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How to have access and why to monitor them

Like many other digital platforms, Instagram allows you to analyze various KPIs (Key Performance Indicators), one of the most important of which is the number of impressions (e.g. for a shoppable post created thanks to Instagram’s new shopping tag). To make the most of the analysis tools of this social network, it is a good idea to understand what are impressions on Instagram.

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You are probably used to seeing all the likes that users leave on your posts; if your purpose is to show your friends your holiday photos or tell them about your everyday life, this is probably enough and you would at most like to increase your followers and get more likes. If, on the other hand, you want to use Instagram more professionally and learn more about your audience and how they interact with your content, you might want to take your Instagram knowledge to the next level.

One of the first points to clarify is what are impressions on Instagram and what is the difference with coverage (reach).


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Difference between impressions on Instagram and coverage

Instagram provides several indicators to track user behavior. We must be careful not to confuse two terms that might seem to be synonymous: impressions and reach. Impressions record all the time’s users have viewed content (photos, videos, and stories) on our Instagram profile while reaching records all views made by unique users.

Let’s take an example: if the same user views one of your posts 4 times in a given period of time, 4 impressions will be recorded but the coverage counter will stop at 1 because it is the same user who returned to view the same content at a later date.



While coverage gives us an overview of how many actual users we manage to reach with the content we publish on our Instagram profile, we should not underestimate the importance of impressions.

As is already the case with many social networks, you can advertise on Instagram to attract new visitors, generate traffic, and engage potential customers through specific call-to-actions that will help you achieve certain goals. One of the most important indicators for advertising agencies is precisely the number of views a piece of content manages to generate.

Very often, in fact, advertisements are paid according to the number of total impressions obtained from a post, video, or story, regardless of whether one of these elements is clicked on or whether the user has performed the required call-to-action. Consequently, it is good practice to take this metric into account if you use Instagram to promote your products and services via social advertising.

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To increase the number of impressions on Instagram, it is a good idea to plan a content publishing strategy. To get started, it can help to follow these simple rules:

  • choose hashtags specific to one’s activity and consistent with the content being published;
  • consider the best time to publish content in order to maximize the number of views;
  • consider using geo-tags in the case of local promotions;
  • promote on other social media the photos and videos that gathered the most interactions;
  • initiate collaborations with other Instagram profiles that have already achieved an influential position;
  • frequently update their Instagram feed with original and engaging contentt for their audience;
  • use paid tools such as Instagram ads.

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How to get access to impressions on Instagram

To display impressions on your Instagram profile, you need to upgrade to a corporate account. With only a personal profile, you will not be able to analyze your audience in detail and will have to limit yourself to viewing the likes of individual posts.

Before you start monitoring your Instagram profile data, we recommend reading a short guide on how to create an Instagram business profile: you will certainly notice that the pros of having a business profile far outweigh the cons. Keep in mind that more than 25 million companies now have an account on the social network and half of all users follow at least one company account.

If you are interested in going into more detail, we recommend that you learn more about this topic by taking the Instagram marketing course or by enrolling in the Master of Digital Coaching in Social Media Marketing.

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The world of work is constantly evolving and digital skills are increasingly becoming an added value. Whether you are an employee, a freelancer, or a manager, focusing on training and developing new skills is the most profitable investment for you and your business.

You can achieve your goals faster and have a clearer vision of your career plans. Digital Coach has developed highly qualifying training courses in the digital field supported by a learning-by-doing activity that will allow you to apply what you have learned immediately and have recognized certifications.

The speed at which the economic environment, business models, priorities, and the scale of needs and values change makes it clear how liquid society has become and how flexibility is the only key to success in order to remain robust.

Companies and workers must create strong synergies to adapt to the new business opportunities that the digital age puts before us, and performance management is a powerful tool for becoming a successful company.

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