All the techniques for monetising with Social Networks

How to make money on social media? We will answer this and other questions with our guide on how to monetize Social Networks (Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube). You don’t have to be a Top Influencer to earn money online!

Let us look at the main methods together.

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How to earn money by sponsoring products with Social

The first method to earn money with a social network is to sponsor a brand’s products or services. When asking how to earn money with Instagram (or Facebook), the most immediate answer is to be an “influencer”. To become an influencer one must:

  • Open a social profile;
  • Reaching a large pool of followers;
  • Start earning money by sharing posts.

To find out how to become an influencer, please refer to this article.

Once you have reached a good number of followers and a satisfactory engagement rate, you can get paid for each photo or story that is posted (related to a brand’s product). This sponsorship will always have to respect the guidelines of the commissioning company, such as the type of post, text, and times. So if on the one hand, the brand is looking for an influencer to advertise its product or service, on the other hand, the influencer wants to monetize the social network.

How do they get in touch with each other? The influencer can write to companies on Instagram or Facebook for collaborations or contact them by e-mail. Otherwise, it is the company that contacts the influencer. Today, more and more companies rely on digital intermediary platforms, especially if we are talking about micro-influencers and not top influencers.

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Brokerage platforms

These intermediation platforms between brands and influencers save both parties a lot of time. In order to join brand campaigns, the approval of the commissioning company is required.

A user with a good number of followers can try to join campaigns of certain brands through these platforms. The operation is as follows:

  • The company that wants to sponsor a product/service writes the campaign guidelines to be followed by the potential user-influencer;
  • The user, for his part, subscribes to the campaign that most closely matches the interests of his followers;
  • The company may or may not accept the user;
  • The user creates the post following the company’s guidelines;
  • The user earns online.

Here are the most popular platforms:

  • Coobis: content marketing platform acts as an intermediary between brand and user-influencer. One can sign up with an Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube account. The influencer will create the post requested by the brand once the proposal has been accepted (Coobis retains 30% of the earnings);
  • Blog Meets Brands: this allows the influencer-brand link and gives the influencer a lot of freedom to choose the company they prefer to sponsor.
  • Buzzoole: the influencer can choose which of several campaigns to participate in. Credits are earned that can be converted into Amazon vouchers.
  • TapInfluence: a platform to create a suitable account for one’s social profile (based on the interests of followers) to help brands in their choice of user-influencer;
  • Ifluenz: to choose from campaigns created by a variety of brands and promote your favorite ones on Instagram;
  • Friendz: one of the social earning apps that can be used with Instagram and Facebook accounts.

Promoting products is possible but remember that respecting followers comes first, always indicate the collaboration with the brand using hashtags such as #adv, #ad, #sponsored.

Becoming rich on Instagram or Facebook will remain a utopia for many, but through these platforms, it is certainly possible to earn money online.

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How to Make Money on Social Media with Affiliate Marketing

How can you earn money on Social Media through Affiliate Marketing? This method allows the sale of the sponsored product through banner ads placed on Social. An example of Affiliate Marketing (not through Social) is Amazon’s Affiliate Programme.

The influencer can do Affiliate Marketing in 2 ways:

  • Include the sponsored link (referral link) in the published post;
  • Publicize a product by prompting followers to purchase via a customized discount code.

If a potential customer willing to buy clicks on the referral link and buys the product within a certain time frame (usually 24 hours), the influencer will earn a percentage on the sale of the product. Care must be taken not to spam too much so as not to lose followers on social networks.

The key is to promote links that are as in line with the interests of your followers as possible. In the rules of some affiliate programs, there is an obligation to warn that you are earning something (but without increasing the selling price of the product!).

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How to earn money with YouTube

Monetizing videos uploaded to YouTube is possible with Google AdSense through the insertion of advertisements in the videos of one’s channel. To answer the question “How does Google Adsense work?”, please refer to the following article. Instead, let’s find out how to earn money with YouTube. There are 2 options:

  • Become a Youtube Partner;
  • Rely on a Third Party Network.

How many members are needed to earn money with YouTube? Let’s see it together.

How to become a Youtube Partner

To become a YouTube Partner you can only have one AdSense Account. Below are the steps to follow to become a YouTube Partner:

  • Log in to your YouTube Account ;
  • Click on “Creator Studio”;
  • Select “Channel” and then “Status and Functions”;
  • Click on “Activate” under “Monetisation”;
  • Getting the review from YouTube;

become a youtube partner

The review is triggered automatically if the channel reaches the YouTube Partner Programme threshold (1,000 subscribers and 4,000 viewing hours). YouTube’s automated systems and reviewers will examine the channel’s content for compliance with Community and Copyright Rules. If the monetization request is accepted, there are 5 ways to earn money with YouTube Partners:

  • Advertising revenue: to earn through display, video, and overlay ads;
  • Channel subscriptions: to earn from the monthly payments of channel subscribers that are disbursed for special benefits;
  • Merchandising shelf: to sell brand-related merchandising items;
  • Superchat: to earn money from fans who pay to have their messages highlighted in chat streams;
  • Revenue from YouTube Premium: to receive a share of the subscription fee of the user who subscribes to YouTube Premium and who views content on the channel.

The owner of the YouTube Partner channel can decide on the type of ad, it is advisable to accept all types to maximize revenue. Youtubers are rewarded per CPM (Cost per Thousand Impressions).

Third-Party Networks

Third-party networks are generic or thematic and act as intermediaries between YouTube and the user. Among the advantages are:

  • The speed of obtaining the partnership compared to that of YouTube;
  • More interesting content can be created through the use of copyrighted material (for which the networks have obtained licenses);
  • Constant technical support.

Disadvantages include the payment of 20-40% of the profit to the networks.

Other Methods of Earning with Social

Other methods of earning money through social media include “Paid To Like” and selling through social media.

How to earn with likes (Paid To Like)

Are there really sites that pay for liking? The answer is yes! Earning with Instagram by “liking” a post and earning with Facebook through “likes” is possible. We are talking about the so-called “Paid To Like”. How does it work? All you have to do is register on the platform and “like” or follow pages that are indicated by the platform on a daily basis.

These platforms include and

How to earn money by selling products or services

Earning money by selling your own products or services on social media is very easy. On Instagram, there is the “Shopping” function (in the case of a company profile) to post photos of certain products, tagging them with list prices. You can also insert a direct link to the site where you can buy it.

On Facebook, you can sell through:

  • Company page linked to E-Commerce;
  • Market Place;
  • Showcase;

For the functioning of the Facebook MarketPlace, please refer to this article.

Practical Tips for Earning with Social

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