Find out the costs, benefits and types

LinkedIn’s paid service, known as premium, was born in 2010 with the clear idea of helping, in a different way from the needs, both those who are looking for work and those who offer it. Precisely for this reason, we will talk about how to use LinkedIn Premium to understand its real advantages.

LinkedIn Premium how it works

Before understanding how to use LinkedIn Premium, ask yourself if you fully understand its free version. If you haven’t completed your profile yet or you don’t know what the advanced search filters are, maybe you’re not ready yet. If, on the other hand, you already know all the secrets of the free version, subscribing may be the solution for you.

How much does LinkedIn Premium cost?

If you were thinking subscriptions like Media Set or Sky were expensive, maybe you weren’t aware of LinkedIn’s pricing. For this reason, before deciding whether to pay this expense, it is possible to use the Premium features for a one-month trial period. At the end of this period, however, it will be necessary to deactivate the subscription if you do not want to continue with the same.

LinkedIn Premium has four versions, each with different costs, specifically:

  • Job Seeker: useful for those actively looking for a job (price 21.99 Euros per month + VAT)
  • Sales Navigator: useful for professionals looking for customers to find a business (price 59.99 Euros per month + VAT)
  • Recruiter Lite: ideal for those who hire staff and regularly search (price 89.95 Euros per month + VAT)
  • Business Plus: suitable for those who want to strengthen their brand and take advantage of their network (price 44.99 Euros per month + VAT).

Three subscription levels are also available:

  • Business at the monthly cost of €14.95;
  • Business plus at the monthly cost of €29.95;
  • An executive at the monthly cost of €53.95.


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What are the advantages of LinkedIn Premium?

Search Benefits

At the disposal of premium users there will be more search options and more in detail they will have the possibility to:

  • Enter filters such as the location of the profile you are looking for, age, etc.
  • get more profiles on the results page (up to 700 for the Executive level)
  • save searches and receive alerts when there are new profiles on LinkedIn similar to those saved

search benefits linkedin premium

Advantages in messages

Thanks to LinkedIn Premium it is possible to send messages by mail to all users, even those to whom we are not connected, an interesting possibility because we can get in touch with strangers and add them later as friends. LinkedIn guarantees a response within 7 days. In the absence of a response from the recipient, LinkedIn credits the InMail again, i.e. it does not deduct it from your InMail account.

Furthermore, the number of presentations of your profile will be greater, more precisely from 5 of the free account you get to 35 if you choose a premium executive account. To complete the communication package there is the “OpenLink” service which allows anyone to contact you at no cost.

Visibility benefits

Before requesting friendship, you need to have all the information on that contact, but with the basic function, it is possible partially up to the 2nd level of contacts in your network. With a LinkedIn Premium subscription, the search is extended up to the 3rd level. Furthermore, those who choose the Premium Executive subscription will be able to see the full name of the connections up to the 3rd level.

Another, no less important, advantage of how to use LinkedIn Premium is the possibility of knowing the name of those who visit the profile. LinkedIn contacts can be organized schematically into their networks.


Which type of LinkedIn Premium to choose?

The LinkedIn Premium Career version

The Premium Career paid version allows you to take advantage of some advantages that can improve your recruitment opportunities.

  • Contact the job posters directly
  • Stand out in the foreground when you apply
  • Know useful details of who will visit our profile in the last 90 days, and how they found it to understand what they were interested in. We can also start following him or contact him by sending connection requests or up to 3 InMails
  • To grow your business and brand, an excellent opportunity is also represented by the possibility of attending the 45,000 online video courses on the LinkedIn Learning platform relating to the acquisition of the most requested skills

Before considering whether to switch to the paid version of LinkedIn, it is possible to adopt some precautions to be found by recruiters.

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The LinkedIn Premium Business version

Premium Business is a paid service that offers the opportunity to promote and grow your business by receiving detailed information on the growth trend such as:

  • Graphically view hiring trends and company structure based on employees across industries
  • Acquire new skills on LinkedIn Learning, previously described
  • You can send up to 15 InMails and analyze an unlimited number of profiles up to level III
  • The use of the service that lets you know who has viewed your profile in the last 90 days remains unchanged


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LinkedIn Sales Navigator Professional versions

The main changes concern the sales sector:

  • You get details on accounts and leads, of which you can also create customized lists with advanced search filters and reports, with the ability to save profiles to stay updated
  • This option offers up to 20 emails
  • Both the offers relating to the knowledge of who visits our profile and the search for profiles remain unchanged


The LinkedIn Recruiter Lite option

Specially designed for recruiting, the characteristics that differentiate it concern:

  • The search progresses, which also features the reception of dynamic suggestions
  • You can manage all candidates in one place and with automatic tracking, having a dedicated design for recruitment
  • The visit options of our profile remain unchanged, and the search up to the 3rd level
  • The available in-mails rise to 30


How to deactivate your LinkedIn Premium subscription?

After talking about how to use LinkedIn Premium, I’ll now explain how to cancel your subscription. Remember to cancel it before renewing, in order not to risk paying for the month and not using the service.

  • Click the “You” icon at the top of your LinkedIn homepage.
  • Select Premium Membership Settings from the drop-down menu
  • Under Manage Premium Account, on the right, click Cancel Subscription
  • Click the Continue with cancellation button.


LinkedIn Premium can make a difference in your job offer or search.  Consult an expert to understand how to best use it