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How to apply for jobs in digital marketing without experience? If you have not yet had a chance to show your skills in a company, now is the time to get a certificate from the web. Acquiring skills online is possible thanks to Google. Attending Google training courses allows you to acquire the appropriate knowledge to obtain one of the most accredited certificates in digital marketing. These are real Google marketing courses.


A Google certification, excellence in digital, is a plus for one’s CV and, consequently, a big boost in professional positioning.
There is no prior knowledge one needs to have in order to attend these courses, which are aimed at:

  • Anyone who wants to implement their knowledge, or retrain professionally in digital
  • Entrepreneurs and companies who need to acquire new digital skills
  • Young people wishing to enter a digital profession

How many times have you thought about certifying your digital skills, without finding a course to help you prepare? We will try to provide you with the elements to choose one that suits your needs.

We will see together:

  1. Which Google training courses can you take?
  2. Which Google certifications can be obtained?
  3. Useful information on how to take the exams.

1. Which Google training courses are available?

In addition to the free resources made available to users by Google itself, it is possible to prepare for the Google Ads and Analytics IQ certification exams by choosing a digital marketing school. In the training offer of Digital Coach, a leading digital marketing school, there are Google training courses, which make it possible to best prepare for passing the certification exam. The teaching approach is practical and business-oriented, and a lot of space is given to operational application on tools and software, with guided exercises during the course of the lessons, and advanced exercises to be carried out later.

Lessons are held by top digital professionals and can be followed in various ways: in the classroom in Milan, or from home via live streaming; you can freely choose between a daytime or evening formula, depending on your needs. In this way, it is possible to have a customised training plan, offering all the digital skills necessary to obtain Google certification. In addition, at the end of the course, students will have as study support the video recordings of the lessons, to be watched on demand, and the teaching materials issued by the teachers. As a further support in their learning path, it will be possible to discuss with teachers in the classroom, but also online, via the Linkedin group reserved for Digital Coach students and teachers.

Let’s take a look at the Google exam preparation courses offered by Digital Coach:

  1. Web Analytics basic and advanced
  2. SEM basic and advanced
  3. Basic and advanced SEO
  4. Location Based Marketing
  5. Google Marketing
  6. Google Certified Courses: a set of Google training courses, compiled into a comprehensive training plan.


1.Web Analytics basic and advanced

Studying web analysis allows you to learn a method for collecting, analysing and monitoring data relating to your online business, in order to find the most appropriate strategies for your marketing goals.
In the basic course, you will acquire preliminary skills and get hands-on experience with the most widely used tool in this discipline, namely Google Analytics. While with the advanced module, you will go deeper into the subject, with the study of advanced functionalities and integration with other tools related to this discipline. Finally, you will be taught how to set up reports and create audience lists for remarketing. By taking both courses, you will be better prepared to pass the Google Analytics IQ certification exam (still down).Google Training Courses- Google Analytics


What is Google Analytics?

  • It is a free analysis tool, which, by means of a tracking code inserted into your site, allows you to collect important information on the behaviour of your users/customers while browsing our website.
  • Through it, you can collect data, make reports, monitor and optimise your online business.

Basic Web analytics

  • Overview of Digital Analytics: What is it? What is it for?
  • You will create a Google Analytics account and can immediately link it to your or your company’s website by implementing the tracking code
  • You will get to know the preliminary functionalities of this tool
    Set your goals
  • Study Google Analytics metrics

Advanced Web analytics

  • You will discover the advanced functionalities of Google Analytics
  • You will know how to customise your dashboard and filters to obtain the most useful data, tailored to your business objectives
  • You will perform monitoring activities and read reports
  • Learn how to integrate data from other digital analysis tools into Google Analytics
  • Set up customised rules and metrics for your reports
  • Create audience lists for remarketing
  • Use Google Tag Manager
  • Experiment with A/B tests
  • Learn about Google Analytics cookies and multi channel funnels

2. Basic and advanced SEM

SEM, an acronym for Search Engine Marketing, is that set of actions to convert search engine traffic into customers. Its conversion power lies in the fact that it makes visible to qualified traffic, i.e. the right target users, exactly the products or services they need, in the right place, at the right time.
The SEM course by Digital Coach involves teaching the strategies to be implemented in Google Ads and Display Advertising campaigns, from their creation to the monitoring and optimisation of the results obtained.
The basic module offers an overview of this discipline and introduces the Google Ads tool. Afterwards, one has the opportunity to go deeper into the subject, discovering the advanced functionalities, with the SEM advanced module. The preparation obtained by following both courses allows you to profitably tackle the Google Ads certification exams, thanks to the practical operational approach that characterises each Digital Coach training module.

What is Google Ads?

  • It is a technological platform that manages Google marketing campaigns
  • Allows you to generate new customers
  • Demonstrates the results generated by giving an accurate picture (who lands on my site, how do they behave?)
  • It offers return information useful for business decisions (I have tangible information immediately)


Basic SEM course

    • You will be given an overview of the subject and the Google Ads tool
    • You will create your own Google Ads account that you can work on right away.
    • You will be introduced to Pay Per Click advertising
    • Learn how to search for the right keywords for your ads
    • You will analyse keyphrases in PPC and learn how to develop themgoogle-ads-logo

Advanced SEM course

  • You will delve into all the advanced features
  • You will learn how to target and segment your audience
  • You will discover the advanced ways of PPC marketing
  • You will be given the tools to start an advanced campaign
  • You will learn about all the main campaign extensions
  • You will analyse keywords to use in ads
  • You will know all the best practices for ad writing
  • You will carry out remarketing operations
  • Select metrics for your marketing objectives
  • Learn how to create ads for both the search and display networks

Following Digital Coach’s SEM courses, together with your commitment, will enable you to learn all the skills to become a digital professional and successfully pass the Google Ads certification exam.

The Google training courses seen so far prepare you in a specialised way for the two existing Google certifications, but there are other supplementary courses that are essential for a truly complete preparation. These courses are, as previously mentioned: Basic and Advanced SEO, Location Based Marketing.


3. Basic and advanced SEO

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is the digital discipline that encompasses all those activities aimed at improving the ranking of one’s web pages on search engines.
Why SEO? Because search engines are the channel in which people use the web, 85% of traffic conversion occurs through SEO. It is a pull channel, i.e. a channel that does not push the user to buy, but instead allows him or her to make a better buying decision. In Digital Coach you will be able to deepen your knowledge and develop the appropriate skills to become a digital professional. This course will also allow you to implement your training because it is part of the Google marketing courses required to obtain certifications.

Basic SEO

  • In this module, you will learn how to rank high on search engines.
  • You will discover how to create a relevant and reliable site.
  • Approach Google’s algorithm
  • Understand how to use keywords effectively on your pages
  • Learn how to write content that is both useful to users and effective in search engines

Advanced SEO

  • In the advanced module you will delve into the algorithm, study its main updates to date
  • You will discover the advanced functions, techniques and SEO strategies best suited to your objectives
  • You will get to know all the main ranking factors and understand how to exploit them for your ranking
  • You will understand the importance of content marketing in digital


4. Location Based Marketing course


Location Based Marketing is part of the Google training courses. It is a very important area in advertisements and is closely related to SEM activities. Did you know that ‘near me‘ queries have increased exponentially in recent years? Today’s users, also thanks to the spread of mobile devices, live with the Internet: they are constantly connected. Web surfers search for information, products, or services, and want immediate answers to their needs. To meet users’ needs, Google is focusing on Micro Moments, and for a business, or company, it is important today more than ever to geolocalise, to appear at the right time, i.e. when the user’s need arises. Among Digital Coach’s Google training courses, with local marketing you will discover exactly how to make yourself visible and be the first relevant response for users.

With the Location Based Marketing course

  • You will get an overview of the full potential of Location Marketing and Based Marketing
  • You will discover the relationship between geo marketing and the current needs of users.
  • You will get to know the world of Location Based Mobile Marketing
  • You will understand how to take advantage of all the features of Google My Business, a tool that allows you to create your business profile free of charge, in order to be found by users on Google and Google Maps
  • You will be shown how to implement the potential of geolocalisation in social media

6. Certification: a set of Google training courses, compiled into a comprehensive training plan.

All of the Google training courses presented so far can be taken individually, or you can choose a training course that encompasses them all, in order to provide the most comprehensive preparation for the Google certification exams. This is the most comprehensive course of study in the digital field: the Digital Certification Program.


2. Which Google certifications can be obtained?

Here are the certificates that can be obtained through Google training courses:

  • Google Analytics IQ certification (Individual Qualification)
  • Google Ads Certification.

Google Analytics IQ Certification (Individual Qualification)

The Google Analytics Individual Qualification certifies the acquisition of all the skills linked to Analytics, the free Google tool that allows you to carry out a web analysis, i.e. an activity of study, monitoring and interpretation of the data tracked on your own website, or that of your company. The great potential of this tool is that it allows one to identify, with the integration of data, the strategies to be implemented to improve one’s online business.

Google Ads Certification

Becoming a certified Google Ads Specialist demonstrates knowledge of all the best practices of this powerful online advertising tool. Through this tool, customised advertising campaigns can be set up in order to maximise user conversion rates. With G Ads you can find the most diverse advertising solutions based on your budget, geographic area of reference, and segment your target audience in detail. Finally, you can monitor the performance of your campaigns and optimise the results. To better prepare yourself, I recommend consulting the Google Academy for Ads learning platform.


3. Useful information on how to take the exams

After following the Google training courses, all that remains is to certify your skills.
To take the exams, the first thing you have to do is register with Google Partners and create an individual account in order to take the tests for free. Then you must select the area of the exam you have chosen to take: Google Ads, or Google Analytics IQ.



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