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Have you created a website using WordPress and need to design one or more landing pages? On this page, you’ll learn how to craft landing pages using WordPress quickly and effectively.

Landing pages are essential tools in a web strategy focused on boosting online sales or gaining new customer contacts. It’s crucial to understand how to create an effective landing page and the necessary attributes it should possess.

How to create landing page WordPress

There are several ways to generate landing pages (destination or landing pages) for your website. You can accomplish this using WordPress, for example, by utilizing page builders or various available plugins (free or paid). Additionally, numerous online tools, both free and paid, are intuitive enough for nearly anyone to create and publish a landing page within an hour.

On this page, our focus is on how to create landing page WordPress rather than using other tools or software. WordPress is the most widely used CMS for building websites and offers numerous compatible tools for developing landing pages easily and rapidly.

Before delving into how to create landing page WordPress, it’s important to delve deeper into what landing pages are, their purposes, and the essential features they need to genuinely assist online activities. For a more comprehensive understanding of WordPress in general, consider enrolling in one of the WordPress courses to learn the fundamentals of this tool.


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What is a Landing Page

In a broad sense, a landing page is any web page where a user arrives (or “lands”) after clicking a link. It’s a fairly straightforward concept. However, within the realm of digital marketing, landing pages become more than that: they are genuine marketing tools capable of yielding tangible results (sales and leads) by guiding users to take specific and measurable actions.

To better comprehend what a landing page is, let’s discuss its role within a digital strategy and, more specifically, the objectives it must achieve for an online activity’s inbound marketing.

What is the purpose of a Landing Page

The purpose of how to create a landing page WordPress is to increase your site’s conversions. Conversions are the actions users take on your site that generate value for your business.

It’s up to you to determine which specific user action represents a conversion and assign its value. These decisions form the backbone of designing inbound marketing activities for your website.

The two primary goals that landing pages must contribute to are increasing online sales and lead generation. Depending on the predefined objective, you can create two types of landing pages:

  • A Click-through page aims to guide the user to another page, usually the sales page of a product. These pages should provide a comprehensive description of the product or offer you want to promote. This way, the user can have all the necessary information to decide to click the link to the sales page (conversion). Well-crafted click-through pages can significantly contribute to boosting your sales.
  • A Lead page is designed to collect contacts of potential customers (leads). They aim to gather email addresses and entice users to subscribe to the newsletter, often offering free resources (such as webinars, e-books, and tutorials). Lead pages help you build a database of qualified email addresses for your email marketing efforts.

Landing pages can help you obtain contacts from people interested in your products and identify which ones attract potential customers the most. Moreover, analyzing the traffic generated by landing pages can reveal the most effective web marketing channels for your online business.


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How to create an effective Landing Page

At this point, you understand what a landing page is and its purpose. However, before you can know how to create landing page WordPress, you need to know the characteristics a destination page must have to be truly effective and achieve the goal you’ve assigned to it.

It’s essential to understand the criteria for how to create a functioning landing page since a well-constructed landing page can have a significant impact on your website’s conversion rate.

Do you want to know how to create an effective landing page with WordPress? Keep these points in mind.

Clear objectives and defined target

A landing page must have a single, specific, and measurable objective. This way, by analyzing data with Google Analytics, you can precisely determine if the page is positively affecting conversions or not. Additionally, each landing page should be tailored to a specific target audience to best address their needs.

Useful and well-written content

The landing page should contain all the necessary information for the user and, most importantly, the benefits they can gain from the product you are promoting or from subscribing to the newsletter. Every destination page should also be well-written. Use persuasive copywriting, always keeping in mind the problems and needs of the target user you want to address. Be concise and strive to keep readers focused on the page’s content.

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Message consistency with desired action

All call-to-action links, as well as forms (read also: how to create WordPress contact forms), on a landing page, should point to a single action. Users should only be able to perform the action (conversion) you want them to take and should not get distracted. Additionally, there should be no navigation menus on a landing page, and it’s a good practice to repeat the call-to-action at various points on the page (especially for pages with more text).

Attention to design and user-friendliness

The landing page should have a clean and effective design, be easy to navigate, and provide an excellent user experience. It should be optimized for mobile devices, and every element should be well-designed, from content placement to colors, and the number of fields in the forms. To find the optimal combination of elements, you should create multiple variations of the same landing page and conduct A/B testing for a single variable (for example, testing whether the green or blue call-to-action button generates more conversions).

Always include relevant images to showcase the product you’re promoting or the free resource you’re offering in exchange for newsletter sign-ups.

Build trust

To build trust with users and lend credibility to your claims, include real customer testimonials on the landing page. Provide guarantees such as “satisfaction guaranteed” if you’re selling a product or reassure users that you won’t send spam or sell their email addresses to third parties if the conversion involves newsletter sign-ups.

How to create a WordPress landing page

We’ve covered all the characteristics that a landing page needs to have to generate as many conversions as possible. Now, let’s delve into the specifics of how to create a WordPress landing page.

Technically, the process of how to create landing page WordPress isn’t much different from editing a homepage in WordPress. To get started, you essentially need to click on the “Pages” section in the left menu and then click on “Add New.”

You’ll need to give the page an H1 title and insert text and images into the editor box. However, what sets apart a landing page from a generic web page are the content characteristics we discussed above. This is where you can take advantage of WordPress plugins, page builders, and themes, which enhance your WordPress dashboard with additional features to create landing pages effortlessly and quickly.


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WordPress plugins for creating landing pages

There are numerous WordPress landing page plugins: most of them are paid as they offer advanced features and integrations with other software (such as MailChimp).

Here, we list some of the most commonly used plugins, even by professionals, to create landing pages for a WordPress site.


OptimizePress is one of the well-known paid tools for how to create landing pages WordPress. Its visual editor allows you to create various types of landing pages. Additionally, it’s available both as a plugin (compatible with any template) and as a WordPress theme.

You can integrate OptimizePress with many external services such as MailChimp, Google Analytics, and Paypal.


LeadPages allows you to how to create landing page WordPress and beyond. In fact, pages created with LeadPages can be integrated into Facebook or any HTML page. To create a landing page, simply select a template and customize it using a very intuitive and precise page builder. You can create an unlimited number of landing pages, use them on unlimited websites, and manage them all from a single control panel.

LeadPages hosts user-created landing pages on its servers. It also enables you to send files to your newsletter subscribers and conduct A/B testing between different page versions.

WordPress Landing Pages

WordPress Landing Pages is a free plugin (though you can purchase the paid version to integrate it with popular email marketing services) and is, therefore, slightly less versatile compared to other plugins. However, it still offers you a range of templates for how to create landing page WordPress.

It also provides various additional features such as A/B testing between different versions of a page and conversion tracking.

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Creating a Landing Page with WordPress page builders

Page builders are tools that greatly facilitate the creation of page layouts on WordPress. There are various types available, and although they aren’t specifically designed tools on how to create landing page WordPress, they can still be an interesting solution to start building landing pages on your site.

wordpress landing page template

Even in this case, most of them are paid, and you have a wide variety of options:

  • Beaver Builder
  • Thrive Architect
  • Visual Composer
  • Elementor
  • Divi Builder
  • and many more…

In essence, they all have a visual editor and can be integrated with most major email marketing software. You just need to test different solutions and choose which one to install on your WordPress site to create your landing pages.

Determining when to create a Landing Page

To provide you with a more comprehensive understanding of how landing pages can benefit your business, consider the following four scenarios:

  • Newsletter Subscription: establishing an email newsletter is an effective means to connect with your clientele. You can leverage a dedicated form-based landing page to entice visitors into joining your mailing list. Craft a succinct and attention-grabbing headline paired with a concise copy to attract a larger audience.
  • Event Enrollment: a specialized form-focused landing page serves as an excellent vehicle for promoting upcoming events, such as webinars, community gatherings, or conferences. Create a straightforward landing page form to boost ticket sales and registrations. Incorporating a countdown timer can infuse a sense of urgency into the mix.
  • Coming Soon Previews: if you’re launching a new website, product, or service, constructing a “coming soon” landing page can foster excitement around your brand and draw prospective customers. Employ a crystal-clear call to action while showcasing social media links to optimize your “coming soon” page.
  • Feedback Gathering: implement an online form that delivers value to your website visitors in exchange for their valuable suggestions and feedback. Offering promotional codes as incentives is a common practice to encourage visitor input.

For instance, take a look at Food for Others’ newsletter landing page. It boasts a clean and straightforward layout accentuated by a clear headline. The distraction-free design ensures that site visitors can effortlessly focus on the content.

Digital Coach® Courses to create and leverage Landing Pages

While they are designed to be intuitive and user-friendly, the tools we’ve discussed should be explored in-depth to make the most of them and create effective landing pages.

Digital Coach® offers various training courses where you can learn how to create landing page WordPress for your site.

All Digital Coach® courses are available in both direct online mode and in-person in Milan. Course lessons are recorded and can be viewed online by students multiple times. Additionally, students have access to course material in slide format for all lessons.

Inbound Marketing and Lead Generation course

In addition to creating WordPress landing pages, would you like to learn how to use them within a multichannel strategy that allows you to capture new clients online? Digital Coach®’s Inbound Marketing and Lead Generation course is just what you need.

Inbound Marketing is a marketing approach that’s an integral part of a strong Web Marketing Strategy, attracting potential customers towards us instead of interrupting them while they’re engaged elsewhere.

To do Inbound Marketing, you need to be able to show specific target audiences the content that interests them most, at the right time and place. Your goal is to attract and then convert them into new customers.

Lead Generation is a critical phase in the Inbound Marketing process, generating new leads (inbound leads) that can potentially become new clients. Knowing how to create landing page WordPress is essential in this context.

In this course, you’ll understand the factors to consider when implementing a successful Inbound Marketing Strategy, how to set up an Inbound Marketing Plan, and which channels are most suitable for your objectives.

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Email Marketing course

Landing pages play a central role in Email Marketing campaigns: if you observe, all the promotional emails you receive lead to specific landing pages. In Digital Coach®’s Email Marketing course, you can discover how to effectively utilize the landing pages you’ve created using WordPress within your email campaigns.

The Digital Coach® Email Marketing course presents best practices and tips for planning an effective Email Marketing campaign. Participants are provided access to a free email marketing platform account to experiment with creating emails, campaigns, lists, and reports.

The course program includes:

  • Introduction to Direct Email Marketing;
  • Transactional Email and Triggered Email;
  • Creating Promotional Emails;
  • Building an effective Email template, examples of Newsletters, Info emails, understanding Spam;
  • Defining the target;
  • Creating quality mailing lists, Database maintenance, and monitoring outgoing Emails, Delivered Emails, and Opened Emails;
  • Measuring generated interest and campaign results;
  • Calculating the ROI of an Email Marketing Campaign.

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WordPress and website creation course

To be able to create landing pages using WordPress, you must first have a solid understanding of this tool’s functions. Digital Coach®’s WordPress & Website Creation course serves as a guide to the basic functionalities of the world’s most widely used CMS (Content Management System) for website creation.

The WordPress course includes an analysis of the most common and functional WordPress themes and well-known WordPress plugins. Topics covered include security, paid services, and legal information necessary for creating pages, blogs, and websites using WordPress.


For more information about course start dates, attendance options, and more, please feel free to reach out to us! We’re here to assist you