Social Network Management Course to become a Social Media Specialist or Social Media Manager


Discover all the potential of proper social network management to make yourself known on the web, increase engagement and earn money by bringing new customers to your company! Acquire new skills or retrain professionally with a Social Media Marketing Course! Specialise in Social Network Management and take a quantum leap in your career; seize opportunities for a rewarding job or give your company a makeover.

Managing Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other popular social networks will have no more secrets!

By attending Digital-Coach’s Social Media Network Management Course, you will interact with professionals in the field and work concretely with social networks. You will acquire technical skills that will allow you to work independently in social network management, as a freelancer or Social Media Manager within companies and web agencies.


Social networks are now a widespread and consolidated phenomenon, communication channels we are all fond of because they allow us to share emotions, say who we are, shorten distances and be someone even on the web. Time spent on social networks is constantly increasing and these communication channels are increasingly used as search engines or information tools.For all these reasons, it is very important to get a certified social media manager, to acquire the right skills to work in this world.

But which are the most used social networks that you need to learn how to manage?

Through a Digital-Coach Social Network Management Course you will learn how to use all major social networks:

  • Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and Tumblr to share emotions with friends, fans and customers;
  • YouTube to engage your community with video content about you, your company, your products;
  • Linkedin to promote yourself or your business, find jobs, network and train;
  • Whatsapp, Telegram and other minors to communicate quickly with your followers and provide a more friendly customer care service.



Social network management is no walk in the park and, like any business, requires planning, an editorial calendar.

Moreover, social networks are a communication channel that works differently from traditional mass media and must be managed by integrating it with all other corporate communication and marketing channels, online and offline.

Doing social media marketing means first and foremost defining and developing an inbound marketing strategy in which social media is combined with other channels, from SEO to email marketing, to help buyer personas find you, get to know you, like you, and choose you when making a purchase.

By taking a Digital-Coach Social Network Management Course you will learn how to address these aspects too.



The secret to success in social network management lies in the ability to create communities by exciting, engaging and generating interactions between and with fans, friends, followers and potential customers.

Follow our Social Network Management Course and you will learn how to improve a Facebook page, Linkedin profile or any other social profile, by writing engaging posts, using engaging videos and images; more generally, by creating valuable digital content, i.e. content that responds to users’ needs.

For this, you will also learn how to use video editing and image processing tools.

Become a perfect Community Manager! Manage social profiles and social tools to do storytelling and customer care, qualify your company’s web reputation and resolve any crises by becoming an authoritative reference point also in the social world.


Among the activities that fall under social network management is the creation of advertising campaigns by publishing paid content to reach a greater number of users.

With Digital-Coach’s Social Network Management Course, you will learn how to use the main social advertising platforms – such as Facebook Ads and Twitter Ads – to bring more traffic to your site, increase conversions or, more simply, brand awareness.

You will learn how to advertise on Facebook and in the other social networks, how to plan a social advertising campaign according to the available budget, how to choose the goals to reach and target your audience, how to manage and schedule the publication of posts (e.g. with Facebook’s Power Editor). Finally, you will learn how to read the Insights and Analytics, identifying the main KPIs (key performance indicators) to be taken into account in order to assess the effectiveness of the advertising campaigns activated.

Start earning with social network management!

Do you still have doubts about enrolling in a Social Network Management Course?

Today, any company operating in B2B or B2C cannot disregard the development of its marketing strategy from proper social network management. But the social world is complex and constantly evolving!

The figures of the Social Media Manager and Social Media Specialist are increasingly in demand to support the growing needs of companies and web agencies.

Sign up for a Digital-Coach advanced Social Network Management Course and become a Social Media Marketing Expert!

Choose Digital-Coach because it is the training school par excellence, specialising in Social Media Marketing, Digital Marketing, Web Marketing and E-Commerce. With over 10 years of experience, its expertise is certified by Google Partner status.



Find out which Social Network Management Course is best suited to your needs:

  • Facebook MarketingC ourse
  • Social Media Marketing Course
  • Web Marketing and Social Media Course
  • Master Social Media Marketing
  • Master Web Marketing and Social Media
  • Social Media Manager Certification
  • Community Manager Certification
  • Digital PR Specialist Certification

You can attend lessons online with the possibility to interact with the teacher, or online on demand whenever you want. So there is no need to pack your bags! You can follow our social network management courses from wherever you are: all you need is a good Internet connection.

All courses include a final exam and profit certificate.

If you choose to follow a Master in Social Network Management, you will also be able to do a real practice (Work Experience) that will give you the opportunity to work with real professionals selected by Digital-Coach, applying what you have learnt during the lessons for 4 months.

In addition, Digital-Coach offers you a Social Media Marketing Job Portal that gathers useful advertisements and resources for your career in the digital professions of Social Media Marketing.




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