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SEO SEM Certification Course

In today’s digital landscape, the role of an SEO SEM Specialist is increasingly vital for online business success. The significance of this position stems from a deep understanding of the most effective strategies for online keyword placement, a key factor in ensuring that potential customers can easily find a business on the web. Digital Coach offers one of the most innovative and cutting-edge SEO SEM Certification Programs available.

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Who is the SEO SEM Specialist and what do they do?

The SEO SEM Specialist is a professional dedicated to studying, designing, and implementing effective strategies for the online positioning of websites and web pages, encompassing both organic and paid aspects. This specialist plays a crucial role in digital marketing, measuring their effectiveness against specific business objectives and striving to achieve these goals.

What skills should an SEO SEM Specialist possess?

As a dual expert, an SEO SEM Specialist must be adept in various techniques. On the SEO side, they should be skilled in measuring and reporting the results of their activities using Web Analytics tools.

SEM (Search Engine Marketing) is a broader discipline of search engine marketing, under which SEO falls.

An SEO and SEM Specialist should be proficient in SEO, SEM, email marketing, affiliate marketing, social media marketing, content management, and Social ADV. Beyond these digital and web marketing tools, it’s advantageous for them to have business acumen, particularly in developing traditional businesses.


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Certification: what it entails

Our SEO SEM Certification is distinguished by its flexible attendance options. You have the opportunity to pursue the SEO SEM Certification online, on-demand, or through a hybrid format. This mixed mode combines the convenience of digital learning with the engagement of live-streamed, interactive practical-operational exercises.

Upon enrollment, you will gain access to a dedicated area, available for 18 months. Here, you’ll find continuously updated courses and an array of additional educational resources, including PDF files, e-books, and multimedia content. These materials are designed to enhance your learning experience and support you throughout your training journey, culminating in the completion of your course and the final certification exam.

Mode and Attendance

hours training

150 hours of training

150 hours of live training divided into 15 training modules + final exam to obtain certification in the SEO SEM Specialist course.

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Learn On Your Time!

Dive into our SEO and SEM course with on-demand video lessons. Whether you’re an early bird or a night owl, you can access the content whenever it’s convenient for you. The power to choose is in your hands!

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Hands-on Experience

Beyond just theoretical knowledge, we offer you a chance to dive into our Work Experience program. This entails 4 months of hands-on experience, allowing you to apply the SEO and SEM techniques and strategies you’ve acquired throughout the course.

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Assessment and Qualification

Upon completing the course, you’ll undergo a comprehensive final assessment. Successfully passing this will grant you the SEO SEM Certification of Competence and Attendance, affirming your expertise as an SEO SEM specialist.

You should know that the SEO and SEM Specialist Certification gives you the opportunity to choose how, when and how you attend. This gives you the opportunity to study under the best possible conditions according to your personal needs.

The mode of attendance can be:

  • Live, streaming;
  • On demand.

The SEO & SEM program spans 150 hours, segmented into 15 instructional modules and a hands-on exercise cycle (work experience) spread over roughly 4 months. This structure ensures students apply their knowledge to real-world scenarios.

Upon course completion, a final assessment awaits. Scoring a minimum of 70 out of 100 grants you a certification, validating your proficiency in SEO and SEM. Alongside this, attendees receive a certificate detailing their participation rate and exam score.

Alternatively, an exclusive SEO-only certification option is available for enrollment.

SEO SEM Specialist Course: who should enroll?


Budding Graduates

Fresh out of college and keen to dive into one of the hottest digital fields? Specialize in SEM and SEO and boost your credentials with a reputable certification.


Business Owners

Looking to infuse fresh digital strategies into your enterprise? Stay updated with the latest in digital professions and drive innovation in your business.


Independent Professionals

Freelancers, this one’s for you! If you’re aiming to hone your digital expertise and make the web your primary playground, this course is your gateway.


Corporate Professionals

Employees, elevate your professional game! Equip yourself with essential web and social skills to enhance your role and contribute more effectively to your organization.

Professional Careers

The certification of the SEO SEM Specialist Course guarantees the right preparation and skills to successfully perform the following professions:

  • Seo Specialist
  • Sem Specialist
  • Web Analytics Specialist
  • Web Marketing Jr Specialist
  • Web Trafficker


Course Program with SEO SEM Certification

Let’s explore in detail all the disciplines included in the study plan.

Modules included in the Course

SEO (Search Engine Optimization): this module focuses on optimizing your online presence on search engines to attract traffic from users interested in your products and services. SEO is a dynamic discipline that has evolved significantly in recent years, becoming the most comprehensive of web marketing disciplines.

SEM & VISUAL PROMOTIONS: learn to maximize the traffic to your site. This module covers various PPC (Pay Per Click) tools, teaching you to develop strategies based on location, time, and even the demographics of your audience. Delve into SEM techniques, including the use of Google Ads, Keyword advertising, and Display Advertising, such as banners.


FOUNDATIONS OF WEB ANALYTICS: master the art of leveraging tools, predominantly Google Analytics, to gain insights into your audience’s needs, behaviors, and preferences. This knowledge is pivotal to fine-tune your SEO SEM strategies. Harness data to guide your web marketing endeavors, continually assessing outcomes to refine your digital communication approach. This module also introduces tools like A/B testing, heat maps, webmaster utilities, and more.

SEO ADVANCED: this module presents the latest updates in search engine algorithms, such as Google Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird, and others, which have significant implications for SEO specialists. It emphasizes the growing need to integrate SEO with content marketing, social media, and semantics to achieve results. Advanced tools will also be introduced.


SEM ADVANCED + Programmatic & real time bidding: we will understand how the emerging technologies of Programmatic Buying and Real Time Bidding are giving a new direction to the SEM sector and we will understand the logic on which these technologies are based. We will also delve into the opportunities of Retargeting/Remarketing technologies and try out the tools made available by the main players in the sector.


INBOUND MARKETING & CAPTURING LEADS: dive into this rising field to map out the ideal journey (Funnel) for your website visitors, ensuring the highest chances of turning them into loyal customers. We will break down how to assign the right role to each channel (be it SEO, SEM, email, social media, and more) at the precise stage of the conversion journey.


AFFILIATE MARKETING DYNAMICS: what was once dominated by agents and sales networks in the conventional offline realm is now evolving online through affiliate marketing. Dive into its core concepts, explore the intermediaries, and get acquainted with tools to establish, oversee, and compensate your digital sales team.


MOBILE MARKETING: we will discover how through Smartphones and Tablets it is now possible to reach one’s audience and create integrated strategies with other media. We will understand how to design mobile apps, mobile advertising campaigns, SMS marketing, mobile couponing.


LOCATION BASED MARKETING: the development of technologies and the mobile world now make it possible to carry out marketing actions based on the geographical location of our potential customers, enabling us to reach them in the right place and at the best time to optimise our advertising spend. We will discover in this module the methods and software for doing this.


WEB ANALYTICS ADVANCED: the ever-increasing availability of information in the digital marketing world requires the ability to know how to use tools that can effectively integrate it such as Google’s Universal Analytics. In this module, we will learn how to integrate mobile and desktop data with data from social media and social analytics. However, we will also discover and use A/B testing and eye tracking tools to improve our understanding of the preferences, habits, and interests of our potential customers.


FACEBOOK PROMOTIONS: dive into the world of Facebook advertising, where we will guide you on crafting campaigns using Facebook’s robust tools. Target millions based on demographics like gender, age, location, and interests. We’ll explore everything from Facebook ads to content sponsorship, from special offers to Facebook remarketing, and then delve into result analysis with Facebook Insights.


YOUTUBE & DIGITAL VIDEO STRATEGIES: uncover how even a small-scale business can harness video marketing and advertising to reach its target audience without breaking the bank. We will walk you through setting up a YouTube channel, crafting the right video content, promoting with video ads, and tracking performance with YouTube analytics.


LINKEDIN MARKETING: delve into the myriad opportunities LinkedIn offers for advertising, lead generation, and social selling. With over 700 million users worldwide, we will guide you from setting up company pages and managing and moderating them to harnessing the power of LinkedIn groups and crafting targeted ad campaigns. We will touch on both personal and corporate branding strategies.

WORDPRESS & SEO-DRIVEN WRITING: understand the pivotal role a blog plays in effective social media marketing and as a primary content marketing channel. We will introduce you to WordPress and its essential plugins, empowering you to manage a blog independently and craft content optimized for search engines.

CONTENT MARKETING & BLOGGING: master the art of creating compelling content that attracts, engages, and addresses the queries of potential customers. Learn to amplify your content through a corporate blog and optimize its reach via social media. We’ll introduce tools to aid in content creation, from CMS to visual content tools, video content, infographics, and image editing, along with automating social media posts.

We will learn how to create content that can attract, engage, and provide answers to our potential customers. We will explore ways to enhance this content through a corporate blog and maximize its distribution on social media. Additionally, we will acquire the skills to utilize useful tools for streamlining content creation, including CMS, visual content tools, video content, infographics, image processing, and automating social media posting.

IA FOR SEO SEM: AI has become an essential tool for SEM and SEO Specialists, transforming the approach to digital marketing. It empowers professionals with efficient keyword research, content optimization, and real-time engagement through chatbots.

Predictive analytics aid in forecasting algorithm changes, and AI-driven automation streamlines reporting, allowing specialists to focus on strategic planning.

The technology’s ability to analyze competitors and excel in image and video recognition enhances competitive analysis and optimization efforts. In essence, AI optimizes performance, delivers personalized experiences, and significantly improves the effectiveness of digital strategies.


What other advantages does the Seo Sem Specialist Certification offer?


Orientation interview and ONLINE placement test


Practical and operational approach: unlike traditional universities, this course focuses on hands-on, practical learning


Immediate Application of Skills: what you learn in class can be directly applied to your job


You have the chance to participate in a Work Experience session, which provides valuable real-world experience

The Seo Sem Specialist Course Certificate is distinct from most digital marketing courses. It stands out due to its practical, operational approach, which is significantly different from the theoretical focus of traditional universities and generalist business schools. Specifically, the training offers a blend of SEO and SEM expertise, combined with the opportunity to engage in a Work Experience (WEX) session.

Real practice – Work Experience








The Digital-Coach’s Work Experience stands as the pinnacle of our training journey.

Spanning 4 months, students immerse themselves in one of the 12 specialized WEX teams. Under the guidance of seasoned industry professionals, they tackle genuine Digital Marketing challenges, applying knowledge gained during the certification process.

The WEX initiative offers an unparalleled chance to sharpen hands-on digital marketing expertise. Depending on your selected course, you can engage in up to four distinct work experiences to enrich your learning trajectory. Explore all the dynamic teams within Digital Coach’s WEX program!

To whom the Work Experience is addressed:


Young graduates

eager to specialise in one of the most in-demand digital professions, thanks to a credible certification.



who wish to update themselves on new digital professions to innovate their company.



who want to specialise in digital and focus on the web for their future.



who wish to acquire web and social skills to use in the performance of their duties.

Discover the other Work Experience TEAMS:



Become a Content Marketing Manager!



Become a Visual & UX Specialist!



Become an Inbound Marketing Specialist!



Become a Web Analytics Specialist!



Become a Social Media Specialist!



Become a Seo Copy



Become a Seo Manager!



Become a Digital Pr Specialist!



Become a E-Commerce Specialist!



Become a Social Advertising Specialist!



Become an expert of Marketing Automation!



Become a Video Marketing Specialist!

For a comprehensive understanding of how the Work Experience program operates, please don’t hesitate to ask for more information.

Discover more about YOUR TEAMLearn about the costs associated with the WORK EXPERIENCE

The program includes exams and certifications with the following details:

  • A final exam is conducted, and a grade is awarded. A minimum score of 70 out of 100 is required to pass
  • Upon passing, participants have the opportunity to take additional certification exams in various digital professions
  • The certification validates the skills you have acquired and demonstrated in the exam
  • There are 6 sessions offered each year, allowing participants to take or retake the exam
  • Certifications are issued to confirm both the final grade achieved and the actual attendance at the sessions

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Lessons supported by practical tests with live corrections + homework with video corrections.

Strategies and best practices immediately applicable in the company.

Questions and interaction with lecturers during the live and post-lesson.


Embrace a hands-on, business-centric approach with an emphasis on revenue generation.

Dive deep into tools and software applications, including Google tools, Facebook, WordPress, and essentials of SEM and SEO.

Benefit from insights shared by industry professionals and digital experts, ensuring you learn directly from the best in the field.

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