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The SEO Specialist is a professional figure that is becoming increasingly important in the job market. He mainly deals with the search engine positioning of websites and web pages. He uses all the means at his disposal to get a site into the top 10 search results.
It must take into account many variables and have characteristics that set it apart.

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The Web Analytics Specialist is a professional who studies, measures and examines traceable data on the web to produce reports that help understand and improve the performance of sites, applications, campaigns and procedures on the web.
Analytical skills and a love of numbers are not the only characteristics required to perform in this profession.

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The Web Content Editor is an expert in writing and images. He or she is a creative person who writes, produces eye-catching graphic content, knows and understands how to use social channels and other digital marketing tools.
It is one of the growing professions that addresses the need, which more and more companies have, to communicate online with their audience.
But is the Web Content Editor a one-size-fits-all job? Certainly not.

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The Internet Marketing Specialist is a specialist in growing corporate business through the use of online sales-oriented marketing strategies. His knowledge of digital tools leads him to delineate target audiences, structure targeted campaigns and monitor results in real time.
His characteristics include a strong goal-oriented attitude and a propensity for technical disciplines.

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The E-commerce Specialist is a professional figure who is increasingly in demand in the digital environment. His skills range from the study to the design and implementation of online sales strategies for products and/or services.
His or her characteristics certainly include a strong propensity to achieve set goals, a sense of responsibility, sales experience and technical knowledge.
There are other aptitudes that one must have or develop in order to stand out in this profession.

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The Social Media Manager is an expert in the main social media who knows how to use and manage platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin as needed. Beware, however, the skills of the Social Media Manager go far beyond knowledge of the tools. Indeed, they manage content, outline a communication strategy, decide when and how much to communicate, with which ‘tone of voice’ and on which channel.
For this reason, his skills are diverse and well defined.

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Digital professions are definitely the most interesting job and career opportunity in the labour market of the next decade. Today there are more than 30 of them and some of them are still little known to the uninitiated.

The emergence of new media, new tools, new technologies, are contributing to the success of new professions such as the social media manager, the Seo specialist, the content marketing specialist and many others.

It does not matter if you are more inclined towards humanities or science subjects, if you are introvert or extrovert, if you love creativity or numbers. You can be sure that the digital profession made for you already exists.

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