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Social Media Course


The Social Media Specialist is responsible for managing a company’s social channels, primarily focusing on promoting the brand and engaging with the brand’s target audience.

As an expert in online communication channels and strategies, the Social Media Specialist has become an essential figure for companies aiming to establish and maintain their presence on the web.

In our Social Media Online Course, you will discover a comprehensive and current curriculum that covers the most effective practices and strategies for becoming a top-tier Social Media Specialist.

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Become a Social Media Specialist


  • Are you in search of an online Social Media Specialist course?
  • Do you want a program that offers complete on-demand flexibility to suit your schedule?
  • Are you aiming to earn an official certification to kickstart your career as a Social Media Specialist?
  • Interested in understanding the role, salary, required training, and how it differs from a Social Media Manager?
  • Curious about the job description of a Social Media Specialist?

You’ve come to the right place!

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Social Media Specialist: Role and Responsibilities

The Social Media Specialist is among the most sought-after web professionals today, especially with the explosive growth of social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter.

This growth has amplified the need for companies to effectively plan and monitor their social media strategies and marketing efforts.

A Social Media Specialist is:

  1. A strategist who plans a company’s presence across various social networks, monitors the company’s online reputation, and understands the factors that positively or negatively influence it.
  2. A marketer and content creator who engages with the social media audience, fostering interaction, moderating discussions, managing potential crises, and building a strong online community that interacts with the company.

What skills are essential?

Unlike a Social Media Manager (refer to our Social Media Manager course), a Social Media Specialist not only manages the company’s social channels but also engages beyond them to monitor and interact with the target community. A Social Media Specialist must adeptly navigate online spaces where the company’s web reputation is shaped, actively monitoring and, when necessary, intervening – often as a regular user rather than as an official company representative. The Social Media Specialist’s role encompasses:

  • Engagement on social networks, both within and outside the company
  • Participation in Facebook and LinkedIn groups
  • Interaction on external blogs
  • Involvement in online communities, forums, and chats

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Manages the company’s social channels, oversees Community Management, and safeguards the Brand’s Web Reputation


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Develops and executes the social communication strategy, plans the editorial calendar, and coordinates the team for its implementation.


Online Social Media Course Certification

 The Digital Coach’s Online Social Media Course Certification equips individuals aspiring to work in social media, focusing on online community management and moderation.

This course includes 126 hours of instruction, divided into 12 training modules, complemented by a practical Work Experience phase spanning approximately 4 months.

The Social Media Course is available for live online attendance or can be accessed on-demand, at your convenience.

social media course online

Upon completion, a final exam is administered. Achieving a score of 70 out of 100 or higher grants a certificate verifying the skills acquired, along with a certificate detailing actual attendance and the exam score.

Modalities and Attendance

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126 hours of training

126 hours of live training divided into 12 training modules and 2 cycles of exercises only.

Learn at Your Pace

Learn at Your Pace

Watch the video lessons on-demand, you have the flexibility to study whenever it’s most convenient for you.

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Hands-on Experience

Beyond just theory, you’ll gain access to our Work Experience segment. This entails 4 months of practical training, allowing you to immerse yourself in real-world tasks and apply the knowledge you’ve acquired throughout the course.

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Assessment and Accreditation

Upon completing a conclusive test, you can gauge your proficiency and earn a Certification of Competence and Attendance.

This course offers a comprehensive curriculum spanning 126 hours, segmented into 12 instructional modules. Over an approximate duration of 3 months, students will also engage in 2 cycles of practical exercises, applying their newfound knowledge to real-world scenarios.

Upon course completion, a final assessment awaits. Achieving a score of 70 out of 100 or higher will grant students a certification, attesting to the skills they’ve honed throughout the course. Alongside this competence certificate, attendees will also receive documentation detailing their actual participation percentage and their exam score.

Recipients of the Online Social Media Course

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NEW Graduates and YOUNG PEOPLE

Eager to specialize in one of the most in-demand new digital professions on the labor market, with the support of credible certification.

pr managers


Looking to acquire skills applicable within their own companies

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 Interested in taking on the role of a social media specialist



Aiming to update their professional skills and offer social management services

press officer


Seeking to transition their focus to the web

To become a Social Media Specialist,

it is crucial to have the right preparation and ample practice.

Discover how Digital Coach has tailored its training program by participating in our webinar, and take advantage of the opportunity

to speak with one of our Digital Career Consultants through one-on-one coaching.

Both opportunities are completely free and will assist you in understanding how to pursue a career in Social Media.

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What other benefits does certification offer?

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ONLINE orientation interview and entrance test.

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Work, Practice, Study: a comprehensive learning approach


WORK EXPERIENCE: practical experience in the role of Social Media Specialist.

Online Social Media Course Content

Upon completing this course, participants will have mastered the essential duties of a Social Media Specialist, including:

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Keeping a close eye on individuals and trends that shape the company’s online reputation.

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Effectively handling potential crises or attacks on the company’s social media platforms

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Engaging online users through compelling content, discussions, contests, and events, both online and offline.

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Crafting various types of content, including written, visual, and graphic materials

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Navigating digital PR and building relationships with influencers

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Organizing an editorial calendar for consistent content delivery

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Moderating conversations across different social networks


Cultivating user loyalty and encouraging buzz marketing, i.e. word-of-mouth marketing

Real practice – Work Experience


Months of practice

ONLINE participants

Hours of Engagement


Additional Competencies Gained

wex digital coach

The Professional Experience (WEX) stands as the pinnacle of the Digital-Coach educational journey.

Spend 4 enriching months working hands-on in one of the 12 specialized teams of the different WEXs. Under the guidance of seasoned industry experts, students will tackle real-world Digital Marketing challenges, applying the knowledge gained during their Certification.

The Wex training is a golden chance to sharpen your practical skills in digital marketing. Depending on your selected course, you can engage in one to four such experiences to complement your learning trajectory. Explore all the teams under Digital Coach’s Wex program!

Who the Work Experience is aimed at

young graduates

Young recent graduates
Eager to specialise in one of the most in-demand digital professions, thanks to a credible certification.

employee icon

Who wish to update themselves on the new digital professions in order to innovate their company.

freelancer icon

Who want to specialize in digital and focus on the web for their future.

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Who wish to acquire web and social skills to use in the performance of their duties.

The other Work Experience TEAMS:


WORK EXPERIENCE social media

Become a Social Media Specialist!



Become a Social Advertising Specialist!



Become a Digital Pr Specialist!


WORK EXPERIENCE video marketing

Become a Video Marketing Specialist!

Social Media Course Certification program

But let’s look in detail at all the disciplines included in the study plan.

Social Media Modules

FACEBOOK COMMUNITY STRATEGY: Dive into the art of crafting and overseeing Facebook Pages. From managing the daily editorial calendar to understanding engagement rules and moderating the community. We’ll also delve into social care, crisis management, and the significance of gauging outcomes using Analytics.
DIGITAL PR: Uncover the key players in online public relations and the strategies to engage with them effectively. We’ll explore tools that simplify our tasks and the art of collaborating with bloggers, online publishers, influencers, and social media stars.

FACEBOOK ADVERTISING: Learn to design targeted advertising campaigns using Facebook’s comprehensive tools. Reach a vast audience based on demographics and interests. From Facebook ads to content promotion, and from Offers to Facebook remarketing, we’ll also delve into evaluating performance with Facebook Insights.


YOUTUBE & VIDEO STRATEGY: Discover how businesses, regardless of size, can implement a video marketing strategy on a budget. Learn to set up a Youtube channel, produce the right video content, promote using Video Ads, and assess outcomes with Youtube analytics.

LINKEDIN MARKETING: Explore the myriad opportunities LinkedIn offers for advertising, lead generation, and social selling. With over 6 million users in Italy, we’ll delve into creating and managing company pages, LinkedIn group community management, and advertising campaign possibilities.
WORDPRESS & SEO CONTENT CREATION: Understand the pivotal role of blogs in social media marketing strategies and content marketing. Learn to navigate WordPress, utilize essential plugins, manage a blog autonomously, and craft SEO-optimized content.
INSTAGRAM & BRAND AMBASSADORS: Grasp the unique attributes that have propelled Instagram’s growth. Discover innovative brand strategies leveraging visual content and its prominence in Influencer Marketing.

TWITTER & EMERGING PLATFORMS: In this final module, we’ll explore the potential of Twitter and rising social platforms like Telegram, Whatsapp, and Messenger. Depending on your business, we’ll identify niche platforms to best connect with your audience.

CONTENT STRATEGY & BLOGGING: Master the art of creating compelling content that resonates with potential customers. Enhance content through a corporate blog, amplify its reach via social media, and utilize tools for content creation and social media automation.
PERSONAL BRAND & CAREER GROWTH: Begin by pinpointing your professional niche. With the right tools, boost your online visibility on search engines and social platforms. Each participant will receive a tailored action plan to transform their career trajectory and achieve their professional aspirations.

DIGITAL STORYTELLING: Understand the essence of digital storytelling, the hallmarks of impactful corporate communication, and how brands captivate customers with stories rather than just products or services.


ONLINE REPUTATION & SOCIAL MONITORING: With various tools available, monitor online conversations and social media chatter. Extract data to assess brand perceptions and opinions. Learn about these tools and strategies to enhance your web reputation.

digital lessons


Engage in lessons complemented by hands-on exercises with real-time feedback, plus assignments accompanied by video evaluations.

Implement immediate strategies and best practices in a professional setting.

Engage with instructors in specialized groups.

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Adopt a practical, business-centric approach with an emphasis on revenue generation.

Familiarize yourself with essential digital tools and platforms, including Google tools, Facebook, WordPress, and more.

Benefit from the expertise of seasoned professionals, ensuring you learn directly from the best in the digital realm.


  • Final exam with grade: passing with a minimum score of 70/100

  • Subsequent opportunity to also take our other certification exams on digital professions

  • “Certification of skills” acquired and tested through the exam

  • 6 sessions per year available for taking or repeating the examination

  • Certification of profit (final grade) and actual attendance

certification of skills social media specialist

Social Media Marketing is truly an opportunity for everyone, and with the right application, you can learn it from scratch and apply it in a wide variety of areas. Our students are of all ages and come from different educational and work experiences. Some at their first job, some employed for a long time, all have found a place and direct application in Social Media Marketing.

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Services included

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Study when you want

attending on demand

Attending On Demand

guided visit

Guided company visits

recorded lectures

Video recordings of lessons from the day after the lesson

funding icon

Financing possibility through Deutsche Bank

video tutorial

Video Tutorials on Social Media topics in the new TUTORIAL area

interview icon

Orientation/suitability interview before enrolling

student area

Access to reserved area for student and our Placement Service (visit our Digital Jobs portal)

final grade

Participate in the “Work Experience” program to earn additional points on your final grade. Also, explore the option of taking 2 additional exams in new digital professions

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Missed a live stream? Catch up with On Demand lesson access

exam icon

You have the option to take your exam anytime within 18 months of enrollment

suspend session icon

If needed, temporarily suspend your participation and resume in the next semester

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