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  • Looking for a free internet marketing course that allows even the less experienced to understand what SEO and SEM is?
  • Did your search for a free online internet marketing course come up with results for unemployed people or free resources to download?
  • Do you love the online market and would you like to learn tools and strategies to succeed on the web? Web training and academy courses are an essential step on this path.
  • Would you like to sign up for a free marketing course but are afraid that you need fundamental skills?
  • Have you tried free google courses but couldn’t find the motivation to finish them?

If you too were looking for free marketing courses, free internet marketing courses, web marketing lessons, web marketing pdf courses, free SEO courses, Google digital training, you are in the right article, Digital Coach is for you! Here you can find free resources to download and a level-headed alternative to the free web marketing course. If, on the other hand, you are willing to invest in your future and secure a successful professional career, discover the online Master web marketing.


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Free Web Marketing Course


How to choose the right free online internet marketing course? The program offered is one of the first parameters to be analysed in order to guide your choice. The importance of the professionalism of the lecturers and the topics covered in the individual modules should also not be underestimated.

The Web Marketing Manager Certification and the online Web Marketing Master, for example, are the solution designed both for those who do not believe in the value of free certificates of participation and for those who would like to retrain with a stable job in this sector. It is easy to see how free courses can hardly meet training expectations, and that qualified lecturers are willing to offer their professionalism without being paid. But don’t worry, with the mini-guides you can learn just as much training as in a free course.

If you still feel doubtful, rely on the digital training school with the most extensive program in Italy. Digital Coach provides you with free online mini courses with professional lecturers in the digital industry, e.g. the free self-employment online course, to learn about alternatives you can consider for setting up your own business.


Web Marketing Mini Guides


If you’re looking for a web marketing pdf course or free material because you want to find out how online communications and digital work at 360°, with our mini guides and video courses you’ll have a wide range of knowledge about web marketing strategies, the online marketing channels needed to implement them, and the main tools for increasing sales, customers and web reputation.

As a complex discipline that requires the ability to integrate different digital levers, in addition to the free course, we also recommend reading manuals, video courses and blog articles.

In our free internet marketing course you will find some free resources such as:

  • Video Tutorials: a catalogue of video tutorials designed for students and professionals who want to learn more about the most important topics of digital marketing, web and social media marketing and e-commerce. Browse through the topics and watch the video tutorial presentations.
  • Mini guides: deal with SEM (Search Engine Marketing), e-mail marketing, social media and Ecommerce. Inside the documents you will read about useful tools and best practices of the main web marketing levers.
  • E-books: with richer content, they range from descriptions of digital figures such as social professions to content marketing and web analytics.
  • Video-courses: short tips for digital start-ups, valuable tips on how to position yourself in the digital job market and more, e.g. the free SEO course.


Free Internet Marketing Course: duration and attendance


The free online internet marketing course can be structured according to your preferences, you can download static or dynamic files on any topic from the internet. How many times have you searched for video tutorials on YouTube, even for the smallest needs? So many. But it is also true that watching a video or reading a book does not make you a professional like the Master in Web Marketing.

digital-marketing-corso-gratuitoWhat if a real recognised web marketing course is the right choice? It may take financial effort, dedication, time and concentration, but your commitment to study will open the doors to many job opportunities or career advancement in web marketing.

Digital Coach offers its students the choice of attending the web marketing course either in the classroom or online or on demand, offering price ranges to suit all budgets. Are you working and busy until late? Would you like to attend but there is no free or paid web marketing course in your area? What if I can’t attend every lesson?

Don’t stress, in the digital age there are no boundaries, anything is possible! However, these are the benefits you won’t get from attending a free course:

  • Availability of video recordings of lessons from the day after the lesson
  • Access to reserved student area with teaching materials, pdfs, tests
  • Enrolment valid for 1 year
  • Possible temporary suspension of attendance and resumption in the following semester
  • Recovery of lessons missed (in direct online mode) by attending the following semester’s edition

The Digital Coach Web Marketing Course guarantees comprehensive and flexible training. Its implementation includes:

  • Duration: approximately 3 months for a total of 49 hours of lessons divided into 10 weeks
  • Evening attendance both in the classroom and live online
  • Hours: 7 p.m. to 10.30 p.m. – 2 evenings a week
  • Days: Monday and Wednesday


Internet Marketing Course: objectives and program

A non-free web marketing course aims to enable participants to define web marketing strategies, choose the most suitable online marketing channels and integrate these with each other. In addition, learn how to use the necessary software and tools to activate online campaigns and then be able to measure the results.

corso-web-marketing-online-gratisAt the end of the course, you will become independent in the use of SEO tools, SEM, email marketing, display advertising, local marketing, web analytics, and web content management. All this will be possible not only thanks to the teaching of qualified lecturers who currently work in web marketing roles in their companies or multinationals, but also to the practical operational approach of the exercises geared towards doing, rather than knowing how to do.

The program in detail is dealt with in modules, each of which delves into the following contents:

  • (Search Engine Optimisation): You will learn what website optimisation and positioning are, understood as indexing in the search engine, in order to generate traffic of users interested in your products or services.
  • SEM & DISPLAY ADVERTISING COURSE. With Google Ads, set up and measure PPC (Pay Per Click) campaigns with which to implement targeted strategies in terms of location, days, times as well as interests, age and gender of users.
  • E-MAIL MARKETING COURSE. Direct Email marketing is still an extremely effective tool in stimulating actions that often lead to online sales. We will look at software and copywriting best practices.
  • WEB ANALYTICS COURSE. We will teach how to use software, primarily Google Analytics, useful for acquiring business intelligence information on the needs, behaviour, tastes and preferences of one’s audience.
  • INBOUND MARKETING & LEAD GENERATION. You will learn what the marketing funnel is and the actions to be taken by website visitors in order to maximise the likelihood that they will convert into customers. We will understand how to give each medium (SEO, SEM, email, social…) the right role at the right stage of the conversion process.
  • WORDPRESS & WEBSITE CREATION COURSE. You will learn how to use WordPress on your own, the CMS that allows the creation and management of websites without having to have any special skills in programming or design.
  • AFFILIATE MARKETING COURSE. The intermediaries and software to create, manage and remunerate your own online sales force.
  • LOCAL MARKETING COURSE. The development of technologies and the mobile world now make it possible to carry out marketing actions based on the geographical location of our potential customers. Thanks to local marketing strategies, they can reach us at the right place and time.

Recipients of the free course in Internet Marketing


You know that a free internet marketing course will save you money, but what is your real goal? If you are looking for recognised, well-structured online training courses that will help you turn your career around, start your own business or retrain in digital, you are unlikely to achieve this by downloading video courses or reading a few articles on the web.

We recommend the web marketing course to those who already work in a company, but also to freelancers and self-employed persons who wish to update their skills or expand their services in the field of web marketing.

If you are an entrepreneur and would like to discover new customer acquisition channels and innovate your business, or if you have just entered the business world and want to learn about the potential of web marketing tools, then you are the ideal candidate to join our class.


Internet Marketing Career Opportunities


The free internet marketing course cannot, unfortunately, provide you with the preparation with a certification of skills necessary to pursue the following careers:

  • Web marketing manager
  • Seo consultatn
  • Seo specialist
  • Sem specialist
  • Web content specialist/manager
  • Traffic manager
  • Seo-sem specialist
  • Inbound marketing specialist

I invite you to read the reviews of our students who have moved up a gear in their professional life. Listen to their opinions, in a few months time you might be the one to give feedback on the great course they followed and you might be as satisfied as they were!


Internet Marketing Certifications

A free internet marketing course will probably not allow you to receive a certificate capable of proving the skills you have acquired; you will not have any title to upload on your CV with which to convey your reliability as a professional to a potential client or company.

In addition to the quality of the training programme and the importance of attending the course or master’s degree, it is important to finalise your efforts by receiving a document that certifies your skills and tests your preparation.

Digital Coach offers its students the opportunity to take an exam at the end of their training, which can be either in the classroom or online. Sessions are generally scheduled every two months, within the year of enrolment. The exam can be repeated as many times as you wish as long as your registration is valid. The certificate will be issued after passing the test with 70% of the answers correct.



To summarise, here is how you will complete the master’s course:

  • Final exam with grade. Passing with a minimum score of 70/100
  • Certification of profit (final grade) and actual attendance
  • Certification of skills acquired, tested through the final exam
  • 6 exam sessions per year available for taking or repeating the exam

Moreover, after having taken the Master’s final exam and obtained the relative certificate, it will be possible to take other exams, preparatory to obtaining the following certifications on the new digital professions

  • SEO specialist certification
  • SEM specialist certification
  • web analytics specialist certification
  • Inbound marketing specialist certification
  • traffic manager & user acquisition specialist certification
  • SEO-SEM specialist certification

With a free web marketing course, you would not receive all these benefits. Furthermore, you would not even be able to do an internship, which is possible in Digital Coach. At the end of the program, students who request it, can, in fact, practice in the field through a real WORK EXPERIENCE, which can then be included in their CV as experience.


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