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SEO Manager Online Certification Course

To excel as an SEO manager, you need to have a contemporary understanding of all aspects of SEO management, combined with tangible experience in the field.

This is precisely why Digital Coach has curated an advanced training program. This SEO manager course emphasizes a hands-on approach, allowing participants to immediately apply the knowledge gained.

At the end of the program, participants will have a comprehensive portfolio of work and a prestigious certification.

Discover the path to becoming an expert in SEO management!


Who is the SEO Manager?

The SEO manager creates, manages and coordinates the activities of an indexing and optimisation project for the website of the company at or for which he/she works

Job Description of the SEO Manager

The SEO Manager, who can be either a corporate figure or a figure working for large web agencies, is responsible for the results achieved by the company in terms of search engine rankings.

The SEO Manager must:

– Know how to define a keyword research strategy

– Know how to direct Seo Copywriting activities

– Set up a link building strategy

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The SEO Manager defines a KEYWORD RESEARCH strategy and is in charge of assigning keywords to web editors

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Sets up a LINK BUILDING strategy through the involvement of Influencers, Bloggers and Publishers

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Maximise the effectiveness of the overall web marketing activity aimed at increasing visibility on search engines

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The SEO Manager directs the SEO COPYWRITING activity and plans SEO OPTIMIZATION activities for already published content

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Directs and coordinates those who manage the website, the social media area, the content marketing and digital PR area

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This professional can be either a corporate figure or a figure working for large Web Agencies


Via Mail, Phone, Skype

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What do recruiters specialising in SEO look for?

Digital recruitment specialists:
  • They often discard basic “Certificates of Participation” from non-digital-oriented institutions or from online courses that they may not have actually taken.
  • Instead, they value “Certificates of Proficiency” that are issued after the exam, ensuring the recruitment of truly qualified and elite professionals.
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The select few educational institutions that excel in digital training. Their respect for these institutions comes from the rigorous and credible exams they conduct before certifying budding Digital Marketing Managers.


Candidates must submit web pages of activities, initiatives and tasks they have previously performed. This allows recruiters to assess tangible digital skills and capabilities, demonstrated by real, verifiable online projects.


Only in what can be tangibly demonstrated to have been accomplished, rather than in simple assertions of competence. In the digital realm, proof lies in online footprints through finished projects or tasks.

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Becoming an SEO Management Expert?

To excel as an SEO Manager, one must possess:

1) Comprehensive knowledge in Digital Marketing, especially in elevating the rankings of pages and websites.

2) Previous work experience as a Specialist in the different areas that the SEO Manager has to coordinate

3) “Proof” that makes you credible as a candidate in the skills and work experience you declare: Certifications from professional schools that are highly recognised by the corporate market, a portfolio of projects and activities carried out that is verifiable.

Modalities and Attendance of the SEO Manager Certification Course

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262 hours of training

262 hours of live training divided into 15 training modules + 168 hours of Work Experience + final exam to obtain the SEO Manager Certification.


Learn On Your Terms

With our on-demand video tutorials, you have the freedom to delve into lessons at times that align with your schedule. This tailored approach ensures you can absorb the content at a pace that’s comfortable and convenient for you.

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Hands-On Experience

Beyond theoretical insights, you’ll gain access to our Work Experience program. This entails 4 months of work training across three job rotation cycles, allowing you to apply the knowledge acquired during the course in real-world scenarios.

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Assessment and Accreditation

Undertake a conclusive examination to gauge your readiness and earn the Certification of Competence and Attendance.

The SEO Manager Certification Course is tailored for on-demand learning, allowing you to engage with the content at times that best suit your individual preferences and needs.

The course spans 262 hours, segmented into 15 instructional modules. Each module features concise video lessons, with durations ranging from 5 to 20 minutes, focused on specific major topics. Additionally, there are opportunities to supplement your learning with live streaming exercises, offering hands-on experience with real-world cases.

Upon course completion, a final assessment awaits, designed to validate the expertise you’ve cultivated. Successful participants will receive a certification of competence, accompanied by a certificate detailing their actual attendance percentage and examination score.

Advantages of the SEO Manager Course

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Global Perspective Training

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ONLINE orientation interview and entrance test.

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Work, train, learn: all in real-time

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3 WORK EXPERIENCE: 3 cycles of 4 months in job rotation to increase your experience

Real practice – Work Experience







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The Real-World Experience stands as the pinnacle of the Digital-Coach educational journey.

Dive into 4 months of hands-on training across one of the 12 distinct experience teams. Guided by seasoned industry experts, students will tackle genuine Digital Marketing challenges, applying the knowledge acquired during the Certification.

This immersive experience is a golden chance to sharpen your practical digital marketing skills. Depending on your selected course structure, you can engage in one to four real-world experiences to complement your academic journey. Explore all the dynamic teams at Digital Coach!

Target Audience for the Real-World Experience:

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Emerging Graduates
Keen to delve into one of the most sought-after digital roles, backed by a reputable certification.

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Business Owners
Aiming to stay abreast of the evolving digital roles to bring innovation to their enterprise.

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Aspiring to hone their digital expertise and pivot their focus to the online realm.

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Intent on mastering online and social media expertise to elevate their professional contributions.

Discover the other Work Experience TEAMS:


content marketing wex

Become a Content Marketing Manager!


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Become a Visual & UX Specialist!


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Become an Inbound Marketing Specialist!


team analytics

Become a Web Analytics Specialist!


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Become a Social Media Specialist!


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Become a Seo Copy


seo optimizer team

Become a Seo Manager!


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Become a Digital Pr Specialist!


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Become an E-Commerce Specialist!


social ads wex

Become a Social Advertising Specialist!


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Become an expert of Marketing Automation!


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Become a Video Marketing Specialist!

SEO Manager Certification Course 

Web area modules

DIGITAL STRATEGY online & offline integration: overview of all the main online marketing channels, peculiarities and differences between them. From SEO to email marketing, through social media to mobile, we will try to understand what criteria should guide us in choosing the optimal mix for different types of companies and businesses. We will then discover channel integration strategies aimed at maximising the contribution of each channel in the cycle that starts with traffic generation and must lead to conversion into sales, while also considering offline aspects.


WEB ANALYTICS FUNDAMENTALS: Dive into the world of web analytics, with a primary focus on Google Analytics, to gather crucial business insights about your audience’s needs, behaviors, and preferences. Harnessing and analyzing this data will pave the way for impactful web marketing initiatives. The outcomes of these actions will be assessed and reinterpreted to refine the communication approach further. Additional instruments in this module encompass A/B testing utilities, heat maps, webmaster tools, and beyond.

SEM & DISPLAY ADVERTISING: convert the traffic generated on your site: this module teaches how to use various PPC (Pay Per Click) type tools with which to implement targeted strategies in terms of location, days, times as well as interests, age and gender of the users. These include Google Ads and its Keyword advertising and Display Advertising (banner) functions.


SEO: Search Engine Optimisation: activities aimed at optimising your presence on search engines in order to generate traffic of users interested in your products and services. SEO is a historical discipline that has undergone, and continues to undergo, radical changes in recent years, becoming the most holistic of web marketing disciplines.

INBOUND MARKETING & LEAD GENERATION: Delve into the realm of inbound marketing to chart out the ideal pathways (Funnels) guiding your website visitors towards becoming loyal customers. This module will illuminate the art of assigning the right role to various channels (SEO, SEM, email, social, etc.) at the precise stages of the conversion journey.

LOCATION BASED MARKETING: the development of technologies and the mobile world now make it possible to carry out marketing actions based on the geographic location of our potential customers, enabling us to reach them in the right place and at the right time to optimise our advertising spend. We will discover in this module the ways and software to do this.

WEBSITE CREATION & WORDPRESS: the website is the starting and finishing point of any web marketing action and as such is a dynamic tool that must be improved and modified on a daily basis. In this module we will teach you how to build it using WordPress, the CMS that allows you to create and manage websites without the need for programming and design skills.

Social area modules

WORDPRESS FOR BLOGGING & SEO COPYWRITING: we will show you why the Blog is the centre of the best social media marketing strategies as well as the first content marketing channel to consider when targeting your audience. We will discover how to use WordPress and the main plugins to make yourself autonomous in the management of a blog and to write content that is optimised for search engines.

DIGITAL PR: we will discover the players with whom to do public relations online and how to interact effectively with them, using tools to make our lives easier. How to work profitably with bloggers, online publishers, influencers, social stars.

CONTENT MARKETING & BLOGGING: Dive into the art of crafting compelling content tailored to captivate, engage, and address the queries of prospective clients. Explore the power of a corporate blog to amplify this content and harness social media for optimal distribution. This module will equip you with essential tools for streamlined content creation, including CMS, visual content utilities, video production, infographics, and image editing. Additionally, learn the nuances of automating social media posts for efficiency.

E-commerce/Web Advanced modules

E-COMMERCE TOOLS & MAGENTO: Dive into the intricacies of selecting the ideal E-commerce platform by weighing the advantages and drawbacks of each option. From proprietary solutions to open-source CMS choices, we’ll assess the risks and rewards associated with each. Discover our inclination towards Open Source solutions, with a spotlight on the Magento CMS. Engage in hands-on sessions to build online storefronts using Magento, mastering its core features: from crafting product catalogs to enhancing product details, and from leveraging marketing & sales tools to managing orders and inventory.

USER EXPERIENCE: Delve into the art of crafting intangible experiences, formulating strategies to elevate the user journey on websites. Grasp the distinction between UX and UI, recognizing that mere aesthetics aren’t the sole answer. While visuals matter, the interface isn’t the endgame. We’ll demystify the essence of user experience, highlighting key components for a successful digital project: website usability, content strategy, visual design, information structure, user research, graphic interaction, and more. Plus, get acquainted with essential tools to optimize the overall user experience.

SEM ADVANCED + Programmatic & real time bidding: we will understand how the emerging technologies of Programmatic Buying and Real Time Bidding are giving a new direction to the SEM sector and we will understand the logic on which these technologies are based. We will also delve into the opportunities of Retargeting/Remarketing technologies and try out the tools made available by the main players in the sector.

WEB ANALYTICS ADVANCED: the ever-increasing availability of information in the world of digital marketing requires the ability to know how to use tools capable of integrating it effectively, such as Google’s Universal Analytics. In this module, we will learn how to integrate mobile and desktop data with data from social media and social analytics. However, we will also discover and use A/B testing and eye tracking tools useful for improving our understanding of the preferences, habits, and interests of our potential customers.


SEO ADVANCED: we will present the latest updates in search engine algorithms (Google Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird and others) that bring about significant changes for SEO specialists. In particular, the increasing need for integration between this discipline and the issues of content marketing, social media, and semantics in order to produce results. We will also propose some advanced tools.

Certificates and Certifications

  • FINAL ASSESSMENT DETAILS: Achieve a minimum score of 70/100 to pass.

  • Opportunities to attempt our other digital profession certification exams post this.
  • 6 available sessions annually for exam attempts or retakes.
  • Certificate showcasing your final score.
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Engaging lessons complemented by hands-on exercises with real-time feedback + assignments accompanied by video reviews.

Implementable strategies and industry best practices for immediate application in businesses.

Engage in Q&A sessions with instructors post-lesson within specialized groups.

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A pragmatic approach emphasizing business growth and revenue.

Utilize platforms and software like Google tools, Facebook, WordPress, and more.

Benefit from seasoned professionals and their insights, ensuring direct knowledge transfer from digital maestros.

Is your dream to work in digital and become an SEO expert?

If this is your goal, the SEO Manager Certification course is for you!


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