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In the digital optimization world, Majestic SEO stands as an amazing tool for SEO Specialists. Majestic is designed to unravel the intricacies of website backlinks, a crucial element in shaping a robust digital strategy. This article explores the fundamental role of Majestic SEO, from its extensive database to its invaluable metrics, offering a glimpse into how it empowers SEO professionals, marketers, and developers alike. Learn more in our article reading about features, metrics, and applications of Majestic SEO, and discover how this tool is reshaping the landscape of online visibility and success.

What is Majestic SEO

Majestic SEO is an essential tool for Search Engine Optimization Specialists.

The tool is used for analyzing the backlinks of websites. The importance of analyzing inbound links in planning a digital strategy is thoroughly explained in the SEO Specialist Course by Digital Coach®.

Majestic has a massive database that allows viewing the inbound links of a domain and conducting in-depth examinations on:

  • anchor text used in the links;
  • links gained and lost over time;
  • topics of domains from which backlinks come;
  • history of earned links over time;
  • detected language for pages of the linking domain and language of anchor text.

This tool is accessible in three versions: Lite, Pro, and API.

majestic seo free trial

What majestic SEO is used for

The tool is used to display the list of incoming links to a domain, followed by conducting studies on the backlink profile.

But what is the purpose of conducting these analyses?

Links obtained by a site are one of the metrics used by Google to determine the authority of the site in its industry of interest, thus influencing the positioning of that domain in the SERP.

Being able to determine the number of external links, and especially their quality, proves essential in a search engine optimization activity.

One of the most interesting functions of the tool is the ability to analyze competitors’ backlinks. Evaluating competitors is important when you need to implement a link-building campaign tailored to your needs.

This is useful for improving positioning or planning market strategies. However, this isn’t the sole manner in which it can be utilized. Through the Majestic SEO tool, unreliable links are identified.

These are likely considered spam links by Google and, consequently, penalize the positioning of the sites that receive them. After identifying them, a Disavow operation is carried out through Google Search Console to prevent such penalties.

Majestic is indispensable in the monitoring of acquired links, an activity of extreme relevance in the quality score or ranking of a website.

Who might be interested in the tool?

The Majestic SEO tool is primarily aimed at web marketing agencies and SEO specialists. However, it is also a handy tool for developers, analysts, eCommerce, and anyone with a website or blog looking to monitor link acquisitions.

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What are majestic SEO metrics

Majestic uses two essential proprietary metrics:

  • Trust Flow is a metric indicating the quality of links received by a site.
  • Citation Flow is a metric indicating the quantity of links received.

seo metric sample

The ratio between these two metrics gives rise to Flow Metrics, the Majestic ranking algorithm.

Flow Metrics = Trust Flow / Citation Flow

The Majestic Flow Metrics of a website should have a value as close to 1 as possible because this means that the site gets most of its links from authoritative sites in the industry.

This makes the backlinks from that domain or web page more effective.

Trust Flow

The Majestic Trust Flow metric indicates the influence of a site based on the quality of external links and has a range of values from 0 to 100.

This metric is based on the concept that authoritative sites link to other similarly esteemed sites. This means that obtaining links from influential sources contributes to increasing the trust, and the level of credibility, of a site.

The opportunity to receive links from an authoritative source in the same industry positively impacts the increase of trust in the reference domain and the positioning in SERP.

Citation Flow

The Majestic Citation Flow metric indicates the authority of a site based on the number of inbound links from other sites and can have a value ranging from 0 to 100.

This metric takes into account various factors, also considered by Google, which include:

  • type of inbound links;
  • number of external links on the source page;
  • the way in which the link is embedded on the page;
  • quantity of links the source page receives and the pages that link to it.

majestic citation flow metric

It’s common for Citation Flow to be higher than Trust Flow, considering that a site can receive many links from irrelevant sources.

However, it is important to ensure that the Flow Metrics value is above 0.5. If it approaches this figure too closely, it means that the site is receiving too many unreliable backlinks that may negatively impact its ranking.

For this reason, it is always important to perform an SEO check on backlinks.

Topical Trust Flow

A third Majestic SEO metric is the Topical Trust Flow.

This metric is very similar to Trust Flow, but the score is assigned based on the importance of the topic within the site, with a value ranging from 0 to 100 (number on the left in the colored box).topical trust flow

It was followed by a percentage value identifying the topic’s weight within the domain. Many sites do not have a single category of topics but often cover numerous topics.

For example, in a site that covers three categories with different trust (75% of Trust Flow comes from the first topic, 15% from the second, and 10% from the third), depending on the link’s placement, it takes on a different prestige.

In this case, if the site receives a link from a page belonging to the first topic with higher trust, it is reasonable to assume that it holds more value than one of the other two topics.

Discover how majestic SEO works

Majestic SEO has various functions, with the main ones being:

  • Site Explorer
  • Bulk Backlink Checker
  • Search Explorer

Site Explorer

Function included in all pricing plans.

The first step to use Majestic SEO’s Site Explorer is to enter the domain to analyze in the Search bar. You can choose three main types of investigations.

  • Exact URL: if you want to analyze a specific page, enter the URL in the search bar.
  • Subdomain: enter the URL containing the selected subdomain.
  • Whole domain.

There are two types of indices:

  • The recent Index is suitable for studying the current period as it contains data scanned by Majestic in the last approximately 4 months and is updated daily.
  • Historical Index, usable only in Pro and API versions and applies if you intend to conduct a broader investigation. The analysis is based on information scanned in the last 5 years, allowing you to view even non-existent backlinks.

Majestic Site Explorer is structured into 10 sections which, depending on the chosen option, display different results.

  • Synthesis
  • Categories
  • Referring Domains
  • Anchor Text
  • Backlinks
  • Context
  • New
  • Lost
  • Pages
  • Related Sites

majestic site explorer


This section provides an overview of the domain analysis. It displays Trust Flow, Topical Trust Flow, Citation Flow graphs, the number of external backlinks, the quantity of referring domains, backlink history, and Anchor Text.


A section listing all the site’s topics useful for Topic TrustFlow in a table.

Referring domains

This section lists all the domains that have contributed to the backlinks of the analyzed site.

Anchor text

This section tables the Anchor Text, the text of the anchors to which the links leading to the observed site are connected.

anchor text section

This part is important for the SEO professional to understand whether the link is inserted naturally in the text or if its placement appears forced. It is also practical for finding unwanted links.

In fact, if you see that the anchor text is inconsistent with the destination page, they are likely spam links, and you should proceed with Disavow to avoid penalties.

The SEO Copywriter, when creating or optimizing a text, must pay particular attention to the anchor text for links.


This is where you can analyze the backlinks of the site. You can observe insights exclusively on existing links or add previously removed backlinks. Various filters can also be used for targeted analysis.

New and Lost

In these two sections, you can view the new links acquired and the links removed within a selected time frame.

backlinks view

Both show a graph before the table with the list of links. From the graphs, green for new backlinks and red for deleted links, you can immediately see the trend of the situation.

context report

The New section is practical for viewing only the new links acquired and delving into them.

In Lost, you can see the deleted links and it is efficient for checking if paid links have been removed without your knowledge.


This part illustrates a summary of pages that receive more clicks, accompanied by various data including the number of external backlinks and the quantity of originating domains.

Related sites

Here you can see a list of sites that are not directly related to yours. This section represents an excellent list of competitors to compare for improving your site’s link building.

Bulk Backlink Checker

The function is available only to subscribers and is present in all three subscription plans.

The Majestic Bulk Backlink Checker allows comparing the number of backlinks for many domains, up to 400, through a copy-paste action or uploading a CSV file containing the relevant domains.

This move helps to perform a quick analysis of competitors’ backlinks.

Search Explorer

The Search Explorer feature of Majestic is available only in the Pro and API versions.

With Search Explorer, you can conduct phrase or keyword searches within the Majestic index to obtain keyword search volumes.

Additionally, you can view the page title and URLs where the keywords appear, along with the page rank.

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Majestic SEO plans and pricing

The Majestic tool has features, such as Site Explorer, that can be tested for free for 7 days by registering on the site, but to effectively use the tool, a subscription is required.

Majestic SEO is offered in three plans based on the required needs:

  • Lite, $47 per month.
  • Pro, $95 per month.
  • API, $380 paid monthly.

The Majestic SEO subscription can be paid through PayPal or a credit card. For Lite and Pro versions, there is even a refund option within a week of purchase if you are dissatisfied with the experience.


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Additionally, if you choose to subscribe to an annual plan, reduced rates are available for all three plans.


The Majestic Lite plan includes all the basic functions for a comprehensive site analysis, including Site Explorer.

It includes a single user account and up to 5000 analysis units.


Majestic SEO Pro offers a more detailed analysis. In this version, backlink analysis can be performed, including historical results with data going back up to the previous 5 years, including links that no longer exist.

Suitable for professionals and small agencies in need of accurate backlink analysis. The plan includes a single account with a limit of 125,000 analysis units.


The Majestic API package is designed for software developers and allows you to integrate Majestic data into internal Dashboards and tools on the website.

It includes 5 accounts, making it ideal for developer agencies and data analysis. This version allows a maximum of 500,000 analysis units.

In conclusion, Majestic SEO is a comprehensive tool that helps Search Engine Optimization specialists prepare a link-building campaign.

This will improve website positioning and devise new web marketing strategies by analyzing the backlink profile of a site.

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