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courses-to-become-trainersIf you ask yourself which are the best courses to become a digital marketing trainer, you have to take into consideration many factors including the quality of the courses and the training of those who have to train you (pun strongly intended).

On this page, we will understand how to become a trainer in schools, how to become a teacher in training courses and give you the right directions for identifying courses to become digital marketing trainers.

Searching on the Internet, you may have come across some professional trainers’ associations or the master trainer training course by training or some other very generic course of study and sites on how to become a safety trainer.

Especially if you would like to make a profession out of it, you have to consider that trainers in security, speaking and many other areas face a very saturated and sometimes obsolete market. Communication today is increasingly digital, security is also changing shape, and for this very reason a digital and certified training might be more productive.

How to become an accredited digital marketingtrainer?
The digital trainer in today’s future.

Training has always required training, and this means that courses to become a digital marketing trainer must be of the highest level and held by a highly experienced school with competent and prepared teachers such as Digital Coach® in Milan.

Become a complete trainer by training in digital!

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Find out how to become a trainer in schools or how to become a teacher in training courses.

Among our digital marketing courses, the most complete and suitable for becoming an accredited trainer is certainly the digital coaching certification, which provides 280 hours of training, divided into 29 training modules:

  • 10 disciplines from the Web Marketing area
  • 5 disciplines in the E-Commerce area
  • 14 disciplines from the Social Media area

30 specialised lecturers will teach you everything you need for an in-depth understanding of digital strategies, communication channels and you will be guided through the use of powerful tools for various digital marketing activities.

Through this course you will specialise and discover how to become proficient in disciplines such as:

  • SEO

It goes without saying that one has to prepare oneself to become a trained and competent freelance trainer in order to be able to navigate the new and fertile avenues of digital work and to transform oneself into a professional and prepared brand. This e-book can help you with this.


Company trainer: main tasks


The digital trainer’s main job is to train a team of people within the client company to apply strategies and best practices in digital communication to achieve engagement and conversion results for the company.

For example, one or more people can be instructed to create a company blog inherent to the company’s sector of competence, or staff can be taught how to design and implement an editorial plan for communication on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.).

The figure of the trainer (or coach) is increasingly in demand by companies and this means that, by putting commitment and dedication into our courses to become a trainer, you will have many opportunities to work in corporate training or find employment also thanks to our job portal in digital.

Another great and lucrative job opportunity is to run courses for individuals or companies or teach in institutes or administrations.

Company trainer: salary

In order to get an idea of how much one can earn by serving as a trainer in companies, we refer to national figures where the average salary of a trainer is around € 47,000/year or € 24/hour. These figures are about three times higher than the average salary of the whole country. The figures offered to junior trainers start at around € 32,000/year and go up to € 65,000/year for more experienced trainers.

So what are you waiting for to learn for free about our courses that can be attended either online via live streaming from anywhere in Italy or on-demand to see the lessons wherever and whenever you want.

Digital training

The world of work is constantly evolving and digital skills are increasingly becoming an added value. Whether you are an employee, a freelancer or a manager, focusing on training and developing new skills is the most profitable investment for you and your business. You could reach your goals faster and have a clearer view of your career plans. Digital Coach has developed highly qualifying training courses in the digital field supported by a learning-by-doing activity that will enable you to apply what you have learnt immediately and have recognised certifications.

The speed with which the economic environment, business models, priorities and the scale of needs and values change makes it clear how liquid society has become and how flexibility is the only key to success in order to remain solid.

Companies and workers must create strong synergies to adapt to the new business opportunities that the digital era puts before us, and performance management is a powerful tool to become a successful company.

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