Full-Time Courses

What they are, types and how to choose the right one

Is a full-time course right for you? If this is your question and you want to understand the different types of courses in the digital field, you have come to the right page. In this article we will see what is meant by full-time courses, what are the learning programs and above all we will analyze which are the most accredited courses that allow you to have professional training to find a job in the digital sector.

With Digital coach you have a wide choice of courses depending on your needs and the time available to you, you can choose from the complete masters with all the disciplines related to digital marketing to the courses with certification in a single discipline.
But first of all let’s see together what the full-time course is.

What does full time course mean?

A full-time course is a course of improvement that allows you to concentrate the learning of a specialization in a limited period of time and requires a full-time commitment for its entire duration.
It is usually perceived as a solution mainly suited to those who have just graduated or those who are not tied down by a job and are therefore free to attend classes throughout the day.
In fact, the courses of this type of course are usually held during working hours, from Monday to Friday following office hours, precisely to concentrate learning as much as possible.

It contrasts with other types of courses, such as part-time, weekend or executive courses which are instead designed for people who work and can spend less time studying and attending classes.
The catchment area for courses can be very varied:

  • those who want to enter the world of work by acquiring more specific knowledge and putting it into practice in the field;
  • those who already work, but want to change sector;
  • those who work and want to keep up to date or become more competitive in their own reality.

A characteristic of the majority of full-time courses is their strictly geolocated essence.
Since it is necessary to attend the lessons, it is obvious that very often people who are not residents of the big cities are cut off unless they decide to relocate, thus increasing the total cost of the course.

Digital Coach with its courses and full time certifications has found the solution. Let’s see together what characterizes and makes the Digital Coach full-time courses accessible to all.



Difference between full-time and part-time course

The difference between full time and part time courses is highlighted above all on the time spent studying, or rather the time spent in the classroom to be precise.
It is clear that if you are a working person, you do not have the time to attend a full-time course with daily attendance obligation. Your attention is therefore directed to the search for those courses that give you the possibility of reconciling work with study

The offer of part-time courses is very wide, and very often they are short-term courses. But in Digital Coach it is different. Part-time courses are nothing more than full-time courses with particular characteristics that allow you to have flexible training with study times spread over more or less long time according to your needs.

You choose the type of course or specialization you want to take and based on the training proposal, you decide the study plan and the time to dedicate to it. This does not mean that you will have less or slower learning, the way you spend and organize your time in study is simply different.
From my point of view, perhaps because I’ve personally experienced it, the full-time online course allows you to work during the day and spend the evening hours studying and attending the course which can be in the classroom or remotely from home.

Before going to see what are the full-time course proposals offered by Digital Coach, I suggest you read what the new digital professions are.

How a full-time course works

The training cycle is divided into training modules that you can follow by choosing:

  • streaming attendance, following directly from your computer, during daytime or evening class times
  • video lessons on demand, to follow whenever you want.

Like all Digital Coach study paths, full-time courses allow you to obtain a certification after a final exam to demonstrate profit, effective attendance and acquired skills.

How long does a full-time course last?

The specific duration of a full-time course depends on the type of educational path chosen. The proposals are based on training modules in hours.

Generally the complete course varies from 3 to 6 months, but it all depends on the commitment and availability of time you decide to use.

Full time Course with internship

What does it mean to do an internship during a course? The internship helps you put the knowledge acquired during the training into practice.

But what happens when you finish the course and get the certification and you try to enter the world of work? You will notice that the majority of companies are always looking for experienced professionals. Here, in this case Digital Coach comes to meet you with the internship, called work experience.

This internship gives you the opportunity to work for a company followed by a coach who will give you all the advice to make the most of this opportunity.At the end of the training course you will have become familiar with the most used tools in the digital world and you will find yourself with a large amount of work actually performed and which you can include in your curriculum to demonstrate your experience.

Digital Profession Test

Furthermore, if you are under 30 Digital Coach has an exceptional offer for you, a full-time course with guaranteed internship.

The course program guarantees you a training course with real practice in the web marketing, social media or e-commerce areas and in the best Italian companies such as Amazon, Sisal, Accenture.

A full-time course is an investment in the future

Are you wondering if enrolling in a full-time course is a good investment? In a working world as saturated and competitive as the one we live in, we increasingly feel the need to find that added value, that know-how that can distinguish us from competitors and be more attractive in the eyes of a potential employer.

Precisely for this reason, the decision to undertake a full-time course is always an excellent choice, because whatever one’s goal is, it is essential to invest in oneself in order to develop knowledge and be able to put it into practice in a real context.

With Digital Coach your investment is assured because in addition to the theoretical and practical training of the various disciplines studied, it allows you to combine a concrete experience in the world of work through work experiences.

How to choose the right full-time course for you?

In the digital world there are many professions and how do you orient yourself in this panorama and choose the right full-time master’s degree for you? To understand what your aptitudes are and which professions you are closest to, here is the test to complete.

Are you ready to emerge?

Digital Coach full-time Courses

Digital Coach’s proposals for full-time course are many and different from each other. They are designed both as post-graduate training and as training and specialization courses for company employees, entrepreneurs and self-employed workers.

Each course is divided into modules with disciplines which, depending on the specialization, are deepened with the practical use of tools and software.

All Digital Coach teachers are professionals who work in the web environment.


If you still have doubts, you could make an appointment with one of our career consultants who will be happy to help you and clarify all your doubts.

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