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“E-commerce is a method of the buying and selling of goods and service over elettronic system such as the internet and other computer networks.”


What kind of information will you find within this mini guide?

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The main features of a successful e-commerce: products, easy to navigate product catalogs, service, logistics, technology, traffic, etc.

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Being able to communicate with your customers can make the difference in both their shopping experience and overall profit line.

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Sales management for smartphones and tablets: buying and selling methods, multiple payment options, sharing methods.


The Internet has revolutionised the idea of commerce by assuming a fundamental role in the intermediation and disintermediation
of business relationships, increasing the purchasing power of consumers.

In a competitive market where online shopping is constantly growing, there is an increasing need for a professional who knows how to manage an online business.

If you want to start your own e-commerce business, you will need training in the skills needed to set up a professional online store.

This e-book gives you a complete overview of techniques and tools to learn.

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