A comprehensive social media strategy course should cover various aspects of digital marketing, extending beyond just social networks. The role of a social media strategist blends creativity with analytical skills. Naturally, a course should offer in-depth knowledge about all major social platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Pinterest.

social media strategy course for beginnersNowadays, the world of social networks has assumed a very relevant aspect in our society. Just think that around 3.42 billion people worldwide regularly use the Internet and 2.31 billion of these use social media. For companies, the mere presence on all these social platforms is no longer enough, which is why an effective online strategy is needed.

The social context in which we currently live is constantly growing and is characterized by an increasing number of always-connected and multitasking users who have transferred their “offline” lives to the online world, especially to social networks. It is precisely for this reason that the social world is now considered a fertile field for the emergence of new professional figures, one of which is that of the social media strategist.

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What is a Social Media Strategy Course?

So, let’s clarify what is a social media strategy. It is a well-structured plan that guides individuals, businesses, or organizations in leveraging social media platforms to achieve specific goals. This involves:

  • defining clear objectives,
  • identifying target audiences,
  • selecting appropriate social media channels,
  • creating engaging content,
  • establishing effective audience interaction strategies.

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Social media strategy course topics

A Social Media Strategy Course should cover various key aspects to provide a comprehensive understanding of developing effective strategies for social media.
But why have a social media strategy? A social media strategy is crucial for:

  • achieving specific goals,
  • reaching target audiences,
  • maintaining brand consistency,
  • fostering engagement,
  • adapting to trends,
  • optimizing resources effectively.

So what are the most important subjects a Social media strategy course should include? Here are all the subjects listed below:

1. Social Media Marketing Course

A comprehensive social media marketing course should inherently encompass the following components

  • Facebook Community Marketing: a part dedicated to the creation and management of Facebook pages. You will learn how to manage the Facebook editorial calendar on a daily basis and measure the results through analytics;
  • Facebook Advertising: setting up Facebook advertising campaigns, you will discover how to sponsor content via this social networking site, implement Facebook remarketing, and analyze the results obtained via insights;
  • LinkedIn Marketing: in this part you will learn how to create, manage, and moderate Linkedin company pages and groups and have the opportunity to create real advertising campaigns;
  • YouTube and Online Video Marketing: this part is dedicated to setting up a video marketing and video advertising strategy in order to reach your audience even with a limited budget. In addition, you will learn how to create a YouTube channel, create video content, advertise through Google Ads and monitor the results by means of YouTube analytics;
  • TikTok Marketing: this part is designed for those who want to use this platform as a professional tool for their business. During the course, students will learn best practices for creating engaging content on TikTok, strategies for increasing visibility and engagement, as well as analysis techniques to measure the effectiveness of campaigns;
  • Twitter Marketing: in this section, you will learn how to create and use personal and corporate Twitter profiles, integrate them in the best way with other social media, and also discover all the latest Twitter Ads;
  • Instagram Marketing: in this part you will gain a better understanding of all the factors that have enabled Instagram to become the most relevant social network in recent years. You will also learn how to use it in an effective and original way;
  • Pinterest Marketing: this part is dedicated to the world of content curation and visual content marketing, i.e. the principles on which Pinterest is based. You will discover how to make the best use of it also in a purely business context;
  • Web Reputation and Social Media Monitoring: through this part, you will discover the different software and tools capable of reading conversations on social media in order to return important data useful for assessing the perception of your brand. The course is therefore entirely dedicated to the web reputation of your company.

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2. Web Analytics Course

In addition to knowledge of social networks and knowing how best to use them, the social media strategist must also possess strong analytical skills. This is a relevant aspect, which is why a social media strategy course must specifically include the possibility of attending a web analytics course, in order to be able to better plan, study and analyze the market and especially competitors and their products, so as to identify their weak points and exploit them to one’s advantage.

3. Content Marketing & Blogging Course

The content creation aspect is also indispensable. Having good skills as a web content editor is a big advantage in the world of social media strategy. Knowing how to communicate on the web by addressing a particular target group is very important for implementing an effective social strategy. Therefore, a social media marketing course must also cover this aspect. You will certainly find the Content Marketing & Blogging course useful.

4. WordPress for Blogging & SEO Copywriting Course

A further significant aspect that a course focused on social media strategy should cover is the world of blogging. Another of the key skills required to become an efficient strategist is the knowledge of WordPress and the ability to manage a company blog using some useful SEO copywriting tools. Therefore, a comprehensive course should also offer the option to participate in a specialized blogging-focused module. If you like, take a look at our SEO Copywriting Course.

5. Personal Branding Course

Implementing a personal branding strategy in the field of social networks is a key element for those who want to work in the world of communication, especially for a social media strategist. A social media strategy certification must have a personal branding module as part of the curriculum to build a solid brand identity and learn the factors that underpin professional success.

You can decide to attend these courses separately or you can choose to attend a full-fledged course focusing on the world of social networks. In this case, we recommend you take a look at the Social Media Marketing Courses.

If you want to take this path and become a social media strategist now you know that there is a lot of work to be done and a lot to know!

Always remember that this is a job that requires specific technical skills that you can only acquire with practice and a lot of study. You will have to be skillful in combining your creative skills with the skills of a real strategist to be able to realize all your goals.

Who is the Social Media Course aimed at?

The course is particularly aimed at:

  • Company employees who wish to acquire skills related to social strategies applicable to their company;
  • Young people wishing to learn about the potential of various social media marketing tools;
  • Entrepreneurs wishing to acquire certain skills and innovate their business through social networks;
  • Freelancers wishing to update and expand their knowledge in the social media field.

Thanks to this training you will then have specific knowledge related to all social platforms.

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Next Steps After Completing a Social Media Strategy Course

After completing a social media strategy course, you have several opportunities to consider:

  1. Putting what you learned into practice: applying the knowledge gained in the course by implementing social media strategies for your own projects or for clients;
  2. New job opportunities: the course has provided you with the skills you need to pursue a career as a social media strategist. By enrolling in Digital Jobs, the ultimate digital job portal, you can find work at marketing agencies, companies, or even as a freelancer;
  3. Start your own consulting firm or web agency: consider starting your own business and offer your services to companies that need social media expertise and build your own client base;
  4. Network with industry professionals: connect with other social media strategists and professionals through networking events, social media groups and professional platforms such as LinkedIn. Building relationships in the industry can lead to collaborative opportunities and valuable insights.

How to become a Social Media Strategist

As mentioned above, one of the essential skills to successfully pursue the profession of social media strategist is to have a broad view of online communication. If you have decided to follow this path, you should know that you will need specific skills, both theoretical and practical. In the beginning, you will have to work your way up within a web agency and learn the trade in the field from those who already know how to do it, but at the same time, you will necessarily have to study.

Therefore, we recommend a social media strategy course that will provide you with the right preparation in several areas of digital marketing and that will allow you to have a broader vision of the digital world, which is increasingly indispensable for working in this field today.

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What skills should a Social Media Strategist have?

What does a social media strategist do? In essence, a social media strategist is responsible for crafting, developing, and coordinating social media strategies. This role also extends to managing other online communication avenues, including email marketing, SEO, and blogging. To excel in this role, a broad perspective is invaluable.

Beyond assembling these elements, a proficient social media strategist should possess attentive listening skills, a robust analytical mindset, and a healthy dose of creativity. These qualities collectively aim to uncover the essence of a brand.

In addition to knowledge of the various digital marketing channels and especially those related to the different social platforms, a self-respecting social media strategist must have a strong attitude inherent to the world of communication.

He or she must therefore first and foremost be an excellent communicator and draw on his or her knowledge of sociology, anthropology, and psychology. So if you come from a humanistic rather than a technical background, you already have an advantage.

Social Media Strategy Course FAQ

Some of the most important question about Social Media Strategy Course

What will I learn in a social media strategy course?

You’ll learn how to create and execute comprehensive social media plans, target specific audiences, develop engaging content, use various platforms effectively, analyze performance metrics, and adapt strategies to changing trends.

What are the best strategies for social media marketing?

Effective social media marketing involves understanding your audience, creating engaging content, maintaining consistent interaction, utilizing paid advertising when appropriate, and adapting to evolving trends for optimal results.

Are there any prerequisites for taking the course?

Prerequisites vary depending on the course, but most beginner-level courses require only a basic understanding of using social media platforms.



What are the jobs a social media strategy course can lead to?

Completing a social media strategy course can lead to roles such as Social Media Manager, Digital Marketing Specialist, Content Creator, Community Manager, and more in the fields of digital marketing and communications.

Social media is constantly evolving, so it’s important to stay updated with the latest trends and platforms.
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