Using Instagram without an account

Everyone knows Instagram, but very few know what Webstagram is and how useful it could be as a tool.

Instagram is the world’s most popular application for creating and posting photos through a smartphone. Obviously its functions are not limited to this: the platform, which belongs to Facebook, is in fact widely used to connect through an account to anyone, be it friends, relatives or celebrities, anywhere in the world.

But if you’ve landed here it’s because there’s something more you want to know: you’re definitely interested in understanding what Webstagram is. You may have already heard of it but want to know more. Well, you’re in the right place to find out!

On this page I will explain in detail what Webstagram is, what its main functions are and I will list all the advantages and disadvantages of its use. I will also reveal some tips for using the tool in a professional environment. This way you can decide if it’s right for you and whether to consider attending a social media marketing course.

What is Webstagram?

Would you like to spy on the profile of someone you like without running the risk of being discovered? Seeing his stories without letting him know?

Not everyone knows that there is a platform called Webstagram that allows anyone to access Instagram without logging in. You will therefore be able to search for people on the social network without necessarily being registered, see stories without being seen , access profile searches, hashtag searches and much more.

After briefly explaining what Webstagram is, I will now tell you how this web tool works, what its strengths are and how to use it to the fullest!

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Webstagram how does it work?

Surely now you understand what Webstagram is , but how does it work? How to see profiles without being registered and watch stories without being seen ? Let’s see in detail how to do it.

How to watch profiles and hashtags without an account?

To understand what Webstagram is, I suggest you go to the site, find the link below, and experiment!

  • First log in to the Webstagram site (https://www.webstagramsite.com).
  • Then go to the search bar: it’s in the Webstagram Search section at the top of the screen.
  • At this point, type what interests you and you will receive results respectively preceded by a pound sign (#) for hashtag results, and by an at sign (@) for profile results.
  • Below the search bar you will also find hashtags and popular profiles that are already directly clickable. If you don’t know where to start, you can start by consulting those. You will find a section entirely dedicated to hashtags also next to the Search section in the top menu under the name of “Instagram Hashtag“.

How to view Instagram photos and stories without account?

  • Once you have chosen the profile to view through the “Search” function, make sure that this is a public profile, otherwise you will not have free access to photos and stories.
  • At the top of the profile you will find the main information: following, followers, number of posts published and connection to any other social networks.
  • Just below the profile information are the stories: make sure you see them within 24 hours of publication otherwise they will disappear! If you want to go unnoticed, you can easily watch the stories through Webstagram: you won’t risk being seen by those who publish them. Have you seen what Webstagram can do?!
  • Further down there are photos with the relative likes and comments: as already mentioned, you will not be able to intervene in the comments and likes without having a real account. By clicking, however, on individual photos you are allowed to save them. Instagram photo download is an extra feature that the official app doesn’t have.

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What are the other functions?

What can Webstagram offer you other than that? In addition to the standard functions, I list a series of other features that Webstagram offers you: on the homepage you will find the top IG accounts filtered by country and in the “Location” section there are the most popular places of the photos on the social network. Finally, in the “Top Account” section of the top menu, you will find the 100 most followed accounts in the world sorted by number of followers.

What are advantages of Webstagram?

The web service is free, very simple and intuitive. You can access Webstagram on any browser, both via smartphone and desktop and have most of the features of the official application. You will be able to search for hashtags, see photos, the amount of followers and following and the number of posts published of any public profile.

You can even download the photos you view, but the real highlight is being able to see stories without being registered and therefore without being seen. Through this tool you can “spy” on any public profile without running the risk of being caught. After discovering it, I bet you can’t wait to explain to your Webstagram friends what it is. You will leave them speechless!

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What are the disadvantages of Webstagram?

Naturally, the fact of not being logged in or not having an account also has disadvantages: the desktop view of the social network has a large amount of advertisements that can disturb the viewing of photos. The “Follower” and “Following” buttons are not clickable, so it is impossible to know which profiles are connected to the one you are viewing. Furthermore, it is not possible to comment and like the photos you like most, just know that!

What is Webstagram if not a replica of Instagram in a web version ? Always remember that this is not an official tool: by using it you will realize that the graphics and its functions are not exactly comparable to those of the official app.

How to use Webstagram for work?

In the professional field with Webstagram what can you do? Even for work this tool proves to be very useful and advantageous: you can use it in the benchmark phase or during the study of success profiles. You will be able to analyze competitor profiles in more detail and treasure them to improve yours or that of the company. Compare shots, take a look at the frequency of publication and try to understand which settings may be the most optimal and efficient for you!

How to see hidden likes from Instagram?

Do you know that mobile IG likes have been hidden recently? According to many, the reasons lie in the desire to create a healthier environment less and less linked to competitiveness between individuals.

This is certainly a just cause, but you must know that on a professional level, displaying the number of likes is an integral part of benchmarking and can therefore prove to be fundamental in the market study phase.

Arrived here you will have understood what Webstagram is. You will have noticed that you don’t need particular computer skills to use it. But now I’ll tell you more, if you use the unofficial version of the social network you will still be able to see the number of likes of the posts of each profile. Since the latest IG updates have led to the obscuring of the number of interactions with posts, you can take advantage of it to analyze your competitors’ results and compare them with yours. Very smart move, don’t you think?

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Today I revealed to you what Webstagram is. Is everything clear to you or do you still have some doubts? Know that the world of social networks is much more complex! If you’re a beginner or you’re self-taught and want to acquire targeted skills, you might be interested in the social media marketing courses.

Last tip of the day: if Social Networks are really for you and you want to learn how to be successful in the world of IG, I invite you to take a look at this article on the correct strategy to increase likes, it could be of great help!

If you really want to grow your Brand on Instagram, contact us! We will understand together the skills to acquire and the steps to take