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Hello, I am LUCA PAPA

I can help you SCALE your company’s profits x2 x5 and x10 while multiplying the quality of your life by x5


By helping you make the leap in quality (and quantity) in your business and personal life.
I can guide you through the process of discovering and implementing digital strategies and properly integrating online marketing channels and tools.

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Are you interested in starting your own online business with a low investment, minimal costs, and reduced risks?

Learn how to launch your online venture with confidence and security!

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Interested in boosting your business’s revenues using online channels and tools?

Uncover the power of digital strategies to enhance your company’s growth

Who I Address

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Entrepreneurs and managers of Small to Medium Enterprises who want to increase revenues and, above all, profits through the best online strategies

  • Do you want to sell online?
  • Do you want to use online platforms to find new customers?
  • Or to reduce costs?
  • Do you want to automate processes through technology?
  • Are you seeking greater industry prominence and visibility?
  • Do you want to improve your company’s online strategy and the effectiveness of online investments?
  • Are the online results you have achieved so far not satisfying?

Search engines, social networks, online advertising, video, email: digital is part of our daily life. Companies that can navigate the online world effectively have multiplied their revenue, riding the market like a surfer on the crest of a wave.

Remaining offline won’t allow you to achieve the work objectives you aspire to. Staying offline today means not building the future of your company.

Aspiring Digital Freelancers and aspiring Online Entrepreneurs


  • Do you want to start your own online venture?
  • Or do you want to take an offline business and bring it online?
  • Do you want an online business that allows you to live wherever you want, manage your time, and lead your life independently?
  • Do you want to give yourself the opportunity that the job market no longer provides, thanks to online self-employment?
  • Do you want to improve your life through the lifestyle of those who work online?
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Luca Papa CEO of Digital Coach

A message for you

Whether you want to be in control of your time, improve the quality of your life, or make your online business successful, then this message is for you.

I can help you scale your business’s revenue. Everything you need to start making a change in your personal and professional journey is to take the first step.

If you ignore it, your situation will worsen

The truth is that what most people do when they want to change their lives is to pull the rope until, exhausted from the situation, they make a radical and impulsive decision. But for these people, none of that works.

Enthusiasm helps but it’s not enough.

They get discouraged at the first failure and give up on their projects.

Thinking they can do it alone without seeking help from industry professionals.

Have you ever thought about what happens if you do nothing?

If you continue to do what you’ve done so far, what happens?

Let me tell you: nothing. You remain trapped in an uncomfortable situation.

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Why can I help you?

In 15 years of activity, more than 40,000 business professionals from over 500 companies have participated in my training. Google has also chosen me as one of the 4 recognized Trainers for the Italian market.

I founded and lead Digital Coach, the leading school in Italy for training new digital professionals.

Since 2012, with Digital Coach, we have trained over 10,000 people who now hold key positions in small, medium, and large companies in the field of new digital professions.

IF IT WORKED FOR THESE PEOPLE, IT WILL WORK FOR YOU TOO. I have shared my knowledge and my experience as a digital entrepreneur in supporting and developing online businesses and projects.

I have helped freelancers and entrepreneurs become capable entrepreneurs who can increase their revenue through the online world.

Educational program to overturn your current business (and your personal life)

In thanks to the principles of:

Digital Models & Strategy


Online Marketing & Sales


People Management


Personal Development

With which I managed to make it!

What do you really want for yourself?

Here’s what to do now…

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Hundreds of videos on Digital Marketing applied to Online Business:

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