“SOCIAL NETWORK USE Course”: Is this what you are looking for?

Do you think that a Social Network Course could help you make the most of the opportunities that the different Social Media platforms offer? Do you feel that you have not yet adequately exploited these new marketing channels, personally or professionally? Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter , Google Plus , Pinterest , Hangout , Telegram , WhatsApp , Snapchat and other niche Social Media, Do they intimidate you but at the same time intrigue you because you see in their use the possibility of making a change in your career? To retrain or complete your specialization?

social network use course

Then you’ve found the school that’s right for you!

Not only that, we are able to provide you with the Social Network Course that is right for you, but we are also a Training Institution able to offer you a 360° training in Digital Marketing. Able to offer you an online Social Media Marketing Course, which we modulate into more than 15 proposals according to your needs.


“SOCIAL NETWORK USE Course”: Who to contact?

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On the internet you will find a vast range of free or paid training programs, which can also be used remotely, within which you will have to orient yourself. Regardless of the School you will attend online.

Here are some practical tips to find the right course for your needs.


“SOCIAL NETWORK USE Course”: How to choose it?

  • Choose CONCRETENESS. If you are looking for a course that really teaches you how to use Social platforms, you are certainly interested in a practical, concrete approach, with professionals able to really explain to you how to manage Social Marketing channels on a professional level, how to integrate them with each other by cross-media, with case studies and exercises with which to test your progress.
  • Understand your GOALS. If you want to use Social Networks to make new friends, you can settle for a course that teaches you the basic elements of how these online conversation and relationship platforms work. But if you want to change your job, if you want to earn with Social Networks, if you want to do marketing with Social Networks, if you want to transform these Social Sharing platforms into communication and dialogue tools with your company’s stakeholders, then you cannot be satisfied with any course.
  • INFORMATION .Search the web for the Social Network Course that’s right for you! Read the program carefully, give weight to the possibility of interacting with professionals in the sector, take advantage of the possibility of participating in 1 or 2 free trial lessons during courses on the use of Social Media. Collect opinions, comments, reviews. Read and listen to alumni interviews. Evaluate the availability of the School to clarify your doubts.
  • CENTER THE GOAL. Look for a complete Social Network course, within which at least the main topics are dealt with (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, instant messaging apps and the various emerging Social Media) and which possibly also teaches you strategy Social Media.
  • Aim for the SCALABILITY of your SKILLS. Start, if you want, with short-term courses, but choose a school that can support you with a broad training path and successive in-depth steps, because being a Social Media Specialist, Community Manager or Social Media Manager requires diversified and highly qualified skills that only an advanced course can guarantee you (Social Media Manager Course, Social Media Marketing Course or even Master Social Media Marketing). Along the way, you may even discover that you want to “embrace” the entire world of Digital Marketing , learn how to develop real digital marketing strategies through which to define a company’s presence on the internet, its image and its promotion (figure of the Web Marketing Manager).
  • CERTIFICATES. Make sure that you are issued with a certification of skills in using the various social networks, even better if the path includes a final exam. If you are looking for career opportunities, professional retraining, give the right value to the reputation (digital reputation) that you will acquire through the chosen school and its contacts with the business world (job opportunities, agreements and collaborations with companies you can participate).

SOCIAL NETWORK USE Course”: Why choose Digital Coach?

Because in doing so you will have access to a wide range of online Social Media Marketing courses, which can be modulated according to your personal goals and understand working with social media . You can start, if you want, from simple monothematic modules (such as the Facebook Community Manager Course ), choose the departure date, times and type of attendance. Our advice is to opt for a complete social media manager course , such as the Social Media Manager Certification Course or the Web Marketing and Social Media Master.

This will allow you to:

  • learn the language of insiders, essential for those involved in communication, digital pr and social networks;
  • become familiar with the concepts and features of Social Media platforms, from the most basic to the most sophisticated ones;
  • develop skills in listening to the network, identifying its influencers and the types of tone and language to use according to the Social Media channel used ( Facebook rather than Twitter );
  • set up Social Media campaigns, calibrating the objectives according to your target audience, and understand how to optimize them by reading insights and Social Signals ;
  • test yourself with a final profit certification and skills certification exam (up to a maximum of two attempts);
  • combine an in-depth knowledge of the use of Social Media channels with a 4-month internship experience (Work Experience), in which you will be supported and followed in your work by established digital marketing professionals, or even the possibility of an internship paid in digital oriented companies ;
  • access the first Job portal in Italy dedicated to new digital professions;
  • you will have video tutorials, e-books and the possibility of joining, through the Digital Coach Linkedin page, a vast network of Digital Marketing professionals with whom you can also deal with in the future.

Do you still think that a SOCIAL NETWORK USE Course isn’t for you?