Digital Coach has grown since its launch in Italy in 2012 every year at rates in excess of 40% per year on all the main indicators such as Online Visibility, Visitors, Turnover, No. of Clients, Social Presence.
In the graph opposite you can see the growth in the number of users (over 3 million) who have visited our website and the number of sessions/visits to the site.

Digital Coach’s growth has become increasingly vertical over the years. This phenomenon is only typical of companies that acquire a dominant position in their markets over time. As you can see from the graph opposite, the number of users visiting our site has increased by 78% in the last year. A gap even greater than that recorded in previous years.

On social media, Digital Coach has always had an important presence, both with content marketing, community management and digital PR activities, and with brand promotion through advertising investments. You can see from the image that our communication on Facebook has reached 6.8 million people with over 51 million advertising impressions delivered.


They did it!


Digital Coach has cost over 2,470,000 euros in Google Ads campaigns alone since 2012, generating over 3,560,000 clicks and 71,000 leads. The number of times users have viewed an ad is over 768 million.

The Digital Coach site has received a total of over 34 million views, of which about half are unique views.

Over 7 million new users have visited the Digital Coach site in over 11 million sessions, viewing 36.7 million pages in the last 11 years. An average of 3.5 page views per session and 5.25 page views per new user.

The Digital Coach site is visible between 1st and 3rd place on Google for 2,394 keywords (excluding ads) generating over 35% of total traffic and over 60% of organic traffic.

Over 7,200 keywords for which Digital Coach intercepts users on Google for pages positioned between 4th and 10th place on Google, generating over 25% of organic traffic.

Over the years, we have gathered enough visibility to merit a ‘return link’ from over 900 different sites 5,300 times. The Digital Coach site is visible on the Google search engine for over 44 thousand keywords in total, generating an impressive 149 thousand visits per month.

Digital Coach has reached over 6.37 million users with Facebook advertising campaigns alone in the last 3 years.

Over 6.1 million users reached with advertising campaigns alone created by Luca Papa’s Facebook company page to convey courses and services dedicated to companies. 42.9 million times an ad appeared to users, for an average of about 7 impressions per user.

Luca Papa has produced and published videos on his YouTube channel generating over 8 million views in the last 5 years (each view is counted if the user views at least 30 seconds of video), gathering around 15 thousand subscribers. Users have viewed over 139 thousand hours of videos.

Over 2 million users reached on Instagram alone by the Luca Papa account in communicating, disseminating and conveying the advantages of Digital Marketing to companies.

The Digital Coach website is visible for over 8,800 keywords in the top 10 positions, generating around 85% of organic traffic and over 40% of the total traffic generated by all channels.