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What is detected with Instagram engagement calculation? How to calculate your engagement rate on Instagram and achieve a high level of interaction with your audience? Is the number of followers more important than the quality of the content? Instagram is the best social network to ensure significant engagement from your followers and, therefore, the most used platform by influencers.

Companies can also benefit from these factors by adopting influencer marketing strategies. Following a Social Media Specialist Course by Digital Coach allows you to delve into the facets of Instagram engagement calculation, both from the perspective of a brand representative and that of an aspiring influencer.

Engagement Rate on Instagram

The first step to take before understanding how to calculate the engagement rate on Instagram is to first define what the Instagram engagement rate is. This rate represents the level of engagement that users show towards an account’s content through comments, shares, and likes on Instagram. The “social network of photography” stands out for its potential to generate higher interaction rates compared to other platforms. It is estimated that the average user on Facebook or Twitter has an engagement rate of around 0.5% to 1%, while on Instagram, interaction levels range between 3% and 6%.


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What is Instagram Engagement Calculation?

Instagram’s engagement calculation allows you to determine how interesting and engaging the published content is for users by analyzing their interaction with it. It is not only an indicator of an influencer’s success, but also an interesting metric for companies looking to present their products to the public and gain recognition. To achieve this goal, brands seek profiles with a high engagement rate and find the answer by collaborating with influencers, and authoritative figures on social media followed by 1,000 or more people.

In this regard, Instagram has a monetization system different from other platforms. People who embark on the path of influencing on IG (Instagram) deal with brands without intermediaries or fixed fees, leading to agreements between the parties with compensation that can vary considerably depending on the type of collaboration.

The norm is that those with a good level of online engagement and a significant number of followers are paid more. However, it is not uncommon for aspiring influencers to purchase follower packages to achieve large numbers that correspond to a multitude of ghosts, fake, and non-existent accounts. For this reason, profiles followed by real followers who interact with the content are valued.

Why calculate Instagram Engagement?

Thanks to the influencer marketing strategy, brands present themselves to the public by leveraging collaborations with influencers. But how do these individuals work? They are people who share their lives online and share their daily experiences through social media, and with strong communication skills, they can influence and guide their followers towards specific products or services.

With their high level of Instagram engagement, they become promoters of a brand’s values and messages, and with the trust of their followers, they increase awareness, followers, and sales. In simple terms, an influencer’s recommendation is seen by users as a friend’s recommendation or suggestion.

online engagement followers

However, companies must select influencers consistent with their image and capable of providing quality content. To identify them, Instagram engagement calculation comes in handy as it measures the level of user engagement with their content. Regarding these dynamics, it is interesting to delve into the results of the analysis conducted by the company Markerly.

Researchers wondered how much influencer popularity mattered, and the answer was straightforward: a profile with a very high number of followers is not synonymous with a quality profile. The main discovery was that as follower count increased, user engagement decreased.

When a brand seeks the best influencer for its objectives, it must consider two inversely proportional factors: the aforementioned engagement rate and guaranteed coverage. Generally, the fewer followers a page has, the greater the reach and user engagement. Collaboration with smaller influencers who specialize in niche areas makes it easier to reach people interested in specific content and interact with them. Conversely, a strategy aimed at wide-scale coverage will result in lower audience interaction percentages.

It is estimated that the ideal compromise, to ensure the best combination of engagement and broad coverage, is the category of influencers with between 10,000 and 100,000 followers. Below, I suggest a resource e-book on the role of the Social Media Strategist.


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How to calculate Instagram engagement

Although there are different ways to do Instagram engagement calculation, it is essential to adopt a single judging method to compare different results based on the same criteria. There are very similar formulas, differing in complexity and depth of analysis.

Below are some examples of how to calculate Instagram engagement:

  • calculate the average likes and comments a profile receives for each post, divided by the number of followers, then multiplied by one hundred. Probably the most comprehensive formula.

calculate engagement rate followers

  • calculate the sum of likes, comments, and shares per post, divided by the number of fans, then multiplied by 100. This is a simpler formula as it doesn’t consider the number of posts published and the average interactions for each of them.

calculate engagement rate on instagram formulas

  • calculate the average likes and comments of the last 10 posts, excluding the most recent one, divided by the number of followers, then multiplied by 100. In this case, user engagement is calculated statistically by averaging interactions received on the sample of the last 10 posts.

calculate likes and comments on instagram


Instagram Engagement Calculator and data interpretation

The percentage obtained from the Instagram engagement rate calculation will indicate, as mentioned earlier, the user engagement with the analyzed profile. Although official data is missing, by comparing various online results, ideal engagement percentages generated by influencers for follower ranges can be identified.

earnings engagement rate

  • with 1 – 5 K followers = 5-8%
  • with 5 – 10 K followers = 4%
  • with 10 – 100 K followers = 2-3%
  • with 100 K – 1 M followers = 2%
  • with > 1 M followers = 1.8%

An influencer who offers interesting and stimulating content to users will have a profile that falls within these ranges. However, there are also outstanding cases that go well beyond these numbers, such as Camihawke, voted by users as the best Instagrammer at the “Macchianera Internet Awards 2019.”

This calculation was made possible thanks to the Instagram Money Calculator, a fast and effective tool that can be found online and is recommended by Digital Coach instructors in Digital PR courses. Try the test below to see if this profession is right for you.

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How to increase Instagram Engagement?

An aspiring influencer with a low engagement rate percentage on their profile, struggling to achieve their goals, may wonder how to resolve the situation. The answer is simple: adopt tailor-made marketing strategies, learn how to promote yourself, and achieve success.

Below, I suggest some guidelines to increase audience engagement:

increase engagement on instagram

  • post your content at the most suitable time for the type of profile you offer;
  • establish the theme of the page and develop a storytelling strategy;
  • maintain internal consistency;
  • use stories to interact with users and promote your posts;
  • choose hashtags wisely;
  • follow, interact, and tag popular pages related to your area of interest;
  • balance promotional content with pure entertainment;
  • post consistently, maintaining a continuous posting frequency;
  • interact with your followers, getting to know them;
  • periodically monitor Instagram engagement calculation;
  • take inspiration from feedback and criticism to keep improving and getting closer to your audience;
  • use effective tools and apps to offer high-quality content.

In conclusion, remember that Instagram is a real-time social network. For this reason, the IG algorithm rewards users who get numerous interactions on their content in the first few hours after posting, ensuring a higher number of impressions. By following the suggested guidelines, you can be rewarded by the algorithm and publish posts with excellent performance that last longer on users’ feeds.


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