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There may be various reasons why someone is looking for a free e-commerce course. Perhaps you are a young person with a passion for e-commerce and are looking for an e-commerce course to give your career a boost. Or could it be that you are already an entrepreneur and want to expand your business by investing in e-commerce, or would you just like to understand how to open an online shop? The satisfaction of online shoppers is steadily growing, and getting in the right industry first could help you generate big profits. That’s why with our E-commerce Masters and E-commerce or DropShipping course, we help you to face very high competition and put the consumer at the centre of your strategies. Check out our advice below to choose the right training course for you, thus examining the shortcomings of a free e-commerce course and the merits of a paid one.

Free E-commerce course: our free resources

Why a free e-commerce course? Conducting a search for a free e-commerce course among the many online resources can be a challenge if you are not clear from the outset which information to prioritise. If the economic aspect is the most important one, we know that Masters and courses offered by schools on the web are demanding in terms of time and money and it is understandable that you want to start learning without spending, to first understand how e-shoppers behave and what the trends in e-business are, to get an initial idea and a basic grounding, and then decide to invest in economic resources and choose the most convincing one.

But the information you will read below will be useful to detail the main topics that are sufficient for e-commerce, such as the programme, the training modules up to the legislative aspect of e-commerce. If you don’t want to spend any more time documenting what it takes to open your own shop on the web, just read the content of our courses or download our free resources; there is also one on the subject.

Free E-commerce Course? Why not choose it

Providing what is sold online for free is a starting point for many digital professionals, who offer online mini-courses with a free certificate for the purpose of providing advice. You will have researched the web enough to realise that the owners of the video tutorials and mini-guides are owners of web agencies that organise free e-commerce courses. Many users who are attracted by the free training found in companies and the short duration of the courses, cannot benefit from the possibilities and potential of web tools and therefore cannot go in depth and make the knowledge their own. So a few months later, the participants who go to the company cannot put into practice and use the e-commerce strategies and tools they learned in the course, and will therefore know that they will have to turn to the same specialists they have already heard about authoritatively in the free e-commerce course they attended, because they lack the skills.

Or you have found single-day seminars in a physical location, which take up a day’s work and also cost you money for transport.

To make it easier for you, we have summarised the pros and cons of a FREE E-COMMERCE COURSE and an E-COMMERCE MASTER


Absence of a certificate

 Self-study mode

Short, incomplete, misleading

Theoretical only

E-book or video, without attendance or enrolment


 Certificate with final examination

 Opportunity to interact with lecturers

360° training in the discipline

Practical exercises

Classroom, online, on-demand modes of attendance

E-commerce Digital Coach Course: duration and attendance




E-commerce Master

  • 105 hours of lessons + 56 hours (over 4 months) of optional work experience (evening work experience 1 evening a week)
  • Live streaming or On-Demand
  • Duration: approx. 4 months + 4 optional months of work experience

E-commerce, Dropshipping and Dropselling Course

  • Duration: 8 weeks
  • Live Online and On Demand
  • With Implementation Coaching.


Online sales course Digital Coach: 4 reasons to choose it

Creating an e-commerce site for free will be easy by following our lessons: you will understand what a successful e-commerce manager needs to focus on thanks to a thorough understanding of the world of Online Retailing.

You will get to know all the useful tools for an effective process and for managing the key elements of an e-commerce, you will get to see the strengths of the major online retailers through successful e-commerce case studies. You will learn about the main online e-commerce sales channels.

For those interested in the free e-commerce course, Digital Coach offers even better alternatives: the Master and short courses. The E-Commerce Master is a complete training course, lasting about four months and covering all topics of online commerce, together with software for uploading items to be showcased.

corso e-commerce gratis wordpressBelow are the 3 main areas of the E-commerce Course:

  • E-commerce technologies: presentation, choice and installation of the software to be used as a technological platform among Magento, Prestashop and WooCommerce. At this stage, participants will already be able to put their own ecommerce site online using Magento, the software we consider to be the best solution for opening an online shop quickly and cost-effectively.
  • E-commerce strategy and management: in this part we will go into the key factors to be considered in order to set up a successful E-commerce. The advantages and disadvantages of e-commerce will be discussed and the lecturer will give the main tips for selling online. The topic of traffic acquisition channels and their impact on conversion into sales will then be introduced. We will also understand the supporting role that social media can play. In the final part, we will cover the topic of performance monitoring through Web Analytics tools and the prospects of mobile e-commerce.
  • Generating and converting traffic for e-commerce: I have finished and uploaded all products and product categories to my online commerce site, but how do I find customers? You will learn web marketing levers to acquire qualified traffic and convert it into sales, possibly recurring and even better if generated by positive referrals from other customers. Much attention is then paid to tracking tools (web analytics) that are indispensable for understanding the return on online investments, consumer preferences, the seasonality of sales, the location of buyers, and the performance of different traffic acquisition channels.

Free E-commerce course: the importance of exams and certifications

Why doesn’t a free e-commerce course certify your skills and why is it so useful to demonstrate them? The answer is simple. Because study and training are the first reference with which we distinguish ourselves professionally and which we seek from specialists in the field because it gives them credibility.

Thanks to our training offer and our program, you will be able to understand how our non-free e-commerce course comprehensively addresses both the subject of product management software and the layout for defining the best user-experience, through to the most effective channels for generating customers and online sales. At the end of your chosen study path, online or on-demand, you will be able to take the following steps and have your digital skills certified:

  • Final exam with grade. Passing the minimum score of 70/100
  • Certificate of profit (final grade) and actual attendance
  • Certification of skills acquired and tested through examination
  • 6 Sessions per year available for taking or repeating the examination
  • Subsequent possibility to also take our other certification exams on new digital professions.

Free E-commerce course, is it worth it? Choose Digital Coach instead

Our e-commerce course can offer you among its lecturers and trainers professionals such as Luca Papa, also known as one of the three Google Regional Trainers in Italy, and Digital Marketing Manager at Digital Coach.

In a free e-commerce course on the other hand, do you think it’s possible to be taught by digital experts, some of whom come from over 280 of the most important multinationals in Italy? That’s a reality with Digital Coach!

OUR SPEAKER: Diego Vicamini, view his CV.

corso e-commerce docente diego vicamini


Free E-commerce course: career opportunities

We don’t have data on the opportunities arising from attending a free program, but we can confirm that our E-commerce Course provides the preparation and certifies the e-commerce skills needed to pursue the following careers:

We invite you to ask us for the complete offer, you will see that we have proposals for all budgets and all needs.

Online sales course: guarantee formula

Our e-commerce course, like the Masters, offers the convenience of an optional guarantee formula for the quality of our training. If activated, you will be able to receive the guarantee formula that will allow you to withdraw by the beginning of the third week of class and receive a refund of the registration fee if you are not satisfied in the first 2 weeks. In order to be able to take advantage of the optional guarantee formula, we specify that a guarantee form must be issued on request, specifying the period and conditions of the right of withdrawal requested and signed by our management. This formula can be activated for enrolments with classroom or live online attendance, not for the on-demand formula. Ask our staff for the form before enrolling! So Digital Coach offers a range of benefits and professionalism that brings many advantages. Do you still think there are good reasons to sign up for a free e-commerce course?

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