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This SEO copywriting course is for aspiring web content writers who want to become experts in SEO techniques to position their high-quality content online and engage with users. By enrolling in this comprehensive SEO Copywriting course on demand, you’ll gain invaluable insights into the most effective SEO writing techniques. Discover how to elevate your blog or website’s content to prime positions on Google’s SERP, while mastering the art of becoming a successful online marketing copywriter.

First of all, you must understand what is copywriter SEO: the practice of writing compelling content for the web taking into account search engine optimization’s rules and techniques to position your content with the highest rank on the search results with the final goal of reaching people.

At this point, you are probably asking yourself does a copywriter do SEO? Yes! And they all should! Choosing a strategy aimed at positioning your website is important and requires careful and continuous research to keep up with the development of algorithms and best meet user needs. To be found from the right target audience, online writing professionals must take into account many internal and external factors of the site (according to Google itself) to develop proper web content optimization strategies.

So finding a SEO content writing course free is a good start, but if you want to start dealing with web content and make it your profession, you need to acquire an SEO Specialist certification; a necessary step to deepen this discipline and ensure that your skills are recognized and strengthen your power SEO copywriting.

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Benefits and Highlights of SEO Copywriting Course

If you have landed on this page, you are certainly looking for an SEO copywriting course because you want to understand how to become a copywriter or, if you are already one, how to learn SEO for copywriting which will allow you to expand your digital marketing skills and reach your potential customers through positioning strategies on the main search engines.

This course was created to address the typical issues of those who want to gain popularity on search engines. Below you will find some of the questions that will be answered in the introductory section of the SEO and copywriting course:

  • What is SEO Copywriting?
  • What does the web copywriter do?
  • What are the most famous SEO copywriting books?
  • What SEO writing techniques should a web copywriter use for correct advertising communication and good positioning on Google?
  • What is SEO Oriented Writing?
  • What elements should a web copywriter leverage to create an effective and original copy?
  • Is there an SEO copywriting guide?

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Digital Coach’s SEO copywriting course can quickly answer these questions. In this field, it is very important and essential to know how to write creatively to make the content interesting and persuasive so that users can stay in touch and engage with your brand and eventually become loyal.

The course content’s structure is created for you to follow the process step by step and put the best SEO optimization techniques into practice with SEO copywriting examples in a simple and clear way.

Upon completing the course, you’ll realize that achieving high search engine rankings for your blog or website is no longer an insurmountable challenge. You’ll acquire practical skills in crafting and optimizing online content, backed by an extensive array of real-world SEO copywriting examples.

Become a master of search engine optimisation and learn how to use this knowledge to excel in the dynamic world of digital marketing


Objectives of the Course to become SEO Copywriter

One of the objectives of the online SEO copywriting course is to explain the difference between on-site and off-site SEO, paying particular attention to the basic concept of “writing for search engines and writing for humans”, which underestimate. This last aspect must be considered the cornerstone and the basis from which to start and write your own content. In case your goal is generating sales through online content creation, you should check out the topic of direct response copywriting.

A good copywriter is not limited to being creative and captivating in his way of writing copies but must also take into account SEO writing techniques applied to images and other multimedia content.

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Being a web SEO copywriter also means knowing:

  • reduce the weight of the images to allow faster loading of the page without losing the quality at the same time;
  • take advantage of the title attribute and the alt text of the images: fundamental for the positioning of your content and media on the Google search engine.

The last, but not least, chapter of our SEO copywriting course is the part that explores the concept of off-site SEO optimization, which mainly focuses on the importance of backlinks (incoming links) from authoritative and topical sites and how to engage the field of digital public relations.

SEO Copywriting Course Program

Let’s look in detail at all the disciplines included in the study plan to specialize as a SEO copywriter.


  • The principles of SEO Copywriting for your blog;
  • Onsite SEO and Offsite SEO.


  • Why you should do SEO copywriting on your blog.


  • Tips and strategies for writing your content;
  • Choose your keywords;
  • Writing content from an SEO perspective.


  • Optimize your post title;
  • Optimize your post URL;
  • Optimize subtitles.


  • How a SEO web copywriter determines the length of his content.


  • Optimize post images;
  • Multimedia content.


  • The internal links of your post.


  • Optimize the title tag of your post;
  • Optimize the description tag;
  • The categories and tags.

Work as an expert SEO Copywriter

After taking an SEO copywriting course, you might start dreaming big. If you are satisfied with  this experience and you want to become a full-time web writer, why not give it a try? You can create content for other companies’ websites or for the company you work for. Or you can become passionate about the world of digital marketing and embark on a longer and more complete path that can offer you more career opportunities in the field of online promotion.

Become a professional SEO Copywriter, SEO Specialist, SEO Manager, or even a Direct Response Copywriter so you can do a job that pleases you and that will hardly become obsolete given the strong growth margin in the sector, or find out how to become a freelancer.

If you want to explore all the possibilities beyond SEO copywriting, here are some of our digital coaching courses that can also train you in other areas of digital marketing, such as:

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SEO Copywriting Course’s Advantages

Whatever your dream is working for a digital agency, starting your business, or improving your writing skills, you will not be disappointed in doing an SEO copywriting course as it offers many tools and tips that can help you get closer to your goal.

Here are some of the benefits you can get from it:

  • reach the right audience by writing persuasive content for the target of people you want to be found from;
  • become an expert of the online writing trends as the world is online now so you will be able to write up-to-date content;
  • familiarity with the field thanks to the practice of proper SEO copywriting examples;
  • ability to build a successful content strategy with optimized content to boost your website or pages up the SERP.