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Today I will explain to you how to create a free newsletter. This explanation comes from another need: to do email marketing. A very important concept in your communication strategy.

What you are doing is establishing a “one-on-one” relationship with the customer through a personalized message that hits their interests, giving you the opportunity to satisfy them.

Creating a successful free newsletter is extremely important for generating traffic to your e-commerce, for example, allowing you greater conversion possibilities.

The great utility of the newsletter is being able to personalize and optimize its content based on the target audience, guaranteeing greater engagement possibilities. With this premise, let’s see what the key concepts are in creating a newsletter.

How to create a Newsletter?

There are two ways to create a newsletter for free:

  1. Build a newsletter with HTML code, also creating the graphical layout using programs like Photoshop.
  2. Use a platform that allows you to create a newsletter without any programming knowledge. MailChimp is probably the most widely used and can be easily integrated into your website. For WordPress, there are many plugins that can be helpful and guide you on how to create a free newsletter.

In both cases, there are some key questions that you should always ask yourself: what do I want to say, what result do I want to achieve, what should your target audience do once they receive the newsletter?

Once you have answers to these questions, choose the content and graphical layout to send to the end user, paying attention to the clarity and quality of the content. Remember that you can Integrate marketing automation to improve newsletter effectiveness.

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How to create a free Newsletter: The Layout

How do you create a free newsletter with the correct layout? One important thing to keep in mind when you decide to create a newsletter: the newsletter has a vertical format. This means that your content should not be arranged in width but in height.

It might be helpful to remember that experts recommend considering a maximum newsletter size of 800px in width and 1200px in height. Don’t forget that on the web, the color profile is RGB, and the resolution is 72 dpi.

Always choose a readable font and don’t go overboard with the text; the user might get tired before even reading what you want to convey.

create newsletter layout

Be clear, direct, and concise. We will talk more about the text in detail shortly.

How to Create a Free Newsletter while taking care of the images? The eye wants its share and even more. A beautiful photo can irreversibly capture the reader’s interest, so pay close attention and care to your product photos.

Industry statistics say that bright photos generate 25% more engagement, saturation should never be too high, and having a single dominant color can make your photo more appealing.

Optimizing Newsletter Text

How to optimize the text of your newsletter? The text is important, of course, but even more important is not overwhelming my reader with walls of words. It’s pointless to create a free newsletter that is unreadable to your end user.

Earlier, we mentioned that paragraphs should never consist of more than 4 lines of text, and now we’re adding more to the mix. Line spacing should be ample, ensuring that words are easily readable and distinguishable.

Use a sans-serif font and a color that stands out sharply from my layout’s background.

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Word Count Considerations

This question doesn’t have a single answer. The right response would be as many as necessary. However, there’s a principle you can apply. A newsletter that has a lot to communicate in terms of text can be divided: once you’ve written part of your text within my newsletter, you can include a link that allows your reader to read the complete article on your website.

This technique has a dual value: you don’t “scare off” your target with a text avalanche, and you drive them to your website, generating traffic. It’s worth keeping in mind when you decide to create a free newsletter.

For those who want a straightforward answer, we can say that 250-300 words are a sufficient and acceptable number for a newsletter.

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Links in the Newsletter

How to create a free newsletter with the right links? As we mentioned at the beginning of this article, we aim to generate traffic with a newsletter. Traffic to your e-commerce or blog is made possible through links in the newsletter.

Links should be placed within your text, with a different color for the linked words (blue and turquoise are recognized more easily as links), or they can be inserted inside your images, allowing your reader to easily reach the featured article in the photo.

ATTENTION! Links should always lead where your user expects to go! If your photo depicts a beautiful tropical beach landscape, the link certainly shouldn’t take me to mountain chalets on Mont Blanc. A simple example, but I hope it’s clear!

web marketing newsletter

Useful Links

Useful links are those related to your social networks: it’s always good to include them with corresponding icons at the bottom of the page.

Important, in terms of readability, is a link that allows your user to read the newsletter through your website. We say this because some email inboxes have problems reading newsletters.

You can easily overcome this hurdle by inserting the following simple statement in the newsletter’s header: “Having trouble viewing? Click here to see the newsletter in your browser.”

This way, you’ll cater to everyone’s needs, generating additional traffic to your site.

Create a free Newsletter emphasizing Privacy and Policy

Learn how to create a free newsletter that also includes privacy and policy considerations. This might be the most “boring” part of your creation journey, but it’s equally vital.

When you start an email marketing campaign, you’ll need to align your subscription forms with a privacy policy that outlines data processing, purposes, and associated responsibilities.

privacy policy of free newsletter

In the footer of your newsletter, including the well-known “unsubscribe” or “opt-out” button is mandatory. This “button” isn’t optional, as it enables users to easily remove themselves from the contact list anytime. This is a required element in every newsletter and should be prominently visible.

When should I send my free Newsletter?

Learn how to create a free newsletter without being overly intrusive and when to send it. The most obvious answer is “when you need it,” but in reality, there are several factors to consider.

Primarily, the newsletter is a useful tool for promoting news, special discounts, and highlighting new products. This means you should use the tool when you have something important to communicate; otherwise, it’s better to hold off.

Avoid the risk of becoming uninteresting or, worse, seen as invasive. Sending a newsletter daily will likely label you as a spammer, leading to a rapid decrease in your mailing list.

sending out newsletter

The Editorial Plan of the Newsletter

Programming, or editorial planning, is important to reach your potential customers at the right times. For example, holidays can be an excellent opportunity to launch your newsletters: optimize your tone of voice and layout based on the occasion you want to be present for.

Throughout the year, be creative with ideas; send special offers to your contacts, like birthday deals. Remember, it’s always nice to receive special attention and make your customers feel valued. Discount coupons, rewards, contests, and anything that engages your customers can stand out.

Whether your blog covers widely appealing topics or niche subjects, the concept remains the same: pique the reader’s interest with content that matters to them, make them a participant by directing them to your article, and encourage comments.

Promote the free newsletter on your social channels and make it an unmissable appointment.


How to Create a Free Newsletter? Creating a newsletter is just the first step; you need to build a web marketing strategy around it to make it more effective. It’s essential to monitor what actions the reader takes upon receiving your newsletter.

Understand their main interests and what engages them less. Always personalize the content to achieve the best results.

Your newsletter content should always include links to the relevant pages of your site, appealing and high-quality images, simple and effective language, as well as a clear and well-organized layout.

Also, pay attention to any mandatory content concerning privacy regulations. Now, you’re ready to get started! Best of luck with your newsletter.

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