frequently encounters a recurring statement: “Minimum work experience of…” is required.

Many job skills cannot be acquired from books but require hands-on experience, especially when it comes to digital skills.

This is the reason why choosing internship courses can make a difference, allowing you to gain the essential experience needed to be considered by companies. For most students, finding time to combine training and work is challenging. Occasionally, you may come across some jobs to cover additional expenses, but they rarely align with your field of study. As a result, many recent graduates leave universities without the necessary tools to secure a job right away.

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A practical operational approach to internship courses

Academic training of a more traditional nature emphasizes theory and provides very limited, if any, practical experience. As a result, most recent graduates miss out on the opportunity to do an internship or placement during their education. In contrast, the didactic approach offered by internship programs is quite different, as it emphasizes learning through hands-on work.

Attending an internship gives students a great advantage because it allows them to measure themselves immediately with the working reality and to have the opportunity to gain initial professional experience, which is very much in demand.

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For instance, if you aspire to work in the realm of online sales, embarking on an e-commerce apprenticeship would undoubtedly serve as an excellent starting point. The solely theoretical approach to disciplines that require hands-on use of tools and software is inadequate. That’s why, when it comes to digital marketing training, opting for courses with an apprenticeship is crucial.

As evidence of this, it’s worth mentioning that in the digital sphere, rote memorization of steps for a specific platform is futile due to how rapidly they get updated or replaced by more innovative ones. Understanding the functionalities and potentials of various software tools is indispensable in today’s digital landscape.

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Our internship opportunities: details

Are you ready to enter the digital world and get real work experience? If the answer is yes, you could take part in a work experience, which, unlike the typical post-graduate internship, allows you to practice in the field, in a real digital marketing team. In a team, you work together to achieve a common goal, but above all, you learn by doing, under the supervision of the best professionals in the field.

At Digital Coach, the leading digital marketing training school with a comprehensive curriculum, you have the flexibility to attend internship courses with apprenticeships based on your schedule and preferences.

We understand the challenges inexperienced graduates face entering the workforce. Let us guide you and provide the real-world experience to become a successful digital marketing professional!


Every four months, a new 56-hour work experience cycle begins, guaranteeing 80% operational presence in both cases. You can choose to work, from home, in one of more than 10 different teams, led by experienced professionals:

  1. Content Marketing Team;
  2. SEO Copywriting Team;
  3. Social Media Marketing Team;
  4. E-commerce Team;
  5. Digital Storytelling Team;
  6. Visual & User Experience Team;
  7. Team Analytics;
  8. Inbound Marketing Team;
  9. Affiliate Marketing Team;
  10. Digital PR/Web Reputation Team.

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What does work experience mean in an internship course?

  • Gain real practice experience;
  • Learning by working;
  • Increasing the chances of finding a job;
  • Immediately put into practice what was learned;
  • Working in a digital team;
  • To have tasks to be completed within specific deadlines, just like in a future job;
  • The activities you will carry out will actually go online: you will be able to create a portfolio demonstrating the skills you have acquired.


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Work experience and in-company internship in Digital Marketing

This is the most complete training course offered by Digital Coach, which includes an internship to be carried out in top companies in digital marketing.

However, the course is structured in two formulas: one for workers, and another aimed at under-30s interested in doing a digital marketing internship in a company. The didactic offer of this internship course has a practical-operational approach and is structured as follows:

  • 224 hours of lessons, to be followed on demand wherever and whenever you want;
  • 29 different disciplines, taught by more than 30 digital professionals;
  • The subjects are all those in the area of Web Marketing, Social Media, and E-commerce;
  • 24 hours after the lecture, slides, tutorials, and video recordings will be available, useful for reviewing or catching up on missed lectures;
  • At the end of the lessons, you will also have the opportunity to supplement your training with an evening or day internship lasting 4 months. Thanks to this, without giving up your main job, you will be able to gain additional work experience, which you can include in your CV;
  • 4-6 month internships are provided by Digital Coaches in the area of Web Marketing, Social Media, or E-commerce, and at top Italian companies.

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Examination and certification

How long does it take to complete our internship courses? To obtain certification in Digital Marketing, the most comprehensive in the digital world, you will have to pass a final exam. To take it, you will have 5 sessions in the 12 months following the completion of the lessons. For scheduled dates, you can request to take the exam remotely, provided you are video-recognized by our examiners.

Once you have passed the exam, you will be issued with a first certificate attesting to your level of profit and attendance, plus a second one indicating the digital skills you have acquired and all the disciplines included in the syllabus.


The course with an internship is available exclusively on demand. You can customize your schedule based on your preferences and availability.

Placement services

During and after your intership training experience, you can benefit from the placement services of Digital Coach:

  • You can participate in Digital Career Days, and orientation days to get to know the best companies working in digital marketing;
  • You will have access to the Digital Jobs portal, a platform specialized in digital jobs hosted within our site, which collects the job offers that companies ask us to publish. Thus, you will have a great opportunity for your profile to be among the first considered for open job positions.

Orientation Services

Orientation is very important in Digital Coach and can help you turn your career around. We’re here to guide you in achieving your goals in the digital landscape:

  • You can request an individual interview with one of our digital career consultants;
  • Follow an orientation day on digital work issues;
  • Define your precise professional positioning strategy in digital work, working on your personal branding.

Temporary suspension of studies

What if you are temporarily unable to attend during your training? Don’t worry. If personal or professional problems prevent you from attending our internship courses, you can suspend your studies for up to six months and resume the following semester, either live or online.

Internship courses FAQ

Some of the most important question about Internship Courses

Can internship courses lead to permanent employment?

Iternship courses can be a pathway to permanent employment. If students perform well during their internship and make a positive impression on the company, they may be offered a full-time job after completing their studies.

How do I make the most of my internship course?

To make the most of your internship course, approach it with a positive attitude, be proactive, and seek opportunities to learn and contribute. Take initiative, ask questions, and network with colleagues.

Why a practical operational approach to internship courses is important?

Internship courses allow students to apply theoretical knowledge gained in the classroom to real-world situations. By engaging in practical work experience, students can see firsthand how concepts, principles, and theories are put into action in a professional setting. 



Why do people do internships?

While there is no guarantee of a job offer, internship courses can significantly enhance your job prospects. They allow you to develop relevant skills, build professional networks, and make a positive impression on potential employers.

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