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Online Courses with Certificates

Recognised online courses with certificate is what you are looking for on the Google search engine because you want to acquire and certify skills? You have little free time to devote to your training and an online course with a certificate is what you need?

Would you like to attend certified online professional courses to re-launch yourself in the world of work and update your professional skills? Have you taken state-recognised online courses and realised that it was not enough to give you all the knowledge you need to meet the demands of the new employment scenario?

Discover certified digital training and study and work in the industry of the future. Thanks to online courses with a Digital Coach® certificate, you can specialise in digital marketing. Furthermore, by choosing the live and on-demand mode, you will have the opportunity to attend lessons from all over Italy, directly from your home.

online-couses-with-certificationThe offer on the market is wide. You can find online universities that guarantee you a good theoretical preparation. On TV you will often hear about online universities for degree courses, such as e-commerce degrees, masters or various specialisations.

Portals such as Groupon run coupons for free online professional training courses of short duration, just a few hours, which do not provide comprehensive or professional training. Which is worth attending?

Digital is a fast-growing market! Attending online training courses with a certificate is very important, because all companies now need an internal or external professional (freelancer or web agency) who:

  1. take care of its web reputation
  2. manage its online customer community
  3. monitor reviews
  4. do social customer care
  5. is able to increase its customer base through the website channel, social profiles and email marketing.

This is why digital marketing is a complex world that requires initial theoretical education, but above all 100% practical training acquired in the field.


Which Courses to do Online and how to choose?


Undoubtedly you have found many sites that offer cheap, perhaps free, online courses with certificates that promise to work miracles or earn thousands of euros in a short time.

The question we ask our visitors and potential students is: how can free online courses make you a digital specialist? How can you become a credible digital marketing professional for companies in just a few hours, without even practising?

online-couses-with-certificate-of-certificationHow can a free online training course succeed in imparting all the skills I need? There are many free online courses with a recognised certificate, but this does not mean that all of them are valid.

We do not tell you to be wary of online courses that promise to teach you digital marketing or any other subject in 3 or 5 days. Rather, rely on the testimonials of former students, the ease with which you found us on the Internet, the quality and quantity of information you find on the site, and the simplicity you find in contacting the training school.

Online courses with a Digital Coach certificate, evening or diurnal, live or on demand, have a purely practical-operational approach and are strongly business-oriented. In short, they get straight to the point, do not waste time and do not revolve around useless theoretical concepts. There also are postgraduate courses useful for finding a job without necessarily having attended university.

The online courses offered by Digital Coach are certified professional training courses and are also graduate training courses. You will be able to start your career in digital marketing (web, social media marketing and e-commerce) because you will have good skills and experience in the field.


Free Online Courses

Are they really convenient?


Are you looking for free online courses in SEO, Digital Marketing or Social Media Marketing? You can find many tutorials on YouTube that can give you inspiration, but what can train you and give you real employable skills is a certified online course done by industry professionals.

You pay for quality!

online-courses-bisAt, you won’t find any free online courses, but instead you can find many free resources: eBooks, Video Courses and Mini Guides. These resources will provide you with a lot of information and can help you to understand the area you are interested in delving into and choose the online course with certificate that best suits your needs.

Digital Coach online training courses are not free courses, but they guarantee you the acquisition of theoretical and practical skills.

Online Courses with Certificates in Digital Marketing

why choose Digital Coach?


Digital Coach, a highly qualified school in digital marketing training, is the market leader in offering online courses with certification and certified masters. It imports into Italy the best of international know-how in the world of Digital Marketing, referring mainly to the American market.

The philosophy, approach, methodologies and teaching tools used are designed to “challenge” the approaches and beliefs of all those who have knowledge or come from the traditional marketing and communication worlds. One must understand, how the digital one is a real REVOLUTION in the business world, with profound implications on business choices in determining

  • of strategies
  • of investments
  • of sales channels
  • customer service
  • communication channels
  • operational marketing tools
  • human resources and their organisation.


The online training courses with a Digital Coach certificate are supported by qualified lecturers and industry professionals. For each area of digital coaching, figures with a wide range of knowledge and experience have been chosen, who practise every day what we ask our students to teach. Read the professional profile of each of them.
Discover the entire teaching team.


The information that matters most are the views and opinions of students and former students.
Read reviews on Google, Facebook and Linkedin. Watch video testimonials on YouTube.
Find out about the online certificate courses they attended, how they got on, the digital skills they developed, what their experience was like and how it changed their professional life.

Ways of attending Online Courses

Live online


All online courses with certificate and Digital Coach internship courses can be followed online, live or on demand. Online training follows the same syllabus as classroom training. When you choose the online course formula, you can participate in the lesson from the comfort of your own home through the use of an innovative e-learning platform.

You access a virtual classroom from the web, which simultaneously follows the lesson in the physical classroom at our headquarters in Milan, and you can interact with teachers and fellow students from all over Italy. During the lesson, you can express doubts and ask questions on the topics covered. You can follow the course wherever you are; all you need is a PC or tablet and a good Internet connection.

At the end of the online courses you will receive a certificate of attendance and profit and a certificate of acquired skills* (visit our certified students page).

*The certificate is issued upon successful completion of the online courses.


On Demand


online-couses-with-certificate-live-on-demandIf you find it difficult to reconcile work, extra-curricular activities and studies, or if you are otherwise busy during the hours in which we hold classes, then you can opt for on-demand courses.

Digital Coach offers you the possibility to follow the lesson from the day after it was held in the classroom, because it is recorded and uploaded within 24 hours from when it was held in the classroom. You can consult videos and materials without time limits, whenever and wherever you want.

Digital Coach offers online courses with a certificate. At the end of the training courses, you will be able to take an exam that, if passed, will give you the opportunity to obtain a certificate (to pass the exam you must obtain at least 70% of the total score).


Discover the advantages of Online Courses with Certificate

What are the advantages of an online course with certificate?

  • Thanks to an online course, you don’t have to give up choosing a professional course just because you don’t have the time to get to the venue.
  • The online course offers the same training as a classroom course
  • You save costs with the same training offer
  • You have access to the e-learning platform 24 hours a day
  • Digital coach offers courses with certification (subject to passing the final exam).


Would you like to learn more, to understand in depth what the Digital Coach online courses are all about, how they can change your professional life?

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