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Digital Content Manager Course

If you want to become a Digital Content Manager, it is important to learn how technology transformed how we communicate, via text or visual. If you wish to work for a web agency or as a freelancer, learn how a management strategy plays a vital role in a marketing campaign.

Well, Digital Coach has thought of the perfect course for you. Our Digital Content Manager Course will teach you how to think, create, and deliver it perfectly for any web company.

We will help you enrich your portfolio and, at the end after our final exam, you will receive a Digital Content Manager Certification. Well, then… Let’s start now your career together! 

Who is a Digital Content Manager?

Probably one of the most important figures in a web agency, a Digital Content Manager aims to organize, create and deliver a full content.

With our Digital Content Manager Course, you will learn how to write and create online content (not just on WordPress, but also with incredible graphic tools) and how to share them on social media to reach potential customers and fulfill the marketing funnel.

Do you just create digital content?

No. As a Digital Content Manager, your job is also to understand the audience and organize a whole strategy for content to be delivered. Get ready to work with a team full of professional figures whose aim is to help you deliver the content on time.



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There is no strategy if there is no organization. Gather all useful information online, learn what your competitors do and what your potential customers want from a marketing campaign. 

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Web editing

If there is no website, there is no digital content. With our Digital Content Manager Course, you will learn important digital tools. Learn about SEO, WordPress, and much more. Engage your audience with original and creative texts.

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The content manager interacts with many figures such as writers, graphic designers, and business owners, and much more… You must be able to coordinate everything.

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After you create digital content, you will need to share it on social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, and much more. This is included in one of the modules of our Digital Content Manager Course.


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Digital Content Manager Course


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Digital Carreers

The Digital Content Manager is one of the highest-paid professions in the digital world. 

Every web agency needs a good content strategy and this means that with the right skills and a good amount of practice (just keep scrolling to learn more about this), the doors of the digital marketing world will open for you. 

You can work also as an editor, content strategist, content coordinator, marketing manager and so many more.   


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Digital Content Manager Course Editor

How to become a Digital Content Manager?

Obviously, there is a lot that you will need, but don’t worry; our goal is to help you to become an experienced Digital Content Manager: 

  1. Our modules will teach you every aspect of the digital marketing world;
  2. A Work Experience where you will practice SEO, social media, e-commerce and so much more;
  3. A Certification that recognizes all your efforts, your skills and your knowledge.
  4. A Portfolio with all the projects you created with us.

Course Structure for the Digital Content Manager

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Training Duration

196 hours of on-demand lessons, and 122 hours of Work Experience

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Flexible Learning

Everything is online. Learn anywhere and anytime!

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Hands-on Experience

4 months of Work Experience, where you will practice by working as a Digital Project Manager. 

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Assessment and Accreditation

Pass our Final Exam (with a score of 70 or above) and get your certification!

Start becoming a Digital Content Manager today!

The Course is designed completely for you. Learn from your couch or your favorite café. Practice in our Work Experience and become an experienced Digital Content Manager.

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Benefits of the Digital Content Manager Course

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Full online training on-demand or live. 

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Work, practice, study. 

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Engage with other students during practice sessions. 

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WORK EXPERIENCE: 4 months of practice just for you. 

Digital Content Manager Course: 


Months of practice

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extra skills acquired

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You can’t claim to be a good Digital Content Manager without the right amount of experience. This is why Digital Coach has decided to enrich their courses with the Work Experience.

We are talking about 4 months immersed in hands-on practice within one of the 12 distinct Work Experience teams.

Under the guidance of experienced professionals in the sector, students will practice on real Digital Marketing projects, applying everything they have learned in our Digital Content Manager Certification.

Start practicing now! 

Who is the Digital Content Manager Course for? 


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Young graduates
It doesn’t matter if you have just finished university. If you are enthusiastic, you are in the right place.

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The digital world is changing fast and it is important to stay up-to-date.

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Get the right skills and the knowledge needed to work for any web agency. 

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Do you aspire to enhance your professional role? Start now with us. 

Discover the other Work Experience TEAMS:


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Become a Content Marketing Manager!


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Become a Visual & UX Specialist!


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Become an Inbound Marketing Specialist!


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Become a Digital Pr Specialist!


Become an E-Commerce Specialist!


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Become a Social Advertising Specialist!


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Become an expert of Marketing Automation!


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Become a Video Marketing Specialist!

Digital Content Manager Course Program


SEO (Search Engine Optimization): Search Engines are the most used tools nowadays and this is why we have thought of this module to teach from the basics to the most advanced strategy. Read and understand the data from tools like Google Search Console and how to apply your optimization. 

WEB ANALYTICS: we will teach how to use software, primarily Google Analytics, to understand how your website and your content are performing online. Other tools will include A/B testing tools, heat maps, webmaster tools, and much more. 

INBOUND MARKETING & AFFILIATE MARKETING: DLearn about the sales funnel and discover what your content needs to reach potential customers. See how each channel has its appropriate role (SEO, SEM, e-mail, social media, and so on…) ensuring optimal SEO and lead generations techniques. 

WEBSITE CREATION & WORDPRESS: Through the web content manager course, you’ll grasp the significance of a website as the pivotal point for all web marketing endeavors, emphasizing the importance of Digital Communication and Online Audience Engagement. This module will guide you on constructing it using WordPress, a CMS that simplifies website creation and management without demanding programming or design expertise.

SOCIAL MEDIA: Every content you create and every strategy needs to be shared on social media to reach every potential customer. With us, you will learn about Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and many more. It’s not just about sharing regularly, you will learn how to understand and use the data these apps give you. 

CONTENT & VIDEO MARKETING: Learn about creating a website with WordPress (the most used CMS platform). Your content will attract, engage, and give answers to our potential customers. It’s not just about words, but also visual content tools, video content, infographics, image processing, social media posting, and the creation of a Brand Identity. Every aspect of the Digital Content Manager is at your feet. 

ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE: One of the most amazing tools that is shaping completely the digital world and we will teach you how to use it to get better and faster content. Remember that the human hand is always needed behind AI; your creativity will never be replaced, but you will use Artificial Intelligence just to enhance your abilities.


E-COMMERCE PLATFORMS & MAGENTO: We will teach you how to create a product catalog, and how to use sales tools, to deliver product listings to leverage marketing on e-commerce platforms like Magento CMS.

Certification for Digital Content Manager Course

  • A Final Exam where a score of 70/100 or above is needed to pass.
  • Six sessions annually for exam attempts or retakes.
  • A Certification for the Digital Content Manager Course is waiting for you with the final grade achieved.


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