SEO Keywords

What they are and what importance they have in Digital Marketing

What are SEO keywords? Today, we are going to find out which areas of digital marketing need a good definition and use of keywords. We will also discover why they are so important for attracting potential customers.

Incidentally, the ability to identify the right keywords for a digital strategy is a fundamental skill for working in this field!

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Definition of keywords: what are they?

We all know in common parlance what a “keyword” means. We can limit ourselves to saying that it is a word or group of words identifying a certain topic or, if we wish, a set of elements.

For instance, suppose we wanted to use a word to describe a game where participants have to kick the ball into the opponent’s goal; the identifying keyword is “football”. If, on the other hand, we wanted to give a name to a set comprising elements such as students, pencil cases, diaries, and teachers, the keyword would instead be “school”.

When we are on the web, however, SEO keywords are used by users to search for information. On the Internet, keywords are also called search queries. If we wanted to search for information about working in online marketing, we could type the keyword “working in online marketing” into Google. But the user surfing online may also be hit by an advertisement that uses a keyword that catches his attention.

So on the user’s side, keywords are useful for searching for something and identifying a topic of interest amidst a sea of information, for finding a solution to a problem and solving a need. It is, therefore, already useful in the initial phase of designing a web page to carry out proper keyword research beforehand.

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Using SEO Keywords in Digital Marketing

Based on what we have said above, digital marketers use keywords to ensure that users find a particular website by typing in a keyword. In the following, we will discuss some of the digital marketing disciplines that use keywords the most. These include SEO, SEM, and social media management.


Search Engine Optimization is the discipline that ensures that a user typing a keyword finds a particular website in the top positions of the results offered by Google. Let me explain myself better by asking a question. Have you ever wondered why some websites show up initially when you search for something on Google, and others show up lower down? This is not by chance.

A list of outcomes is presented to you when you conduct a search on Google; this list is known as the SERP.  The web pages in this list deal with topics associated with the keyword entered. Thus, you will find web pages at the top of the list and others at the bottom.

Google defines the positioning of a web page at the top or bottom of the list using a secret algorithm unknown to anyone. However, SEO specialists know the main factors used by Google to position a page. They, therefore, try to define strategies to ensure that the web page they are working on appears in the top positions. This is because the user generally pays attention to and clicks on the first three or four results offered by Google!

The presence of particular SEO keywords on the web page itself is one of the elements Google uses to rank a web page highly on the list.

Thus, after a customer has typed in a keyword, Google will ensure that results appear in the first place that talks about topics that are as consistent as possible with the keyword typed in and that provide the most useful information possible.

Suppose you are an SEO specialist, and you want to position a page selling mobile phones. So the first thing to do is to understand what users type into Google when they want to buy a mobile phone. For example, they might type “smartphone”, “mobile phone”, “cellphone”, etc. So as an SEO manager you have to optimize these SEO keywords within your web page. This means that when the user types in one of those words, they will immediately find your web page.

The same goes for advertisements on classifieds sites: for example, through a correct SEO activity on Amazon, it becomes easier for users to find your product for sale.

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This will only happen if you have been good at identifying the SEO keywords used by the user, placing them within the web page, and also including related keywords as synonyms and related words. To put it another way, you must explicitly state to Google that your page addresses the subject of mobile phones, which is the subject the user specifically requested.

Obviously, the first position of a page within the SERP depends on many factors, steps to be taken, and strategies used by SEO specialists. But we will not discuss all that here.




Search Engine Marketing, or SEM for short, is a branch of digital marketing that deals with paid advertising campaigns to advance a website, item, or brand. SEO keywords are also important in this discipline. SEM advertising campaigns are mainly divided into two categories: Search campaigns and Display campaigns.

The functioning of Search Campaigns is very similar to SEO but with a fundamental difference. First of all, both SEO and search campaigns ensure that a user typing in a keyword finds a particular website. However, whereas in SEO, a web page ranks first because of careful study and strategic actions by the SEO specialist, in Search campaigns, a page only ranks first in the SERP because the owner of that page has paid Google, thanks to the intervention of experts such as SEM Specialists.

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So going back to the example of mobile phones, the SEM specialist pays Google and asks it that every time the user types the word “mobile phones” or its synonyms, his website must appear among the first places. Obviously, even then, a study is needed to understand which keywords customers use when they want to buy a mobile phone on the Internet.

Display campaigns are nothing more than the banner advertisements you find when you browse a website. The SEM specialist, again paid by Google, defines on which websites the advertising of their brand should appear.

One approach to achieve this is to instruct Google to display the advertisement on all websites that include specific keywords. So the SEM specialist knows that sites using certain keywords are visited by people who might be interested in a certain good or service, so he or she will make sure that the advertisement for that product, brand, or web page is presented on those sites!

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Social Media

In Social Media, the use of SEO keywords is fundamental, but keywords here are called hashtags. They are particularly useful and widely used on Instagram and Twitter.

When a user within a post created on social media uses a certain hashtag, that word becomes clickable, and clicking on it takes you to a section where all posts by users who have used that keyword as a hashtag are listed. So this is a great way to make the post visible to a wide range of people. However, the number of people who will see the post will depend on the number of users who have used that hashtag in their posts.

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How to find keywords for SEO?

SEO Keywords do not always have to be researched by straining one’s mind. There are plenty of online tools that give us valuable tips on the keywords most used by web users. Below is an interesting list of SEO keyword research tools and instruments that you can use:

  • Answer the public: this is a very useful and effective tool. By typing in the keyword of interest, this tool provides you with all the phrases which contain the keyword typed, used by users to search for information on Google!
  • Ahrefs: this fantastic tool, for a fee, unfortunately, not only shows the total search volume of a keyword but also how it is used by competitors. Ahrefs tells us which keywords competitors rank for and how much traffic they bring to their sites.
  • Google Trends: this is a tool made available by Google to get info on keyword search trends, so you can see whether the use of a keyword by web users is growing or not.
  • Text Analyzer: after entering the URL of a web page, it returns information such as the total number of words used and the number of times a single word was used within the page. It is very interesting to understand the keywords used by a page that deals with topics related to our own!
  • Google Ads: Google’s platform is used for creating paid advertising campaigns! Google Ads itself gives us the opportunity to find out which keywords are related to a certain topic.
  • Ubersuggest: free tool to find out the search volume of a keyword and automatically provides you with the search volume of related keywords.
  • Google Suggest: these are the suggestions Google gives you when you type something into the search bar.


Users are constantly searching for information on the Internet, and understanding how they express their search intentions allows us to intercept them and make them land on our website or send them the advertisement most akin to their interests.

So you will have well understood that keyword analysis and research are key skills for working in Digital Marketing, especially if you want to become an SEO Specialist or SEM specialist.

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