Master’s Scholarships

How to Get Scholarships for Masters?

Winning a call that makes a scholarship available is not easy especially masters scholarships, because much depends on numerous minimum requirements that must be met at the time of the request.

Some scholarships are awarded on merit, because they reward the commitment and results achieved thanks to the study, but many times there is a limitation dictated by the number of times one has been a beneficiary and therefore one cannot request more than one scholarship of study.

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Types of Masters Scholarships for attending a Master’s Course

This is why Digital Coach offers the opportunity to participate in our calls for applications, which include several awarding methods. During various periods of the year we provide scholarships for the unemployed, recent graduates, under 30 or otherwise, sometimes asking for hours of activity to be dedicated to the development of some of our areas that represent a spendable job opportunity in the labor market.

Digital Coach is the reference school in Italy in the development of digital marketing skills and therefore all the work experience carried out in and with us, represents an added value and many times a preferential requirement during the selection and interview stages.

Types of scholarships of which, at our discretion, we give limited and variable availability at the beginning of each cycle of our master courses:

Partial grant (-40%)

We offer a variable number of scholarships for the unemployed or unemployable to attend one of our Masters scholarships/courses. If you benefit from this scholarship, you will be able to attend our master’s program in digital marketing at a significant discount and be able to make installment payments.

Tutoring Master’s students in the classroom in Milan

In this case, benefiting from the specific grant, you will attend our Master’s course free of charge or with a very small fee for enrolment, but you will only provide assistance and tutoring to our students at the same time as the teaching hours (in the daytime or evening mode), following certain guidelines that will be indicated to you. Tutoring must take place in the classroom in Milan at our premises in the fantastic Porta Nuova area.

Secretarial assistance in the Milan office

Being eligible and winning this master’s scholarship will also allow you to attend our master’s course in digital marketing free of charge, serving effectively as a part-time secretarial assistant 4-5 days a week. The service must take place at our offices in Milan, also located in the fantastic Porta Nuova area.

Development of an area of the website

Masters scholarships, to attend our master’s course free of charge or for a very small fee for enrolment, provides in return approximately 8-10 hours per week dedicated to the development of some particular areas of our site, relating in any case to services that we make available to our students free of charge.

Therefore, to have the opportunity to stay up-to-date on when the next masters scholarships to attend in Digital Coach will be available, either for free or at a significant discount, please fill in the form below to receive our future communications regarding the above scholarship types at the appropriate time.


Here are some of the companies in which our students have been placed


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