No Degree Jobs

What are the best opportunities?

Many times you will have read some interesting job offer but inaccessible because you do not have a degree among your qualifications. Sometimes it seems as if this degree is in demand everywhere and that its lack closes all doors in your face, but this is not the case. Are you a student who just finished high school and want to enter the world of work straight away? Are you a worker with years of experience who wants to look for new opportunities? There are many possibilities for no degree jobs. In recent years many completely new jobs have arisen for which many universities do not provide suitable courses of study and a university degree is not among the requirements.

Let’s take a look at where to start when looking for a job, what opportunities there are to work in an office without a degree and the new positions that are possible in many companies. Discover the courses for working without a degree offered by digital coach, as the Social Media Course!


First rule: use your strengths

This is a rule that also applies to university graduates, because it is often thought that a degree alone is enough to show all the knowledge one possesses and the experience one has gained, but this is not the case at all. Knowing how to identify and make the most of your strengths is crucial to show a potential employer what skills you possess.

  • Experience gained: If you are already in the world of work, you will have built up a wealth of experience over the years that is invaluable and should be showcased. You should not simply list where you have worked and for how long, but all the tasks you have performed and what you have learnt during your various experiences. Many of the skills acquired can be useful or sought after in different work environments.
  • Personal passions: are you a student and do you have virtually no work experience? First of all, it is important to remember that every experience gained is important and it is right to show it by highlighting the skills acquired. Personal passions can also help to create experience and opportunities. Do you have a particular hobby? Look around, even among friends and family, for possible practical applications of your passion. Writing a blog or running a social page about it can bring you closer to the possibility of turning your passion into a job and help you gain experience with the digital world. This experience is in high demand for various positions within companies or agencies.
  • Be ready to face new challenges and have an open mind ready to learn. This is essential at all ages in order to be able to enter new areas of the working world, which we will go into later.

Showing off your strengths serves to distinguish you from your competitors and get you noticed in the labour market.



Second rule: identify the field in which you want to work

Sending resumes to every company that asks for them for any position can lead to a few interviews, but this will be very tiring and chaotic. Identifying a broad field is crucial:

  • One can identify the knowledge and skills required in that sector and concentrate efforts on acquiring or improving them.
  • One can write many curricula relevant to the position one wants to fill. Each one should showcase the skills most in demand depending on the specific company, sector or office in which one wants to work.
  • Internet searches will be more targeted and energy will not be wasted on unsuitable or uninteresting offers.

No Degree Job Opportunities

Office jobs

Office jobs are excellent opportunities among all the jobs that exist, both for the pay and for the possibility of gaining experience and aspiring to higher positions. Administrative offices in companies are among the best possibilities to consider:

  • They are present in practically all companies of all sizes
  • A university degree is not necessarily required
  • They allow you to gain experience and knowledge that can be transferred to other office jobs in different companies
  • Depending on the company, the salary may vary, but it is not difficult to find good salaries

To find this type of offer, it is necessary to check the websites of companies in the area to see what positions are available. Having contact with a few other employees can help you better understand the work environment and the type of CV required.

One can also take advantage of the sites that act as job binders and try to place one’s CV within the sets of vacancies for office jobs. In this case, you will not know exactly which offers will be available, so you need to build a CV that fits several options.




The possibilities of the digital world

In recent years, many new jobs have arisen within the digital world. Many fields have become more complex and require a specific professional for that type of work. Social media, large amounts of data managed by search engines, and the expansion of marketing and communication departments of companies have created new jobs that are accessible even without a university degree.

What are these new digital professions? Are they well paid? To answer these questions, you can find the description and average salary of 14 new digital professions by clicking on this link.

Once you have read the article you will have realised that there is no shortage of new opportunities within the world of digital and in particular marketing. Orienting yourself within this world may not be easy. That’s why we provide this useful guide to the best strategy for finding a job in digital.


The world of digital marketing, social media and everything generated around it offer opportunities even for those without a university degree, but this does not mean that specific knowledge is not needed. The important thing to understand from the outset is that all these new skills are learnt primarily in a practical way. In this field, it counts what you are capable of doing, it counts showing your skills directly with results in hand. The very theoretical and impractical knowledge of many degree courses rarely provides what possible employers are looking for in these fields. There are many courses that offer both theoretical knowledge and a practical part to master new tools and software.

Transforming jobs

The digital world has not only created new jobs, but has also transformed some existing ones by bringing them into the web. Have you worked in a sales office? Have you worked in public relations? Have you worked in a press office? These are just some of the jobs that the digital world has transformed. The experience you have gained from doing these jobs is valuable and essential and only requires that you acquire a few more skills to be able to take on many new job opportunities.

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