Inbound marketing strategies

Are you wondering how to find new clients online? You’re in the right place!

Anyone who owns a business is always on the lookout for new ways to connect with customers. Now more than ever, it’s crucial for the digital realm to be an integral part of your strategy. All potential customers can be found online.

Why is that? Even though it’s lagging behind many other countries, there are 50 million people browsing the web, which accounts for roughly 83% of the total population.

On this page, I will assist you in understanding how to get new clients online for your business by utilizing the channels offered by inbound marketing.

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Strategies for Attracting New Clients

One of the most effective strategies to get more customers online is undoubtedly Inbound Marketing, a process through which you can draw potentially interested clients by creating high-quality content.

To achieve this, it’s necessary to implement strategies aimed at attracting users to you, rather than disrupting them during their online activities.

To win over new clients, inbound marketing relies on offering valuable content tailored to a specific audience for your business, at the right time and in the right places.

An effective inbound marketing strategy begins by answering fundamental questions to create buyer personas, that is, your ideal customers. For example, think about their location, age, profession, and needs.

This initial step is crucial for understanding how to get more customers online in the subsequent phases of the inbound marketing process.

In fact, it will be much simpler and more effective to determine which online channels to use to reach your clients and what information to provide at each stage of their buying process.

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Finding New Clients Online through Lead Generation

Prior to gaining new clients, there’s an intermediate step in the inbound marketing process known as lead generation (learn how to become an expert in lead generation).

The goal of this phase is the generation of new records that could become potential customers.

A simple example of lead generation is a user who, after searching on Google, finds your website among the top results, visits it, and decides to fill out the form on the page with their information. That user has just become a record.

To determine if they are a potential customer, it’s important to dedicate your efforts and attention to the activity of lead nurturing, which is the activity aimed at first establishing a relationship and then generating conversions, that is, sales, at the end of the funnel.

This phase is closely related to inbound marketing, that is, the ability to build a trusted relationship with potential customers in the right place at the right time. In the following paragraphs, I will explain the best channels to use to find new customers online.

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How to Find Clients Online with Inbound Marketing Channels

Not all marketing channels are the same, so it’s essential to study which ones your target audience prefers to understand how to find your first customers using inbound marketing.

Regardless of your industry, I will discuss all the channels you can leverage in your inbound marketing strategy.

If you’re eager to understand how to find clients for web develpment, while you read the following paragraphs, start thinking about which channels are most suitable for attracting your potential customer’s attention.

An SEO-Optimized Website

How many times have you wondered how to find new customers abroad? The website can certainly be a possible solution, but it needs something more.

Have you tried to see where your website appears in the SERP by typing in the keywords related to your product or service? If it’s positioned on the second page or even later, that’s not a good sign.

Almost all users stop at the results that Google provides on the first page. As a result, if you’re not among the top results in the SERP, it will be very difficult to receive qualified visits.

That’s why it’s crucial to build an SEO-optimized website that focuses on content quality; otherwise, it’s like having a physical store without customers coming to visit.

Returning to the initial question, if your goal is to acquire new customers abroad, you absolutely need to consider the possibility of optimizing your website in the language of the country of your interest.

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Social Media

Social networks are used by millions of people and, for this reason, if managed properly, they represent excellent platforms for finding customers.

In fact, they can be channels to strengthen bonds and build relationships with a new and wider audience.

However, not all social platforms are the same. For example, many professionals wonder how to find new clients on LinkedIn. Before posing this question, it’s important to understand whether your potential clients are actually present on this social network.

In your inbound marketing strategy, after studying your target audience, you’ll need to identify which social platforms your buyer personas frequent and tailor your communication strategy to those platforms. LinkedIn could be the right channel to find new clients in the B2B sector.

It can also be very useful to engage in social media advertising, which involves paid promotions. For example, Facebook ads, the advertising platform of the world’s most used social network, allow for highly targeted advertising based on gender, age, location, and especially interests.

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The Blog

Starting a blog is an excellent strategic move not only if you have a company, but also if you want to find clients as a freelancer.

Every professional can use this tool to stand out from their competitors by sharing industry news and interesting insights in their own unique way.

For instance, how to find new clients online if you’re in the field of nutritional health? You could write specialized articles addressing topics you’re well-versed in and that are highly interesting to your potential clients.

By including a contact form on the page, every new person who finds your content intriguing might reach out for information and potentially become a future client.

Of course, patience is required. It’s a tool that can yield significant results in the medium to long term, yet remains one of the best as it allows you to find new clients for free.

Search Engine Advertising

If you are hoping to find a new section that reveals how to find new clients for free, you’ll be disappointed.

Search engine advertising is among the more costly forms of paid promotion on the web. However, I’d like to help you understand through a practical example why it can be particularly effective, justifying the higher investments required compared to other forms of online advertising.

If you want to find new clients as a financial consultant, you could initiate a campaign for the search term “financial consultant” so as to appear with your website among the top results in Google’s SERP only for individuals who type in these keywords.

This mechanism enables advertisements on search engines to be especially focused on conversion. In fact, by displaying your advertisement solely to people who have demonstrated a specific search intent at that precise moment, you’ll receive highly qualified traffic to your website.

Conversely, social media advertisements are presented to a predetermined target based on sociodemographic criteria, but without a clearly expressed interest in your product or service through a web search.

To achieve success with search engine advertisements, specific skills and a trial period are necessary to discern which keywords yield a favorable return on investment.

I recommend integrating them into your DIY marketing strategy only if you have gained experience and familiarity with Google Ads; otherwise, there’s a risk of needlessly squandering your budget.

Finding New Clients through Email Marketing

How to find new clients online? The final channel I’ll discuss is email marketing, a tool that enables the distribution of DEMs (Direct Email Marketing) or newsletters regarding updates about your business, products, or your professional sector to a contact database.

DEM campaigns consistently offer commercial content and aim to acquire new leads. The email sent to users contains links that direct them to landing pages with details about the offer.

In contrast, the goal of a newsletter is to foster loyalty and engagement through informative, educational, or service-oriented content targeted at an already established database.

However, they can also be created for promotional strategies or cross/up-selling by suggesting the purchase of complementary or premium services. Various software solutions exist for managing this activity professionally;

Mailchimp is certainly one of the most integrated email marketing platforms globally.

To find new clients online, it’s beneficial to consider all these channels and guidelines. However, remember that each business has its own distinctive characteristics.

Therefore, always commence by analyzing your market and potential clients before formulating your inbound marketing strategy.

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