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Would you like to attend a free Social Media Marketing course? Are you interested in considering enrolling in a course to become a Social Media Manager? Would you like to acquire new customers for your company using social networks?


If you are curious about the basics of this digital communication, I have prepared a free Social Media Marketing mini-course for you with best practices to follow and some useful resources for your future learning.


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Free Online Social Media Marketing Course

A free online Social Media Marketing Course on the face of it is an opportunity to be seized. The profession of Social Media Manager is currently one of the most in-demand profitable online jobs on the market. Many, whether students, recent graduates or unemployed, have seen this sector of the web as a way of entering or re-entering the world of work.

social-media-marketing-course-freeOn the other hand, the training world has responded by offering everything from Master Social Media Marketing to free online Social Media Marketing Courses.

However, it is important not to be misled. What sense does it make for a company to offer a free Social Media Marketing Course?

No one has yet managed to answer this question. Just make a simple comparison. Would you buy a Rolex for 300 euros?
Probably not because you would know in advance that it is not an authentic watch. You have to face reality: often of a free online Social Media Marketing course the only thing you don’t pay for is the first lesson. It is usually an introduction to the social media landscape.
And nowadays who doesn’t know what Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn are?
Choosing such a course can be a waste of time.


What are the best free Social Media Marketing courses?


Those who attend a free online social media marketing course expect to learn the skills to become a Social Media Manager. But the skills of an SMM are not learnt in a few hours of theory. On the contrary, they require a lot of preparation, dedication and above all a lot of practice. Of a social media, such as Facebook, one must learn to use all its tools on a professional level, from the simplest to the most sophisticated, such as the new Facebook Shop. For this, one must rely on professional courses and resign oneself to putting one’s hand to one’s wallet.


How to become a Social Media Marketing Manager?
Start a complete training course, with real apprenticeships


social-media-marketing-courses-freeThe skills of a Social Media Manager cannot be learnt in a few hours of theory. On the contrary, they require a lot of preparation, dedication and above all a lot of practice. Of a social media, such as Facebook, one must learn to use all its tools on a professional level, from the simplest to the most sophisticated, such as the new Facebook Shop. For this, one must rely on professional courses and resign oneself to putting one’s hand to one’s wallet.

Do you want to become a certified Social Media Manager? Then I suggest you take a look at the Social Media Marketing Course, the most suitable path to take to this profession, since it includes not only training in all the Social disciplines, but also 3 internships, i.e., 3 curriculable professional experiences in the Social Media area, which you can also carry out in the evenings.



With the Social Media Specialist course
you become a recognised professional in the sector!


How to choose a free Social Media Marketing course


Free social media manager courses provide basic training, so to get the right technical skills and embark on this career, you need to look for a paid course that is more suitable for you. Just go to the Google search engine, and you will be spoilt for choice.


How to orient yourself in this landscape? First of all, you need to know what Social Media Marketing does, so that you can choose the one that offers you the right knowledge. A word of advice: consider these four essential points

  • course content and objectives
  • duration of the course;
  • training provider;
  • cost.


You need to make a mix of these four factors to find the Social Media Marketing course that best suits your needs. Cost will be the last thing to consider. The first thing to ask yourself is what you want to get out of the course. A training, a certification or a qualification?




In a free online Social Media Manager Course, you have to evaluate the content offered. The use of tools and software such as Google, Facebook, Instagram, WordPress, etc. is essential. By the end of the course you should be able to:

  • plan, create and manage social advertising campaigns
  • devise the social strategies of the brand you work for
  • draw up an editorial plan
  • develop and manage online communities
  • produce written, image and video content appropriate to the type of company being promoted and capable of stimulating interest, interaction and sharing
  • use analytics tools to measure the results achieved
  • manage digital PR involving influencers and online publishers of reference.



Course duration

The more in-depth you want to go, the longer the course will be. And this is another piece of advice: be wary of training course proposals that last a weekend. Two days of lessons do not make you a Social Media Manager. On the contrary, you need time and a good balance between theory and practice.

In fact, the practical part should not be missing at all. It is by interacting directly with the social network that you acquire the skills to become an expert in the field.


Here are the courses to become a Certified Social Media Manager



How much does a Social Media Marketing Course cost? We said that free courses only offer a starting point, so to learn the skills needed to become a Social Media Manager, you will need to enrol on a paid course.

But how to evaluate the price of a course? There is no one right solution. It depends on your needs and how much you are willing to spend. Remember that the professional figure of the Social Media Manager is among the most sought-after by companies.


Taining institution

In order to be a successful Social Media Specialist, the other aspect that should not be overlooked is the choice of training institution. Schools, universities, specialised companies – which is best?

certification-social-mediaSocial Media Specialist CertificationRely on reviews. In the world of the web, information by word of mouth goes viral. The opinion of others is a great way to assess whether you are addressing the right person.

Also consider lecturers: find out who will be asked to teach you, check their LinkedIn profile or look for a CV online. In short, make sure they are experts in the field. Finally, consider the location of the institution or school you choose. Without taking anything away from all the cities in Italy, the best offers are in Rome and Milan for a very simple reason. It is in these metropolises that the meeting of job supply and demand takes place.

Discover the potential of training in Digital Marketing


Digital Coach’s Social Media Marketing courses

Are you finally convinced to look for something more comprehensive than a free Social Media Marketing course? Then you are ready to evaluate the Digital Coach® offer. You can choose from several Digital Marketing courses:

  • Course in Facebook Marketing
  • Master in Social Media Marketing
  • Web Marketing and Social Media courses
  • Community Manager – Social Media Specialist certification
  • Digital PR Specialist certification

Or, you can find the right course for your needs among the single-subject short courses on Social Media Marketing.


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