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On this page, we will explain how to embed video in WordPress. Sometimes, text alone is not enough. Nowadays, even for a simple WordPress post, it’s best not to rely solely on plain text.

It’s important to also incorporate multimedia elements such as audio tracks, images, and, of course, videos. This is because our posts and pages are not only viewed on desktop computers but also on mobile devices.

Therefore, users also focus on images, audio files to listen to, and interesting videos to watch on their smartphones or tablets.

Regarding how to insert videos in WordPress, there are two methods: a simple one that requires a few steps, and another that involves using WordPress plugins. We will now explain both of these methods below.

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How to embed video in WordPress in a few simple steps

Embedding videos in WordPress is quite simple. You can create an account on YouTube. Once you’ve uploaded your videos, you can copy the embed code. Then, simply paste the code into the HTML editor, and the work is ready to be viewed.

How to save even more time to embed videos in WordPress? Just take the URL of the content and paste it into the editor. This is enough to make it appear in the article because this CMS, WordPress, supports YouTube’s code as well as that of other platforms like Vimeo, Flickr, Hulu, and Instagram.

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How to embed videos in WordPress using WordPress Plugins

If you work with visuals and go beyond simple copy-pasting of code strings, in such cases, you can seek help from dedicated WordPress plugins for videos.

You can choose from hundreds of solutions. For example:

  • Envira Gallery – A paid plugin to create video galleries on WordPress. This plugin also works with images and supports YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia, and other solutions. This includes videos uploaded to the blog using native uploads.
  • Video Gallery WordPress Plugin – Another advanced paid plugin to create a multimedia experience on your WordPress blog. This extension, in addition to various customizations, changes the video preview with the image of your choice.
  • Advanced Responsive Video Embedder – If you don’t like the embedded YouTube video style, perhaps you haven’t tried this plugin: it’s SEO-friendly, has a responsive player, and its features can be customized using an editor, including size customization, and more.
  • Contus WordPress Video Gallery – To be chosen to give a different look to the typical YouTube player. You can customize many parameters and make the video experience of the blog unique.

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The goal is also to analyze individual professional themes, paid Pro services, and the necessary plugins for website creation.

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The YouTube and Online Video Marketing Course addresses the need to understand the strategic dynamics revolving around viral marketing and video advertising, to create suitable video content and monitor the results using YouTube analytics.

Embedding a video in YouTube means making it immortal. We can make ourselves visible on the internet with a YouTube video, a YouTube channel, advertising videos, or a mix of these elements.

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The course objectives include understanding the importance and potential of online videos and web video marketing, understanding how YouTube works and all its mechanisms (channel, playlist, community, advertising, etc.), discovering the dynamics that intersect with Social Media and the engagement created by viral videos.

It will also explain how to build and position a video in terms of SEO, how to understand, develop, and leverage YouTube Advertising, and all possible advertising combinations that can add value to your business.

Finally, successful case histories will be analyzed to understand techniques and strategies for triggering viral videos on YouTube, as well as in relation to other social platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

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Incorporating videos into WordPress using embedding

Embedding videos in WordPress after building your website is crucial for enhancing conversions and user engagement through multimedia content like videos and images. V

Videos incorporated into blog posts effectively capture and sustain visitors’ attention, leading to prolonged page views. This engagement is valuable, as many visitors favor watching videos over reading text.

In fact, the demand for video content is high, with 54% of people expressing a desire for more video content online.

Upload videos to WordPress

While it is possible to directly upload videos to WordPress, it is advised against. Embedding videos involves uploading them to video hosting platforms like Vimeo, YouTube, or InVideo, and then integrating them into your website. This approach is preferable over direct uploading to the WordPress Media Library.

Embedding videos in WordPress offers several benefits:

Resource Efficiency

For small blogs on shared WordPress hosting, storing videos on external platforms prevents excessive server resource consumption, reducing the risk of crashes from high video traffic. This strategy also helps maintain optimal page loading times, essential for good SEO.

Optimized Video Quality

Video hosting sites like Vimeo and YouTube offer in-player quality settings, allowing viewers to adjust video size and quality. This eliminates the need for multiple versions for different screen sizes.

Increased Visibility and Traffic

Embedding YouTube videos in WordPress boosts visibility by leveraging the vast user base of YouTube. This avoids losing traffic from the hosting platform. YouTube’s popularity, with billions of logins and being a top search engine, makes it an ideal choice. Other options like Vimeo, Wistia, and Jetpack Video can also be considered.

Additionally, WordPress stands out as a cost-effective and excellent website builder in 2022.

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