Second job as an earning opportunity

6 ideas for serious online earning

Are you looking for a second job to round off your day-to-day expenses? Would you like an online job from home that allows you, alongside your main job, to live the life you’ve always wanted? You are in the right place! In this article, you can find out how to earn money on the Internet, in a serious and constructive way.

Second jobs on the side, in addition to supplementing your income, will make your life easier because you will be a more relaxed and fulfilled person. Today, the difficulty of making ends meet forces more people to rethink their lifestyles.

It is not only about luxuries and extra things: the current working conditions are increasingly complex and precarious, with salaries not in line with the cost of living. This is why people are increasingly looking for a second job!

If you have come this far, it is because you have tried to search the web for information on how to work from home. Surely you have already come across various sites promising pharaonic earnings via the Internet, with just one click! Well, let’s get one thing straight: the only way to find serious work-from-home jobs and earn significant amounts of money online is to work hard!

Making money online is no child’s play. But you, too, can find a way to do it, e.g. by considering 8 ways to start your own business online with zero digital skills and no capital.

There are, however, some online activities from home that, if conducted well, can lead to earnings similar to those of an average salary… but one must have a lot of patience, perseverance, and a lot of luck!

In this article, you will find four good ideas for earning money from home: new business opportunities that you can manage on your own. Thanks to the Internet, creating a serious job from home is possible!

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Second jobs salary with Amazon

How to have a second income? You don’t need to create a website or equip yourself with a warehouse, but simply open an Amazon account from which you can sell one or more products directly through the Amazon platform. A perfect second online job! But what does it mean to work with Amazon?

It is simply that the company itself will take care of the packaging, customer service, and storage of the goods. You will only be responsible for selecting the product supply, a simple activity that can be combined with your main profession. A practical tip is to start small, either by selecting a single product or by producing handicrafts yourself for sale.

Amazon charges commissions on the sales generated, which vary according to the type of product, but the margin that will remain in your pocket is still an interesting prospect for rounding up.

Digital Sales: a perfect second job online

For those who are constantly looking for ways to earn more money, Digital Sales is an effective answer to their ambitions. They represent the new sales frontier designed for the Digital world. Indeed, there are more and more online company sites that let you participate in webinars, download free resources and ask for your contact details and authorization.

On the practical side, you need someone who really contacts you and can convert an opportunity into a sale.

The role of Digital Sales is precisely to contact people who have spontaneously asked a company for something and sell them services or products in line with their needs. This sales activity is supported by the use of technology, carried out 100% from home, online, in a condition that allows you to reconcile both jobs and meet your need for a second job to supplement your salary.

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Second job on the side: creating and managing a blog

What can you do as a second job online?

If you love to write and you feel very knowledgeable about a specific topic (e.g. fashion, cooking, politics, technology), you could buy a web space – just a few euros – and create a blog dedicated to it. Creating a successful blog is no easy feat, but with the right promotion activities and a bit of luck, you might be able to turn it into a second job to supplement your income and earn a steady income.

Working online from home in earnest is possible! Let’s start with a successful example that can be a second job to supplement your income and here probably much more:

food blogging story

Chiara Maci’s is an extraordinary case of food blogging success. The idea is simple: to share her passion for cooking with the world. She wakes up in the morning and, after taking the children to school, devotes herself to creating new recipes and publishing them on her blog.

“The blog was created to be useful, to provide necessary and above all up-to-date information. I am the first user of dozens of blogs, from fashion blogs to travel blogs. To those who decide to embark on a life project like mine, I recommend grit, perseverance and an exaggerated love for what you are doing. Blogs, if not useful and not cared for, are bound to collapse. It is a huge commitment, a blog.”

Chiara Maci.

One of the secrets of creating a second job to supplement your income through a blog is passion. A passion for a topic will allow you to populate your blog with interesting articles, update it often and start promoting it to increase the number of daily visitors.

Passion, moreover, must be accompanied by the choice of a profitable niche that is in line. Choosing a niche and not the masses is a factor in the success of this type of business.

You too can create your own blog and work from home with your PC.

Once you have brought your blog to a good level of visits, you can afford to monetize its content. In other words, you must turn visitors to your blog into earnings!

I have selected 5 monetization options for you, which will help you get a second job on the side:

1. La pubblicità online: Online advertising: there are several networks that allow you to place their banners on your blog and pay you for the number of clicks you receive on the advertisements. Of these, the most widely used (and the one that usually guarantees the highest earnings) is Google Ads;

2. Affiliate Marketing: earning money from affiliations means placing links on your blog, which direct to a sales page for a product or service. When a user clicks on the link on your blog, arrives on the page, and makes a purchase or other type of conversion, you will receive a commission on the sale;

3. Selling your own products or services: the advantage of this type of monetization is that you can focus on digital products, such as video courses or ebooks. These are easy to produce even from home, can be distributed without sophisticated tools, and do not require a warehouse or store;

4. Sponsoring: after you have created your blog and gained popularity, you can get paid to publish a post, video, podcast, and more. The point is that until you reach a good number of hits (thousands per day) you will hardly attract the attention of sponsors;5. E-commerce: this is the most complex route, suitable for professionals because many skills are needed! You need products to sell, advanced technical programming skills, and in-depth knowledge of online advertising.

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How to supplement your salary: earning with info-products

Infoproducts are already a popular second-rounding job in the United States because it is a very lucrative and uncomplicated business. If you are wondering how to make a living on the Internet, this could be a great way to go.

If you possess very specific and particular know-how, which could be related to the world of fashion, cooking, tourism, travel, etc., you can sell this know-how in the form of videos, e-books, and other digital tools.

earn with infoproducts

The user enters the site, clicks on the link, and immediately starts downloading the product. So, this represents another opportunity for a second job to supplement.

These are usually products such as DVDs, ebooks, video courses, or programs that share a common feature: providing practical solutions to a problem.

This second job on the side has a number of advantages:

  • Low production costs;
  • No customer service;
  • There are no shipping costs;
  • No physical production;
  • Ability to sell to anyone anywhere in the world.

There are two options for selling an info product:

  • create all elements on your site, such as the payment system, the download system, statistics, etc.
  • rely on an affiliate network, which will take care of all aspects (payment, delivery, customer service). The payment system is 100% secure and is made in real-time by credit card or via PayPal.

Second job from home: offering services

How to create a home-based business? There are platforms, such as Banzai’s O2O, which allow you to earn small amounts of money on the Internet by writing tutorials on various topics: IT, DIY, gardening, cooking, etc. The average payment is around EUR 2.40 per tutorial, the tracks to be developed are provided by the platform. The minimum threshold for collecting payments is 25 euros.

home services offer

Another site that functions similarly to O2O and allows one to find a second job to supplement one’s income is Fiverr.

Fiverr is a marketplace dedicated to freelance work where you can offer products and services from home for a price ranging from $5 to $500. So, from just under EUR 5 to just under EUR 500.

Different types of services can be offered on Fiverr. Here are some examples:

  • Writing articles or blog posts;
  • Editing articles or blog posts;
  • Writing resumes and cover letters;
  • Writing product descriptions;
  • Writing titles;
  • Writing letters/emails;
  • Writing translations;
  • Transcribing audio files.

Another example of a service with which to get a second job on the side is Blasting News, a journalistic-style platform that allows you to earn money based on the publication of articles. Remuneration is based on the visits achieved.

These three sites could be a good start for supplementing your salary online.

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Working seriously from home: the Digital Coach

As a second job on the side, this is the most complex, concrete, and remunerative option.

The Digital Coach is a professional figure who supports companies in the process of upgrading to digital. In short: he or she can work remotely, by the hour, and with rather high prices. This an excellent opportunity for a second online job. The only question you will have to ask yourself is: how many hours can you work per week with 2 jobs? It is certainly an ambitious challenge but one that is certainly rewarding.

Companies are beginning to realize the importance of the web, and digital marketing is becoming a booming sector!

Digital marketing is that particular set of online marketing techniques, i.e. making use of new digital media, to promote a product or service, a brand or an organisation.Source: Wikipedia

What are the areas in which the Digital Coachworks?


How to become a Digital Coach?

As you will have realized, the Digital Coach can be a valuable second job to supplement your income.

To work online from home seriously, start a business or exploit the potential of the web requires the right skills.

He is attending one of the professional online courses of Digital Coach, a school specializing in training in the Digital Marketing area (Web, Social Media, and E-commerce). His experience and expertise are confirmed by the fact that he is a Google Partner.

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In short, the benefits of Digital Coach courses

  • Evening hours 7-10.30 p.m. midweek; Choice of the classroom, live online or On Demand;
  • Video recordings of lectures are available from the day after the lecture;
  • Access to restricted student area with teaching materials, pdf, and tests;
  • Membership valid for 1 year;
  • Possibility of temporarily suspending participation and resuming in the following semester with the next session;
  • Possibility of making up missed lectures (in direct online mode) by attending the following semester’s edition.

I hope you found some inspiration for your second job on the side and that you enjoyed the page. In case you need more information on earning extra money on the side, let one of our coaches guide you to the solution that is right for you. Request a free consultation.

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