What they are and how they work

For your online business, in addition to your company page, Facebook groups are a perfect way to gather information, interact with your audience, and increase engagement. Understanding their significance and knowing how to maximize them is incredibly helpful as they get more popular.

On this page, you can learn more about the Facebook groups App and the Facebook groups list and find out which type best suits your business. In addition, you will also find detailed instructions on how to create and find the Facebook groups you are interested in.

Finally, you will have the chance to learn about the numerous careers in the social media industry as well as the top training programs for a career in the digital industry.

facebook groups how to use them

What are Facebook groups?

The main tools Facebook offers its users are three: the personal profile, the page, and the group. The best-known and most used are the first two. Facebook groups, on the other hand, are very often less used because less is known about them.

Facebook Groups App

Facebook has recently expanded its functions, and its role has grown considerably. Facebook, in fact, has not only added new functions but has also improved its style to the point of developing a special application that allows them to be managed much more quickly, even from a mobile phone: Facebook Messenger.

Facebook groups are, therefore, often relegated to a marginal role within the strategy, but if well studied, a group can give excellent results from the outset and very useful data for the development of our activities on Facebook. Groups, in fact, allow you to approach and better understand your audience.

Groups, as opposed to pages that act as showcases for our brand or product, allow participants to act more freely to carry on discussions, and this allows immediate feedback from their customers who become active participants in the business, just as today’s market requires effective real-time marketing.

Facebook Groups for your company’s business

Facebook offers the possibility of creating groups of different natures and for different purposes. The person who creates the group is free to decide how to develop his or her network:

  • public Facebook group (or open group): allows its content to be visible to everyone: to group members and to those who are not members of the group.
  • closed Facebook group: the name and members are visible to everyone, but posts can only be seen by members of that group.
  • secret Facebook group: it is not traceable within the platform, and access is restricted to members selected by the administrator.

A Facebook group, by using it properly, can give us a lot of information about our users. With this information, we can plan and implement strategies that respond to the interests and critical issues that may arise.

Administrators of Facebook groups have access to and can manage group statistics. The “Seen By” button allows real-time monitoring of who has viewed a post or message. This function can help the administrator to better understand the potential of each individual post.

Please note that only administrators can eventually delete Facebook groups they manage after having removed all members.

The “Question” function (which has been removed from the Page functions) is still present in groups. Usually, the people in a group share the same interest – this is what Facebook groups are for – so it is easy to imagine how the right question can become a very useful tool for gathering the opinions of our customers. It is also possible to share one or more photos with members of a group without making them visible in the public profile.

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Facebook groups also offer the possibility for several users to work on the same document. A document can be created, which each member of the group can later integrate or edit. This function allows for strong collaboration.

Finally, there is the opportunity to create group chats on Facebook. A virtual meeting in which many people chat together, and each message is shared with all chat members.

Chat is indeed an effective collaborative tool, but if not properly controlled and moderated, it can be extremely chaotic to the extent that it reverses its original function and goes from being an enhancing element to a degenerating and therefore disqualifying one. The chat is currently functional for small groups.

How to create a Facebook group

How do you create a Facebook group? Doing so is very simple! First of all, you need to have a Facebook account and be logged in, after which you will find the icon and the word “Groups” in the left-hand column of your home page. After clicking on the icon, a page will appear showing you all the groups you are a member of.

In the top left-hand corner, by clicking on “Suggested,” you can see all open or closed groups to which your contacts belong. On the other hand, you can create a new group by clicking on the green button marked ‘+ Create Group’ at the top right. A window will now appear, allowing you to:

  • Naming the group
  • Adding people to the group
  • Decide whether the group will be public, closed, or secret

Click the “Create” button, and you’re done!

In the second step, you can choose the most suitable icon for the group, add other members, change privacy settings, add a short description of the group, name other administrators, set a group e-mail address, and customize the cover image.

fb group creation

You can also choose the type of Facebook group best suited to your needs!

It is possible to create a group with close friends, school, travel, or study companions. A group with one’s parents, family members, or neighbors. A club, team, or group to share events or projects. A support group, a video game group, or a personalized group.

Finally, Facebook offers the opportunity to create a shopping and sales group that allows additional functions compared to traditional groups. You will find a dedicated section where this is possible:

  • offer items for sale (complete with price and description)
  • mark items as sold
  • search for items to purchase.

The Facebook help center offers further useful information on Facebook groups.

How to find Facebook groups

Finding groups on Facebook is easy! Just go to the “search” bar on your home page and type in the name of the group you are looking for by pressing enter. After that, if the group does not immediately appear among the first results, you can select the groups’ entry in the top menu and filter your search. You will see that you can find really interesting Facebook groups!

How to see secret Facebook groups

As mentioned earlier, secret groups are not searchable within Facebook, and access is only granted to members selected by the administrator. If you search for a secret group in the “search” bar, it will not appear. The only way to see and join it is to contact the administrator or a member of the secret group if you know him/her.

List of Facebook groups

To see the list of Facebook groups and, in particular, those that may be of interest to you or of which your friends are members, all you need to do on your home page is to select the entry “groups” in the “Explore” menu in the left-hand column.

You will then see the groups of which you are a member or administrator. In the top left-hand corner, next to “Groups”, select “Suggested”. Here you can see the groups suggested by Facebook based on your interests. You will be able to see how many members there are in the groups and thus see the most numerous Facebook groups.

To go directly to the “Suggested Groups” page, click here.

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Getting to know Facebook and its dynamics is an excellent springboard for learning about and specializing in the world of Social Media in general. The world of Social Networks (including Facebook itself) and its exponential growth in recent years have meant that the job market is increasingly looking for professionals capable of handling these platforms.

Companies today, in order to be competitive, must be able to manage these tools by being present on all social media, planning a social media strategy, and monitoring the results.

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Facebook groups are a great monitoring tool for companies: our group members are unwitting influencers. Their actions in the group allow us to understand what they like and dislike. This is why a Web Reputation and Social Media Marketing course is essential.

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Web reputation results from analyzing everything published and what is said about our brand or product. This course offers you the opportunity to learn how to measure online reputation by teaching you how to use social monitoring tools also through practical exercises.

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