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Social Media Marketing Certification


What does it take to pursue a career as a Social Media Marketing Specialist Certified? It is essential to have specific and up-to-date training in Social Marketing and proven and demonstrable experience in the field.

It is precisely for this reason that Digital Coach, through Social Media Marketing Certification, has developed a highly qualifying training offer, supported by a practical-operational activity that will allow you to immediately apply what you learn from the lessons and to have a portfolio of work and a recognised certification.

What does a Social Media Marketing Certification consist of?

The Social Media Marketing Certification is a complete Digital Coach training program that provides a high level of knowledge of all Social Media, their tools and analysis tools. Digital Coach’s innovative training follows the latest trends in digital marketing coming straight from the US digital mecca of Silicon Valley.

Digital Coach’s in Social Media Marketing Certification aims to train specialists who have a high knowledge of all social media, their tools and analysis tools. Professionals who want to pursue a career as a Social Media Manager capable of effectively managing a company’s online reputation or who understand how to communicate brilliantly on each of the existing social media, in order to integrate them skilfully with other digital marketing activities.

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Who the Social Media Marketing Certification is aimed at?


The Social Media Marketing Certification represents the best choice for those who aim to orient their profile and skills towards the digital professions of the moment by learning concretely how to do what these require; without renouncing the credibility of a certification subject to a final exam after which they can demonstrate profit, effective attendance and skills acquired.


COMPANY EMPLOYEES who wish to orientate and/or develop their career towards the new digital professions in the digital marketing sector.

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YOUNG PEOPLE or people seeking retraining/specialization in the new digital professions required by the fast-growing labour market and offering opportunities for stable employment.

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ENTREPRENEUR or self-employed people or aspiring self-employed people who wish to use the Internet to give greater visibility to their business, company or start-up, with the aim of increasing customers and turnover.

Contents and program of the Social Media Marketing Certification

On completion of the Social Media Marketing Certification, participants will be able to:

  • learn how to adapt the way they communicate according to the languages of the various social media
  • plan, create and manage social advertising campaigns through the advertising tools of Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Whatsapp, Telegram
  • develop and manage online communities, maximising their engagement
  • produce written, image and video content suited to the type of business to be promoted and capable of stimulating interest, interaction and sharing
  • use analytics tools to measure the results achieved
  • manage Digital PR by involving influencers and online publishers of reference.

The program is divided into 12 training modules.


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Mode and Attendance of the Social Media Marketing Certification

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Training Hours

70 hours of live training divided into 12 training modules in the Social Media area + final exam to obtain the Certification in Social Media Marketing.


Study when you want

You can choose the attendance mode that suits you best! In live streaming or by taking advantage of the ON DEMAND video lessons when it is most convenient for you.


Examination and Certification

By taking a final exam, you will be able to test your level of preparation and obtain Certification of Competence and Attendance.


The Social Media Marketing Certification offers the opportunity to choose how, when and in which mode you attend. This gives you the opportunity to study under the best possible conditions according to your personal needs.


At the end of the course there is a final exam that allows for the issuing of certification confirming the skills acquired during the course. In addition to the certification of competence, a certificate is also issued showing the % of actual attendance and the exam pass mark.

The mode of attendance can be:

  • Live, in streaming with operational exercises
  • On-demand lessons.

Social Media Marketing Certification Program

Let’s take a detailed look at all the disciplines included in the study plan.

Area Social Media modules


FACEBOOK COMMUNITY MARKETING: the creation and management of Facebook Pages from the daily management of the editorial calendar to the rules of engagement and moderation of the community, passing through social care and crisis management. There will be no lack of insights into measuring results through Analytics.

DIGITAL PR: we will discover the players with whom to do public relations online and how to interact effectively with them, using the tools that help make our lives easier. How to work profitably with bloggers, online publishers, influencers, social stars.

FACEBOOK ADVERTISING: we will set up advertising campaigns with all the tools Facebook provides to reach millions of potential customers in a targeted manner based on gender, age, domicile and interests. From Facebook adv to content sponsoring, from Offers to Facebook remarketing and then analysing the results with Facebook Insights.

YOUTUBE & ONLINE VIDEO MARKETING: we will discover how even a small company can set up a video marketing and video advertising strategy and reach the right audience with a limited budget. We will learn how to create a Youtube channel, create the right video content, advertise with Ads for videos and monitor the results with Youtube analytics.

LINKEDIN MARKETING: we will discover the advertising, lead generation and social selling opportunities offered by the professional Network that now counts more than 6 million users in Italy. From the creation, management and moderation of company pages to the community management of Linkedin groups and the possibility of creating advertising campaigns. References will be both personal and corporate.

WORDPRESS FOR BLOGGING & SEO COPYWRITING: we will make you understand why the Blog is the centre of the best social media marketing strategies as well as the first content marketing channel to consider when addressing your audience. We will discover how to use WordPress and the main plugins to make yourself autonomous in the management of a blog and to write content that is optimised for search engines.

INSTAGRAM & INFLUENCER MARKETING: we will try to understand what peculiarities have allowed Instagram to become the social network that has grown the most in the last year. We will discover how some brands are making original and effective use of the immediacy of visual content and how it is one of the main tools for Influencer Marketing.

TWITTER AND NEW SOCIAL MEDIA (Telegram, Whatsapp and Messenger): in this concluding module we will explore the growth and application potential of twitter and other emerging social media, trying them out live. We will learn, depending on the company we work for, how to find the niche social media that can best enable you to reach your audience.

CONTENT MARKETING & BLOGGING: we will learn how to produce content capable of attracting, engaging and giving answers to our potential customers. We will discover how to enhance them through a corporate blog, maximise their distribution through social media. We will learn how to use useful tools to facilitate their creation (CMS, visual content tools, video content, infographics, image processing) and automate social media posting.

PERSONAL BRANDING & PROFESSIONAL SUCCESS: we will start by defining our professional positioning and then take the first steps, as always helped by the right tools, aimed at increasing our personal visibility both on search engines and social media. We will define a personalised action plan for each participant in order to turn our career around and realise our professional dreams!

DIGITAL STORYTELLING: you will learn what digital storytelling is and how to do it, what are the characteristics of a successful corporate communication and, through the definition of Brand Identity, you will understand how brands tie their customers to a story and not directly to a product or service.

WEB REPUTATION & SOCIAL MEDIA MONITORING: various software and tools are now able to read the conversations that take place online and on social media and return data that can allow you to evaluate opinions and perceptions in relation to a brand, a product, a campaign. We will find out what they are, how and when to use them to improve our web reputation.

Benefits of Social Media Marketing Certification

What other advantages does the Certification in Social Media Marketing offer

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Orientation Interview
and ONLINE entrance test


Practical and operational approach
far removed from that of
traditional universities


Carry out in a concrete manner
you can apply them
directly on the job from the day after the lesson

The Social Media Marketing Certification will teach you how to concretely carry out activities (which you can then apply directly on the job) that you learnt in class the very next day. Furthermore, unlike most courses in the digital field, teaching in Digital Coach is characterised by a type of practical operational approach that is far removed from that of traditional universities and/or generalist business schools.

Add the Digital Coach Work Experience to your study plan!

The real practice is a unique experience in which you will be able to consolidate the skills acquired during your studies by working in direct contact with professionals in the field.

Real practice – Work Experience


Months of practice

ONLINE participants

application hours


extra skills acquired

work experience

The Work Experience is the flagship of the Digital-Coach training experience.

4 months of operative practice in one of the 12 teams of the different WEX, under the supervision of established professionals in the sector, will offer the student the opportunity to measure himself with real cases of Digital Marketing and test in the field the teachings received during the Certification.

The WEX experience is a unique opportunity to enhance your operational skills in digital marketing. If your chosen training course provides for it, you can follow one to four work experiences to supplement your study path. Discover all the Digital Coach Wex teams!


Final exam with grade: To pass, a minimum score of 70 out of 100 is required.

Further Certification Opportunities: After passing, you have the option to take additional certification exams in various digital professions.

“Certification of skills” Your skills, verified through examination, will be officially certified.

Examination Availability: There are six sessions per year for taking or retaking the examination.

Certification includes a record of your final grade and actual attendance.

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Lessons are enhanced by practical exercises with live feedback, plus homework assignments with video corrections.

Learn strategies and best practices that can be immediately applied in a business setting.

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Our approach is practical and operational, with a strong focus on business and revenue generation.

Use of Professional Tools and Software: This includes Google tools, Facebook, WordPress, and more.

Expert Lecturers: Professional insights and teachings directly from digital experts.

What do former students of the Social Media Marketing Certification say?

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Each testimonial includes the full name of the student and a direct link to their social profile, allowing you to verify their authenticity.

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