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Courses Web Marketing Area

wordpress website creation course

Website Creation & WordPress Course

Duration: 10 hours

Description: The WordPress & Website creation course is a WordPress guide to the basic functionalities of the world’s most widely used CMS (Content Management System) for website creation – over 30% of the world’s websites are created with wordpress.


digital storytelling short course

Digital Storytelling Course

Duration: 3,5 hours

Description: Through the Digital Storytelling Course you will understand how to do online storytelling (Digital Storytelling), the art of telling a story through web and social channels.

mobile marketing short course

Mobile Marketing Course

Duration: 7 hours

Description: The Mobile Marketing Course clarifies the opportunities of Mobile Marketing in Italy but also guides those aspiring to become Mobile Marketing Managers to discover the less known and more technical aspects of Digital Mobile Marketing.

google ads short course on demand

Duration: 10,5 hours

Description: The Google Ads Course will provide you with the best preparation for tackling and obtaining Google Ads Certification, helping you to make a career as a Search Engine Marketing expert.

inbound marketing short course

Inbound & Lead Generation Course

Duration: 4 hours

Inbound Marketing is a new marketing approach, an integral part of a good Web Marketing Strategy, whereby potential customers enter a funnel, are drawn towards us instead of being interrupted while doing something else.

email marketing short course

E-Mail Marketing Course

Duration: 2,5 hours

Description: The Email Marketing Course is a guide to Email Marketing with all the best practices and tips for planning an effective Email Marketing Campaign.

E-Commerce Area Courses

magento ecommerce software short course

E-Commerce Softwares & Magento Course

Duration: 7 hours

Description: In the E-Commerce Softwares & Magento Course, the planned Magento training includes a programme aimed at using Magento CMS to be able to quickly and inexpensively set up an e-commerce and manage, as shop manager, all the functions of the online shop.

user experience short courses

User Experience Course

Duration: 3,5 hours

Description: The UX Course actually explains what the user experience is, the important elements for a successful project: website usability, content strategy, visual design, information architecture, user research, graphical interaction and many others, as well as the indispensable tools for the most effective user experience.

assistant digital coach


Area Social Media Marketing Courses

facebook ads short course

Facebook Advertising Course

Duration: 5 hours

Description: In this Facebook Advertising Course we will set up advertising campaigns with all the tools Facebook provides to reach millions of potential customers, but in a targeted manner according to gender, age, domicile and interests.

influencer marketing short course on demand

Influencer Marketing Course

Duration: 3,5 hours

Description: The Influencer Marketing Course outlines strategies for engaging influencer profiles and community managers who have a high level of interaction with their audience. Learn how to create and manage an influencer marketing project effectively, identify and recognise the various types of influencers, and best communicate the brand through posts and hashtags on Instagram.

tiktok marketing short courses

TikTok Marketing Course

Duration: 5 hours

Description: The TikTok Marketing Course is intended for those who want to discover how to use TikTok and do real time marketing, the latest trend in online communication through social networks.

youtube online video marketing short course

Youtube Video Marketing Course

Duration: 3,5 hours

Description: The YouTube & Online Video Marketing Course addresses the need to understand the strategic dynamics around viral marketing and video advertising, to create suitable video content and to monitor the results with YouTube analytics.

linkedin marketing short course

LinkedIn Marketing Course

Duration: 7 hours

Description: The Linkedin Marketing Course is structured as a Linkedin course for companies but also includes a very substantial part on managing Linkedin for professional visibility and personal branding purposes.

seo wordpress short course

WordPress for Blogging & SEO Copywriting Course

Duration: 3 hours

Description: This Blogger Course combines the traditional WordPress Course, which allows you to get to know and learn how to use the main features for running a blog, and you will learn the principles and use of useful tools for Seo Copywriting.

content marketing short course

Content Marketing & Blogging Course

Duration: 4 hours

Description: The Course in Content Marketing gives you a taste of good web marketing training. If you are looking for the opportunity to join an agency as a Seo and copywriting strategist or digital content editor, this course is the right choice.

personal branding short course

Personal branding & professional success Course

Duration: 3 hours

Description: The Personal Branding Course provides an understanding of the dynamics of personal marketing, i.e. creating a strategy that links our aptitudes, skills, motivations and past experience with future prospects, short, medium and long-term goals and knowing how to communicate it effectively.

instagram marketing short course

Instagram & Influencer Marketing Course

Duration: 2 hours

Description: With our Instagram Marketing Course, you will not only learn how to get more followers on Instagram and get more likes under each picture, but you will also discover how to earn money with Instagram and the basics of becoming an influencer for your audience. In fact, thanks to our course you will learn how to make the most of this platform in a social media strategy context.

Advanced Area Courses

affiliate marketing short course

Affiliate Marketing Course

Duration: 3,5 hours

Description: The Affiliate Marketing Course covers the main affiliate platforms and successful case studies from the advertiser’s and affiliate’s perspective.

programmatic advertising short course

Artificial Intelligence & programmatic buying Course

Duration: 3,5 hours

Description: In the Artificial Intelligence & Programmatic Buying Course you will understand what programmatic buying is and how it works. The course is very practical and operational.

advanced seo short course

SEO Advanced Course

Duration: 3 hours

Description: The SEO Advanced Course is the continuation of the Basic SEO Course. The module can be considered an indispensable resource for anyone wishing to acquire advanced professional skills or specialise in the discipline of SEO.

advanced sem short course

Sem advanced Course

Duration: 3 hours

Description: With the SEM Advanced Course you will learn how to read Adwords reports and build an effective web marketing strategy based on pay per click (PPC) to increase conversions from sem campaigns.

Frequency Mode on Demand

Frequency Mode on Demand

On Demand

CAs an on-demand student, you have video recordings of both the daytime and evening modes. Both refer to the same programme, however we recommend that you watch the one from the last update.

Your reserved area is available for 12 months and updates occur approximately every 5 months. The video recording will be updated with the latest version.

How to use the content:

  • For each module you have both the video and the slides.
  • A module lasts a total of 7 hours. Don’t worry, you don’t have to watch it all at once. You can spread the hours over the week according to your availability.
  • You can interact with the lecturers using Digital Coach’s secret LinkedIn group.
  • You can ask your colleagues for help and advice on the Digital Coach Facebook group.

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Barbara Sasso

Barbara Sasso

Senior Loan Officer

Thanks to this course, I learnt how to design and create an effective strategy to improve the experience of a user exploring a website in 360 degrees.

Luca Boscolo

Luca Boscolo

E-Commerce Specialist

Very happy with the lectures given! The lectures covered every aspect of e-commerce with great entertainment value. I consider it one of the best courses for the amount of in-depth material and for my professional aspirations.

Carmen Graziano

Carmen Graziano

Digital Marketing Specialist || UX/UI Designer

An intense course full of lessons and exercises where I got to experience everything we learnt during the training. Together with the Work Experience, it is one of the most perfonrmant digital courses you can find in Italy.

Massimiliano Dell'Anna

Massimiliano Dell'Anna

Digital Marketing Specialist

To get different results you need to make different choices. Choosing Digital Coach gives you an extra gear to make the best choice and enhance what you are best at.

Adriana Pellicani

Adriana Pellicani

Social Media Specialist

I think I took this course at the right time of my professional breakthrough. It helped me to define my new goals and understand the right path to follow!

assistant digital coach