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Become a certified Digital Coach!
The “Digital Coaching Certification” Master will enable you to acquire all the knowledge and skills required to become an online coach.

Like a digital consultant, the professional online Digital Coach is specialised in Digital Marketing technologies and strategies with high skills in fundamental digital areas, on one or more specific areas (web, social media, e-commerce, seo, ppc advertising, user experience…)

The course to become a coach is suitable for those who want to become the new expert figure in online coaching, who can work independently as a freelancer, also and above all at a distance (from home, travelling…). All you need is a PC and an Internet connection.

The Digital Coach supports small and medium-sized companies and freelancers in order to pass on to them the know-how they need to grow in the digital world and make them increasingly independent and/or expert in the subject.

The figure of the professional business coach is increasingly in demand and this is the course that will give you the competitive edge to make a difference in the digital field.


In line with the Digital Coach® (school) imprinting, the Digital Coaching Certification Course stands out for its completely innovative approach in the digital field. The figure of the online coach is very rare in Italy and destined to become increasingly in demand. If the consultant, as we are used to understanding him, realises something for a company, the professional Digital Coach teaches the company to become autonomous in the digital field. A challenge that is not for everyone. An extremely comprehensive and practical training.


  • 339 lesson hours
  • 29 modules on digital disciplines
  • coaching sessions to define your Digital Strategy and create your personal website/blog
  • 1 year real practice to choose from one of 8 areas


  • Online – On Demand mode of attendance
  • Online video recordings and slides from the day after the lesson
  • 5 dates during the year for the final examination
  • Issuing of Certificate of Competence
  • Placement Service

With the Digital Coaching Certification Course you can:

  • Innovate your client’s reality
  • Digitise your client’s reality
  • Know the most important digital tools and instruments to use for your work as a Digital Coach
  • Plan a performing Digital Strategy for your client
  • Carry out 12 months of real vertical internship (in the same area you have chosen) to refine your skills
  • Become a Digital Coach to assist and support small and medium-sized companies in their innovation and digitisation process
  • Bringing a digital approach to your client’s business to increase productivity and brand awareness
  • Inclusion in the Digital Jobs portal to promote your business among Professionals and Companies

With the Digital Coaching Certification Course you can:

  • Innovating the company
  • Digitalising the company
  • Knowing the most important digital tools and instruments to be used immediately within the company
  • Plan a corporate Digital Strategy
  • Carry out 12 months of real vertical internship (in the same area you have chosen) to hone your skills
  • Bringing a digital approach to your company to increase productivity and brand awareness
  • Inclusion in the Digital Jobs portal to promote your business among Professionals and Companies

With the Digital Coaching Certification Course you will be able to:

  • Get to know the most important digital tools and instruments that you can use immediately within your company
  • Compare yourself with the Digital Coach and better understand the digital strategies identified by the latter
  • Plan and/or verify the company’s Digital Strategy undertaken by the Digital Coach and your internal digital resources
  • Carry out 12 months of real vertical internship (in the same area you have chosen) to refine your skills
  • Bring your digital approach to your company to increase productivity and brand awareness
  • Inclusion in the Digital Jobs portal to promote your activity among Professionals and Companies and identify the Digital
  • Coach profile best suited to your business context from whom you can request support and internal company training


The Digital Coach, the specialist who passes on knowledge of Digital Marketing

With the Course you will learn how to

  • use and manage digital tools
  • define and orient business with a view to increasing productivity;
  • integrate digital marketing tools and instruments with the world of communication and traditional marketing;
  • gradually transfer the necessary knowledge to your customers;





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Work when you want

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Work and live wherever you want

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Set up your own business without capital investment

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Sell your time, not impossible projects or results!

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Trained to reach the highest professional standards in Digital

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Set up your own business: initially even part time

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Join an extraordinary TEAM of professional Digital Coaches with whom you can grow, collaborate and exchange opportunities.



“I attended the Digital Coaching Certification, a really comprehensive master course, it covers all the subjects of digital marketing but in a much more in-depth way, giving you an extra edge to make a difference in the market. In particular, the Work Experience was the trump card: it gave me the opportunity to ‘get my hands dirty’ learning from the best professionals in the industry.”

M.R. (Former Digital Coach Student)

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Lessons supported by practical tests with live corrections + homework with video corrections.

Strategies and best practices immediately applicable in the company in the role of coach.

Questions and interaction with lecturers during the live lesson and after the lesson in dedicated groups.

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Practical-Operational approach with strong orientation to business, turnover in the perspective of coaching.

Use of tools and software such as Google tools, Facebook, WordPress, etc.

Professional lecturers and contributions, for direct learning from digital experts.


In detail, all disciplines in the syllabus

Web area modules


DIGITAL STRATEGY online & offline integration: overview of all the main online marketing channels, peculiarities and differences between them. From SEO to email marketing, through social media to mobile, we will try to understand what criteria should guide us in choosing the optimal mix for different types of companies and businesses. We will then discover the integration strategies of the channels aimed at maximising the contribution of each of them in the cycle that starts with the generation of traffic and must lead to conversion into sales, also considering offline aspects.


WEB ANALYTICS BASIC: we will teach how to use software, primarily Google Analytics, useful for acquiring business intelligence information on the needs, behaviour, tastes and preferences of the target audience. The collection and interpretation of data will then be used to implement consequent web marketing actions, the results of which will again be measured and interpreted for further changes in communication strategy. Other tools will include A/B testing tools, heat maps, webmaster tools and more.


SEM & DISPLAY ADVERTISING, converting the traffic generated on the linked site: this module will teach how to use various PPC (Pay Per Click) type tools with which to implement targeted strategies in terms of location, days, times as well as interests, age and gender of the users. These include Google Ads and its Keyword advertising and Display Advertising (banner) functions.


E-MAIL MARKETING: DEM (Direct Email marketing) is a historically outdated tool but still extremely effective in stimulating actions that often lead to online sales. We will look at all the technological, communicative and copywriting expedients in order to clearly improve the performance of this tool.


SEO (Search Engine Optimisation): activities aimed at optimising positioning on search engines in order to generate traffic from users interested in the products and services of the company you are supporting. SEO is a historical discipline that has undergone, and continues to undergo, radical changes in recent years, configuring itself as the most holistic of web marketing disciplines.


MOBILE MARKETING: we will discover how Smartphones and Tablets are now the main tools for reaching audiences and creating integrated strategies with other media. We will understand how to design Mobile Apps, mobile advertising campaigns, SMS marketing, mobile Couponing.


INBOUND MARKETING & LEAD GENERATION: through this emerging discipline we will define the sequence of optimal actions (Funnels) to be taken by website visitors in order to maximise the likelihood that they will convert into customers. We will understand how to attribute to each medium (Seo, Sem, Email, social…) the correct role in the right phase of the conversion process.


E-COMMERCE STRATEGIES & MANAGEMENT: we will define the critical success factors of an online sales project, analysing for each of them the Best Practices that produce the best results. We will discuss online strategy, online sales channels, and technological choices, although offline topics such as range choices, warehouse management (Drop Shipment), customer service and organisational set-up will not be missing.


WEBSITE CREATION & WORDPRESS: the website is the starting and finishing point of every web marketing action and as such it is a dynamic tool that must be improved and modified on a daily basis and it is particularly important that companies can do this independently. In this module we will teach you how to build it using WordPress, the CMS that allows you to create and manage websites without the need for programming and design skills.


LOCATION BASED MARKETING: the development of technologies and the mobile world now make it possible to carry out marketing actions based on the geographical location of potential customers, enabling them to reach them in the right place and at the right time, which is useful for optimising advertising expenditure. We will discover in this module the ways and software to do this.


AFFILIATE MARKETING: New business activity traditionally carried out through agents and sales networks in the traditional offline world is increasingly finding a counterpart online in affiliate marketing. We will learn about its principles, intermediaries and software to create, manage and remunerate the online sales force.

E-commerce/Web Advanced modules


E-COMMERCE SOFTWARE & MAGENTO: we will analyse the pros and cons of the different ways of choosing E-commerce platforms, assessing the risks and opportunities of each: from the use of proprietary solutions to the choice of open source CMS (Content Management System) software. We will show why we favour the choice of Open Source solutions and in particular the Magento CMS. We will create online stores using Magento itself and teach how to use its main functionalities: from product catalogue creation to product card enrichment, from marketing & sales functionalities to order and warehouse management.


USER EXPERIENCE: You will learn how to design the intangible, how to create an effective strategy to improve the user experience on a website across the board. You will understand the difference between UX and UI because to be truly useful to users visiting a site, graphics are not enough: the interface is not the solution. We will explain what the user experience is, which elements are important for a successful project: website usability, content strategy, visual design, information architecture, user research, graphic interaction and many others, as well as the tools that are indispensable for the maximum effectiveness of the user experience.


SEM ADVANCED + Programmatic & real time bidding: we will understand how the emerging technologies of Programmatic Buying and Real Time Bidding are giving a new direction to the SEM sector and we will understand the logic on which these technologies are based. We will also delve into the opportunities of Retargeting/Remarketing technologies and try out the tools made available by the main players in the sector.


WEB ANALYTICS ADVANCED: The ever-increasing availability of information in the world of digital marketing requires the ability to know how to use easily integrated tools Universal Analytics from Google. In this module, we will learn how to integrate mobile and desktop data with data from social media and social analytics. However, we will also discover and use A/B testing and eye tracking tools useful for improving our understanding of the preferences, habits, and interests of our potential customers.


SEO ADVANCED: we will present the latest updates in search engine algorithms (Google Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird and others) that bring about significant changes for SEO specialists. In particular, the increasing need for integration between this discipline and the issues of content marketing, social media, and semantics in order to climb the SERPs. We will also propose some advanced tools.

Social Media Modules


FACEBOOK COMMUNITY MARKETING: the creation and management of Facebook Pages from daily management of the editorial calendar to the rules of engagement and moderation of the community, passing through social care and crisis management. There will also be an analysis of the elements for measuring results through Analytics.


DIGITAL PR: we will discover the players with whom to do public relations online and how to interact effectively with them, using the tools that help make our lives easier. How to work profitably with bloggers, online publishers, influencers, social stars.


FACEBOOK ADVERTISING: we will set up advertising campaigns with all the tools Facebook provides to reach millions of potential customers in a targeted manner based on gender, age, domicile and interests. From Facebook advertising to content sponsoring, from Offers to Facebook remarketing and then analysing the results with Facebook Insights.


YOUTUBE & ONLINE VIDEO MARKETING: we will find out how even a small company can set up a video marketing and video advertising strategy and reach the right audience even with a limited budget. We will learn how to create a YouTube channel, create the right video content, advertise with Ads for videos and monitor the results with Youtube analytics.


LINKEDIN MARKETING: we will discover the advertising, lead generation and social selling opportunities offered by the professional Network that now counts more than 6 million users in Italy. From the creation, management and moderation of company pages to the community management of Linkedin groups and the possibility of creating advertising campaigns. References will be both personal and corporate.

WORDPRESS FOR BLOGGING & SEO COPYWRITING: we will make you understand why the Blog is the centre of the best social media marketing strategies as well as the first content marketing channel to be considered for targeting users. We will discover how to use WordPress and the main plugins to make yourself autonomous in the management of a blog and to write content that is optimised for search engines.


INSTAGRAM & INFLUENCER MARKETING: we will try to understand what peculiarities have allowed Instagram to become the social network that has grown the most in the last year. We will discover how some brands are making original and effective use of the immediacy of visual content and how it is one of the main tools for Influencer Marketing.


TWITTER AND NEW SOCIAL MEDIA (Telegram, Whatsapp and Messenger): in this final module we will explore the growth and application potential of Twitter and other emerging social media, trying them out live. We will learn, depending on the company we have to support, how to find the niche social media that can best enable it to reach its audience.


CONTENT MARKETING & BLOGGING: we will learn how to produce content capable of attracting, engaging and giving answers to potential customers. We will discover how to enhance them through a corporate blog, maximise their distribution through social media. We will learn how to use useful tools to facilitate content creation (CMS, visual content tools, video content, infographics, image processing) and automate social media posting.


PERSONAL BRANDING & PROFESSIONAL SUCCESS: we will start by defining our professional positioning and then take the first steps, as always helped by the right tools, aimed at increasing our personal visibility both on search engines and social media. We will define a personalised action plan for each participant in order to turn our career around and realise our professional dreams!


DIGITAL STORYTELLING: with the Digital Storytelling Course you will learn what digital storytelling is and how to do it, what are the characteristics of a successful corporate communication and, through the definition of Brand Identity, you will understand how brands tie their customers to a story and not directly to a product or service.


WEB REPUTATION & SOCIAL MEDIA MONITORING: various software and tools are now able to read the conversations that take place online and on social media and return data that can allow you to evaluate opinions and perceptions in relation to a brand, a product, a campaign. We will discover what they are, how and when to use them to improve our web reputation.

Real practice – Work Experience








The Work Experience is the flagship of the Digital-Coach training experience.

4 months of vertical operational practice, for each of the three work experiences envisaged, in one of the 12 teams under the supervision of established professionals in the sector, will offer the student the opportunity to measure themselves against real Digital Marketing cases and test the lessons learnt during the Certification in the field.

The work experience is a unique opportunity to enhance your operational skills in digital marketing. Discover all the Digital Coach wex teams!

To whom the Work Experience is addressed:

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Young graduates
eager to specialise in one of the most in-demand digital professions, thanks to a credible certification.

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who wish to update themselves on the new digital professions in order to innovate their company and internalise their skills.

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who want to specialise in digital and focus on the web for their future.

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who wish to acquire web and social skills to make a real leap forward within the company they work for.

The Work Experience TEAMS:



Become a Content Marketing Manager!



Become a Visual & UX Specialist!



Become an Inbound Marketing Specialist!



Become a Web Analytics Specialist!



Become a Social Media Specialist!



Become a Seo Copy Specialist!



Become a Seo Manager!



Become a Digital Pr Specialist!



Become an E-Commerce Specialist!



Become a Social Advertising Specialist!



Become an expert of Marketing Automation!



Become a Video Marketing Specialist!


  • Final exam with grade: passing by minimum score 70/100

  • Subsequent possibility to also take our other certification exams on digital professions

  • 6 sessions per year available to take or retake the exam

  • Certification of profit (final grade)




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