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Are you trying to understand how to get more views on YouTube? Are your videos getting a few views, and do you need someone to explain how to do it?

Thanks to this guide, you’ll have the opportunity to dissolve your doubts and discover all the secrets about how to increase views on YouTube to take your channel towards success.

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Why are views important on YouTube?

Views on YouTube play a crucial role as they impact the YouTube algorithm, leading to greater video visibility among audiences. Higher view counts result in algorithmic promotion to a broader audience.

Additionally, views contribute to generating income on the platform, appealing to creators aiming for returns on their efforts. Moreover, views serve as a means to enhance awareness and foster brand loyalty, necessitating engagement with potential viewers to achieve long-term objectives.

While attaining target viewership takes time, connecting with initial prospects is essential for sustained success.

8 simple and quick steps on how to get more views on YouTube

If you’ve landed on this page, it’s because you’ve definitely started a YouTube channel, but despite your efforts, you’re not getting the views your videos deserve.

There’s probably something wrong with what you’re doing, so try following the directions I’ll give you below on how to increase views on YouTube.

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1. Create engaging content

As obvious as it may be, the first fundamental rule to get more views on YouTube is to create videos that can be useful and interesting to the users who watch them.

Learn to focus on your specific target niche and get creative by making:

  • video tutorials,
  • guides,
  • reviews,

that can keep your followers glued to the screen.

Additionally, having high video quality and well-balanced content that’s neither too long nor too short is crucial. Video quality and editing are also essential: good lighting and medium length can truly make a difference, especially when accompanied by an effective description for increased CTR.

2. Use the right thumbnail image

It’s well-known that the eye wants its share, so choosing the right thumbnail image is one of the tricks to increase views on YouTube.

The platform allows for default thumbnail images, but it’s advisable to create a customized one that has:

  • a resolution of 1280 x 720 with a 16:9 aspect ratio,
  • a JPG – GIF – PNG – BMP format,
  • a size limit of 2 MB,
  • vibrant and contrasting colors to grab the attention,
  • at least one person’s close-up,
  • overlaid text in bold characters to convey the content and arouse curiosity,
  • a small, recognizable, customized logo.

3. Create the video using the APP method

The APP method, devised by Brian Dean, is used to pique more interest in the user and it is divided into 3 phases:

  1. Agree: Identify a problem with the user.
  2. Promise: Promise that your video will help the user solve it.
  3. Preview: Preview how you’ll solve the problem during the video.

4. Encourage user subscriptions to your channel

It’s important to encourage users to subscribe to your channel and like the videos they’re watching, both at the beginning and end of each video. Doing so can help you gain more YouTube views much more easily.

Additionally, let your followers know that by activating the notification bell, they can receive alerts for every new video or update you post on your channel.

Don’t forget to promote other videos from your channel in the conclusion and cards to maintain your audience’s engagement.

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5. Utilize other social media to promote your channel

With the presence of other social media platforms (and your potential blog), you have the opportunity to introduce your videos to a broader audience.

Promoting them, for example, through a short introductory video, would help you promote them more effectively. Give it a try!

6. Advertise your channel

Even if you only have a small amount of money, advertise your channel: this technique will help you gain recognition more quickly and reach an ever-expanding audience of visitors.

Promote your videos through Google AdWords, testing with different budgets and target audiences.

7. Create and cultivate your community

The community tab can provide significant benefits in terms of visibility and user engagement. Interaction with your audience can happen through GIFs, videos, texts, images, playlists, and polls.

Remember, to respond to comments and listen to what your viewers have to say.

To discuss the creation of a community, you should have a minimum of 1000 subscribers to your channel: Roll up your sleeves and work towards reaching this initial goal as soon as possible.

8. Consistently publish videos

Consistency is key to keeping your audience engaged with your videos. For this reason, publish a video every week. Don’t get discouraged if you don’t see significant results initially; with perseverance and patience, everything will come together!

These are the most important tips to understand how to increase YouTube views for free (or nearly free). Before I continue to reveal more secrets, if you’re looking for other tricks to implement on social media and how to write compelling content that can help grow your pages, I recommend you download free resources online.

How YouTube views work

Before I delve into how YouTube views function, I’d like to start by briefly explaining what it is, when it was created, and the worldwide impact it has had on internet users.

Here’s an excerpt from the Wikipedia page dedicated to YouTube:

“…is a web 2.0 platform, founded on February 14, 2005, that enables the sharing and viewing of multimedia content (video sharing): on the site, you can watch video clips, trailers, short films, news, live streams, slideshows, and other content such as video blogs, short original videos, instructional videos, and more, with users also being able to vote, add to favorites, report, and comment on videos.

Acquired in October 2006 by the American company Google for around $1.65 billion, with the company headquartered in San Bruno, California, according to Alexa, it’s the second most visited website in the world, trailing only Google, earning advertising revenue from Google AdSense, a program that directs ads based on site content and audience.”

We can confidently state that YouTube has effectively become a powerful digital marketing tool that, if used intelligently, can yield significant results in terms of visibility and revenue.

Creating videos on YouTube is simple; you just need to have registered on the platform and, after creating your channel, upload the content you’ve created.

Naturally, the central focus of the entire social network is the videos, so it’s important to create content that captures the attention of your followers and increases views.

But what are YouTube views? Views represent the number of times each individual user watches a video. The popularity of the published content is determined by this count.

YouTube employs a system to verify the accuracy of views, which doesn’t display all views in the initial hours after a video is published.

Thanks to its algorithms, any discrepancies will be subtracted from the total view count. To monitor a video’s performance, tools like YouTube Analytics can be utilized to estimate potential viewing activities.

However, this doesn’t always align with the data on the page itself.

increase youtube views

Increasing youtube views through SEO

Just as with any respectable activity in the realm of digital marketing, implementing an organic strategy is essential, given that YouTube is also a search engine.

Performing SEO on YouTube has become more important than ever for anyone wishing to secure top results for specific keywords and get a video trending.

After determining which focus keywords you intend to target, implementing a series of adjustments to optimize your channel and videos becomes crucial. As for video optimization, let’s explore the main steps together!

  • Video Title: To communicate the video’s topic to YouTube and Google, it’s vital to include the focus keyword in the title.
  • Description: Insert the focus keyword multiple times within the description, along with related terms. Utilizing the right keywords is a foolproof trick to increase YouTube views.
  • Focus Keyword: Mention the keyword several times within your video.
  • Hashtags: Include them in the description. They must be relevant; however, be cautious not to overdo it, as it could lead to penalties from YouTube.
  • Tags: Insert tags related to the topic to enhance positioning in related videos.
  • Video Thumbnail: Along with the title, it’s a key factor in increasing the Click-Through Rate (CTR).

increase views through seo

Channel optimization, which also aims to provide greater visibility, consists of several additional phases. Let’s analyze the most important ones!


  • Channel Cover and Description: Create a cover photo of the correct size, add a profile picture, and craft a detailed channel description optimized for SEO.
  • Playlists: Construct playlists to organize the channel’s content by topics.
  • Section Management: Sections serve as the primary organizational tool for channels.
  • Links: The presence of links redirecting to the website and social media in the information tab is important.
  • Trailer: Develop a channel trailer that can entice users to subscribe in a matter of seconds. Describe your identity and objectives.

YouTube SEO optimization tools: What are they?

To optimize your channel and videos, you need to utilize various tools. There are numerous tools available to assist your content in ascending YouTube’s search engine results pages (SERPs). These tools cater to different needs and are indispensable for increasing views.

Keyword tools

  • Auto-Completion: You’ve probably noticed that when you type a keyword, YouTube automatically suggests related terms. These, similar to Google’s auto-suggestions, represent the most frequently searched keywords by users. These can prove to be very useful!
  • It offers numerous variations of the same keyword and even provides examples of tags and descriptions to gain more views. It comes in both a free and a paid version.
  • Kparser: This is a paid tool that enables you to explore thousands of long-tail keywords.

Competitor analysis tools

  • Quintly: A paid tool that integrates your data with other social media data. It helps monitor subscribers, published videos, and user engagement levels for individual videos as well as the entire channel.
  • VidlQ: It offers a comprehensive video marketing strategy. Alongside providing an overall view of your channel, it allows free analysis and comparison of up to 4 competitors. This aids in understanding better how to increase the number of views and achieve superior performance.
  • Rival IQ: With this tool, you have the opportunity to gain a comprehensive overview of both your channel and the competition. It shows you the videos that have achieved the most success, the engagement rate, and the comments.

Competitor tag-checking tools

  • RapidTags: Allows you to quickly generate tags in multiple languages.
  • YouTube Tag Generator: Extracts tags from videos by entering the YouTube URL.
  • TagsForYouTube: Lets you publicly display the tags of competitor videos.

Image optimization tools

  • Canva: Offers the ability to create YouTube thumbnails (video preview images) and all things related to visual content. Images play a crucial role in enticing users to view our content and increase YouTube views.
  • Crello: With this tool, you can create a variety of social media content. Especially for YouTube, you can create thumbnails, banners, logos, covers, and much more!
  • Snappa: Allows you to create customized thumbnails with pre-designed YouTube templates.

As you’ve seen, there are many diverse tools necessary for a completely optimized channel. They are indispensable for a better understanding of how to increase views on YouTube.

Digital marketing has become a daily essential for thousands of individuals and businesses worldwide.

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How do you promote your YouTube channel?

To grow a YouTube audience deliberately, one must employ various promotional tactics due to the competitive nature of the platform. Despite some strategies demanding more effort, they all contribute to increasing channel visibility and subscriber count.

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In conclusion, to comprehend how to increase YouTube views, just follow these simple guidelines. YouTube has revolutionized marketing practices, granting millions of companies, youths, and freelancers a simple yet effective platform to promote their products and services.

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