A Day to Change Your Life through Digital Professions and Work Online 

(all ages, from any educational and professional background and wherever you want to live)

All you need is a Smartphone and a few hours to make a break with the past and start your new life in the digital world thanks to a unifying experience:

Inspiration + Effective strategies +
Support teams + Operational methods!


How to CHANGE YOUR LIFE with the professional opportunities of the New Digital Professions and the lifestyle you can access once you WORK ONLINE from wherever you want!


If you have tried everything but have been unable to find or change jobs for a long time


If you are a young person who, after many years of studies, is unable to enter the world of work.


If the salary you have received so far does not satisfy you


if you are tired of making sacrifices for a job that does not reward and value you


if you are no longer willing to accept the work you have done in the past


if you no longer want to remain in precarious employment or if you are not working at the moment


if you are no longer willing to be under-valued, under-paid


if professional instability does not allow you to peacefully buy a house, live in a relationship, start a family, plan your future


If all this makes you disappointed, dissatisfied, angry, insecure, uncertain about your future.


On this page we will introduce you to the opportunity to take the first, but decisive step towards changing your professional life and consequently making a quantum leap in your personal life.

Thanks to the opportunities of the world of new digital professions and the possibility of working online from home or wherever you prefer:

  • We will show you the way to a successful professional future in an area of enormous growth and development
  • We will explain how you can join the circle of professionals who make a career much faster than in traditional offline jobs
  • We will show you how you can finally achieve the economic stability and level of earnings you deserve
  • We’ll explain how, in addition to the classic option of being an employee in a company, you can access the great opportunity of working online from wherever you want, either as an employee granted smart working or, if you prefer, setting up your own business as a digital freelancer, i.e. as a self-employed online worker.

Can you imagine the price you would pay in the years to come if you did not act now to change your professional situation and improve your life?

What would it mean for you to remain where you are now for many more years?

If you could step into your future two years from now and notice that your job situation has not changed, how would you feel?


What most people do when they find themselves in a professional situation that does not satisfy them, is to remain in a stalemate at the mercy of fear of change, fear of making a mistake or of failing.

We all fear the price to be paid for any wrong choices, especially if they are alternative choices to what everyone else is doing.

But have you ever thought about the price you are paying? To salaries not earned, raises not obtained and careers not developed

So we enrol in universities that do not actually guarantee a job, or we go into socially desirable careers that our relatives or friends and acquaintances have done, but in which we have little or no interest.

Or we settle for public subsidies such as citizenship income, Naspi, emergency income, unemployment, the redundancy fund.

But in reality this does not work
and I will explain why:


inactivity could compromise your professional curriculum and in some cases even your mental health.


the sector you are in could be even worse


Following a career path that is not in line with your aptitudes, passions and goals will make you dissatisfied in the long run.


cepting jobs with low professional status could undermine your self-confidence and the image others will have of you.


university studies in most cases do not provide access to equivalent professional outlets


public subsidies do not last forever, plus they may weaken your character forever

And what happens if you do nothing? 

…or if you just keep doing what you’ve always done?

You could miss your chance to enter the world of the professional tsunami generated by online digital professions and careers at the best possible time

As at Digital Coach we have, since 2012, already helped more than 8,000 people change the course of their professional lives and become professionals, but above all individuals who are fully satisfied with themselves, their careers, their earnings and their lifestyle

You have to know that, back in 2012, young and not-so-young people approached us who, as a result of the financial crisis of 2009-2013, had lost their jobs (people over 30-40) or were even unable to find a job (people under 30).

While it is true that many sectors had already found themselves in difficulty during that crisis (banks, financial companies, real estate, cars, transport, events, tourism, fashion, and many others), we glimpsed a happy island on the horizon, the promised land where we wanted to lead our lives and those of our fellow travellers, our students.

For years we had been talking about the Internet and the Web and had only rarely begun to mention the word Digital, the word Social.

But a decade later, in 2012, conditions were beginning to be different, and we believed that this time the Digital Revolution would change the economy, companies, the world of work and even the lifestyle of many of us.

Already in those years we saw the world of Digital professions, the opportunity to be able to work online, and turned it into the formula behind the success of all the members of our student community.

Here we started training the first Digital marketing specialists, the first Social Media managers, SEO specialists, the first Digital Freelancers… and many other professionals that we knew companies would need in the years to come.

Unfortunately, however, this was not enough! The training was not enough for those studying web marketing to get them into web marketing jobs.

That’s why between 2013 and 2014 we started a series of experiments with our first students on learning methods, alternative placement strategies, operational tools, networking techniques and personal marketing actions, the most effective of which have become the pillars of the DIGITAL COACH® METHOD, the only one capable of guaranteeing those who follow it with discipline to achieve professional results never achieved in their lives in less than 1 year.

And we have won the bet!
Our students have won the bet with us!

Over 8,000 of our former students have each found their ideal path in digital. Many have found digital jobs in companies/web agencies. Others have preferred to become Digital Freelancers and work as self-employed. Still others have created an online business. Everyone has designed and found their own path with us.

It has worked for thousands of our students,
it will work for you too.
You just have to give yourself the chance to try it.

Now it’s your turn!

All you need is a small contribution,
a few hours of your time and,
guided by one of our Digital Career Coaches, you can:

  • Understand once and for all if you too can succeed in acquiring the digital skills needed to work online
  • Understand which digital profession, among the more than 30 options available, is most in line with your talents, motivations and strengths
  • Understand the mistakes you used to make in your job search and replace them with job search best practices that hardly anyone knows and applies
  • Regain enthusiasm, optimism, confidence in yourself and your chances to succeed professionally
  • Define a new vocational retraining and repositioning strategy in the online job market, thanks to which you can attract job opportunities without sending a CV
  • Dispel any doubts about the validity or otherwise of investing your next 10-20-30 years in the Online world
  • Understand if Digital Coach and its working method can be your ideal partner to successfully enter the online world of work
  • Experience for yourself the HUGE differences between an experience with a DIGITAL COACH and attending a course of one of the many online influencers or a Master’s course of one of the many universities and business schools that today offer courses in the digital field but do not have a practical working method for learning a trade, they do not offer real internship opportunities in companies, they do not have a methodology and job placement offers, they do not offer job services, they do not have relationships with digital companies and career counsellors specialised and dedicated to guiding you in turning your professional life around thanks to digital professions and the possibility of working online.

Below is the calendar:


What they are, what they do, and why they can change your life at any age through exciting work with earnings from €2,000 to €8,000 per month, even working online from home either as a freelancer or employee.


The foolproof ‘method’, tested on more than 8,000 cases, for finding your dream job and launching your dream career. What mistakes have you made so far (like 95% of people) when trying to change your job and change your professional life, and what do you need to do from now on to make it happen?


At the end of The Challenge, you will be provided with a Diagnostic Test, “Digital Gap Analysis” useful to give you the final Challenge response
Can you too succeed in starting a successful career in the world of Digital Professions ?
Can you too succeed in turning your quality of life around thanks to online job opportunities?
YES or NO?

And if YES, what mistakes do you need to correct and what do you need to do to succeed?



The answers and results of the diagnostic will be analysed by one of our Digital Consultants, with whom you will have already scheduled your 1-hour video interview to make the final diagnosis and give you the ‘cure’, i.e. a customised action plan to get you out of your current professional difficulties and lead you towards your new professional life in the online world!

Time to decide!

You have a choice to make: do what you have always done (or worse, do nothing at all). You already know where it will take you.

A job that does not represent you, that is unstable, that you do not like, that you are not satisfied with, that does not remunerate you according to your merits, perhaps in a company you do not like, with colleagues who are not ideal and in a city that you may feel is cramped.
Is that what you want?

Here’s what you need to do NOW!
Join the Digital Jobs Challenge today, the day that will change your professional destiny!



(they let us train their staff, they ask us for profiles and information on our students and former students,
they attend our Career Days to interview our students, they participate in our Research)