Find out how to improve the visibility of your company

Discover How to Increase LinkedIn Followers by enhancing your business’s visibility. A LinkedIn business page offers a fantastic opportunity to promote your products and services, recruit top talents, and share important, interesting, and useful updates.

There are several steps to take to increase followers for your LinkedIn company page and enhance your activity’s visibility on the renowned social network for professionals.

It’s unnecessary, as some suggest, to buy LinkedIn followers: simply develop the skills needed for effective Social Media management and implement essential tasks correctly.

Certain activities, such as engaging your company employees to improve engagement, connecting your LinkedIn account to the company website, or optimizing content to improve positioning, are fundamental for increasing visibility to a broader audience.

Skills for creating content and managing Social Media are in high demand in the job market and provide opportunities to work within companies or as freelance consultants. Moreover, for corporate employees, they offer an excellent chance for professional growth and career advancement.

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How to increase LinkedIn followers for a Company?

Understanding how to increase followers on LinkedIn is a vital skill to maximize the potential of this platform, targeted specifically at professionals and businesses.

Do you want to expand the network of LinkedIn contacts beneficial for your company and wonder how to enhance your visibility on LinkedIn?

Are you unsure how to find or increase the number of potential clients and want to know how to leverage the professional social network to discover them?

Would you like to amplify the visibility of your products and services or are you interested in becoming an influencer on LinkedIn?


First and foremost, to increase the number of followers on your Business page on LinkedIn, utilize its opportunities, and promote your company effectively. Implement these strategies:

  • Involve your employees in engagement activities;
  • Create personalized messages;
  • Design compelling banners that encourage users or clients to follow your business;
  • Plan content using an Editorial Calendar.

Lastly, remember that you can optimize your LinkedIn profile for Personal Branding as well. For your personal page, you’ve probably asked yourself: How do I gain more followers on LinkedIn?

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LinkedIn Company Page: How to engage employees

Any company can create a business page on LinkedIn for free to provide information about its activities, engage employees, attract new users, or create job opportunities for other members of this Social Network.

LinkedIn pages are divided into:

  • Company,
  • Showcase,
  • Affiliate,
  • Careers.

Company and Showcase pages are free services on LinkedIn. They act as your business’s calling card, where you can present your product/service potential through a brief description, a photo (logo), and updated company information.

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Showcase pages are potential extensions of Company pages, useful for highlighting a specific product or service. On the other hand, Affiliate and Careers pages are paid services.

To increase connections on LinkedIn through Affiliate pages, you need to contact the LinkedIn team in advance for the activation procedure. Affiliate pages are directly linked to Company pages and represent an affiliate or associate, depending on the needs.

They are displayed on the main Company page, on the right, as Affiliated Company Pages and there can be more than one. Just like Company pages, they have a photo, a dedicated description, and a specific function.

Last but not least, to increase followers through Careers pages, which are useful for interacting with potential candidates and active users looking for jobs.

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Another essential activity is actively engaging your employees and consequently, new users. To do this, it’s necessary to create suitable banners for sharing on your company website and use personalized newsletters containing an invitation to the final follower.

Other best practices to gain followers on LinkedIn include:

  • creating private messages and personalizing them with a digital signature;
  • seeking affiliations through your message, complete with a signature and a link referring to the page or content you want to highlight.

What to post to grow on LinkedIn?

Publishing original and interesting content is the first rule to grow on LinkedIn, to engage with users. Another good option is to share articles from the company blog and monitor organic data, such as the number of clicks, impressions, and engagement.

Alternatively, it can be useful to publish trending posts in the content section, filtering them by industry, location, user type, and job position. Or, you can directly write a text that stimulates the user and engages them, perhaps using a question format, thus giving space for direct interaction with other users.

Another possibility is promoting posts through sponsored content in LinkedIn’s campaign management section, during which you can select the target audience, reach new recipients, create interaction, and reinforce the brand reputation of the company. But what to share on LinkedIn?

To reach a wider and more diverse audience, it’s good to include a range of different formats:

  • Infographics,
  • Videos,
  • Presentations,
  • Case studies,
  • Company blog articles,
  • Statistics.

In this regard, to determine the best content to publish for a certain type of user, why not design a dedicated editorial plan? I will talk about this later.

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Increasing Followers: Using Social Channels and Content Optimization

Another fundamental aspect of increasing followers is the use of other Social channels.

It’s necessary to establish which and how many Social Media to involve in promoting the LinkedIn company page, depending on the content and target audience.

For example, you can use the company blog to inform your readers about the existence of the page, providing the link.

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Regarding content, the main idea is to create organic positioning, engaging your audience optimally.

This aspect is implemented through the use of keywords and related terms in the description: one way to do this is to constantly alternate the related terms with the most relevant keywords.

There are several dynamics to consider in involving Social Media in promotion: For example, you need to evaluate whether to include the keyword already contained in the company name.

Make your business known through Content Marketing

How do you use LinkedIn to promote your business and, most importantly, how to increase post views on LinkedIn? Simple, with Content Marketing! Make the most of Content Marketing to increase followers on LinkedIn. In fact, constantly updating content is important to consistently meet the target audience’s needs.

These activities should be done not only for internal company news but also by continually seeking news that aligns with the audience, maintaining a distinct and friendly tone compared to other social channels. Engage the audience through open-ended questions to encourage interaction.

Content creation and management should span across multiple fronts. This includes not only LinkedIn and major social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and videos, but also blogging and Digital PR activities.

Additionally, leveraging Digital Storytelling, a crucial element for Personal Branding, can help increase LinkedIn followers through tailored content.

Alongside these activities, it’s useful to incorporate other tools such as Lead Generation or Advertising Campaigns. Understanding how to effectively promote a LinkedIn page using web tools can be quite beneficial.

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Targeted Content and Editorial Plan

How to promote a company on LinkedIn? Using targeted content aims to reach a specific audience, aligned with your message.

Targeted content should be chosen carefully, identifying interests, needs, challenges, and messages that can capture the attention of buyer personas or your company’s audience, or in the case of a personal profile for Personal Branding.

Choosing content for the target audience is a fundamental part of a strategy focused on increasing followers on LinkedIn. Whenever valuable and engaging content for the target audience is identified, for sharing on the company page, accessing the Admin Center is necessary for uploading and editing.

Here, the most suitable Audience is chosen through predefined options in the panel. Among the best practices to increase followers on LinkedIn and on Social Media in general, is creating an Editorial Plan.

The Editorial Plan involves high-level planning, allowing you to outline when and how to communicate with your audience on a weekly (and subsequently monthly) basis.

It’s a genuine planning process and serves as a foundational element for content strategy. Regular updates are crucial, similar to maintaining a corporate blog, with content that considers the context, i.e., the perception of the surrounding environment, and news posts that interest your audience or relate to your Personal Branding.

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Best practices for growing followers on a company’s LinkedIn page

Content creation, defining your audience, or selecting keywords and related terms to optimize the positioning of your LinkedIn page are just a few practices to adopt within a comprehensive digital marketing strategy.

This strategy may involve other steps, such as utilizing email marketing or newsletters to drive traffic to your company’s website.

As you’ve understood, to answer the question of how to increase followers for a LinkedIn company page, it’s necessary to implement strategies that require diverse skills.

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In the LinkedIn Marketing Course, an integral part of the Master in Social Media Marketing, the following competencies are developed to devise an effective strategy:

  • Manage different LinkedIn Company, Showcase, Affiliate, and Career pages to generate new followers.
  • Present your company using Company Pages and highlight a product or specific entity.
  • Create a Showcase Page and differentiate the hierarchy between the Company and Showcase Pages to distinguish the company from products/services.
  • Manage the Affiliate Page and connect affiliated or partner company pages by reaching out on LinkedIn.
  • Engage with passive candidates by posting job offers through the Career Page, involve your employees on LinkedIn, and encourage employees to connect with the company page.
  • Set up a personalized and captivating signature on LinkedIn to enhance message effectiveness.
  • Apply engagement techniques to effectively increase followers on LinkedIn.
  • Set up a banner on the website and link the LinkedIn page to your site to encourage following.
  • Use your channels to increase followers on LinkedIn and actively utilize other channels (newsletter and social media) to stimulate following.
  • Implement positioning and optimize the page with SEO techniques to boost LinkedIn followers.
  • Publish targeted content on LinkedIn and create content exclusively tailored to specific categories.
  • Utilize Content Marketing to grow followers on LinkedIn, and create captivating and quality content aligned with the company profile and audience.
  • Create an editorial plan and schedule content publication with flexibility and consistent commitment.

In conclusion, it can be said that utilizing LinkedIn for businesses, or other social media, is an excellent marketing strategy that allows increasing brand awareness and, therefore, awareness of company products and services.

However, to do this correctly and effectively, specific skills are required, which can be acquired through the courses offered by Digital Coach. With these courses, you can enhance your company’s business performance or find a job.

In fact, job offers, for those involved in Social Media, are continuous and increasing.

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