Instagram Analytics are vital for the activities on your Instagram business profile.

Being able to interpret the data and knowing how to exploit it optimally must be a priority. No matter how much effort you put into it: without the right understanding of the data, making missteps is much more likely.

Analyzing data and tracking Instagram metrics is the key to success.

After thorough and regular analysis, you can optimize and improve your activity. Insights allow you to understand your audience better and adjust your content, thus improving your performance.

Through Instagram, you can access Instagram Insights, a free tool for analyzing various useful information to build marketing strategies for your IG profile.

In addition, for analyzing the Instagram analytics of your Instagram profile, you can use various tools outside the platform, both free and paid.

Remember, the basis of proper analysis is to be clear about which metrics you want to monitor.

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Instagram Metrics: which metrics to measure

To avoid getting overwhelmed by the amount of data, it is necessary to set benchmarks. Which metrics should you measure?

To assess the effectiveness of your campaigns, you should pay attention to some more relevant Instagram statistics.

Here are a few to watch out for:

  • Total comments: among the performance metrics on Instagram, the number of comments you receive for posted content is certainly one of the most important. In fact, unlike likes, which are certainly easier and quicker to give out, commenting on a piece of content is proof that your followers find what you post interesting enough to decide to interact with it. In addition to comments, saving and sharing your content are also very important engagement metrics. For IG, these actions are a clear signal of user engagement and interest. Therefore, if your published content does not trigger enough interactions, it would be a good idea to review your strategy and creativity
  • Follower growth: this is an Instagram metric from which you can learn, over time, what works or what potentially needs to be reviewed and improved. Monitoring the trend of your followers is essential to understand whether your creativity is appreciated by those who choose to follow you. In particular, it is crucial to check in what context any increase (or decrease) in your followers has taken place. For this reason, note down and compare the different actions you have implemented and go on to choose the strategies and types of content that best suit your situation. Remember that the best strategy for increasing your followers is to aim for growth that is gradual and constant over time
  • Hashtag engagement rate: thanks to Instagram insights, you can check the engagement of your target audience with the hashtags you have decided to use. Hashtags also play a very important role in the coverage of a given content. In fact, employing the appropriate hashtags will help you reach your intended audience and allow visitors to search based on their interests
  • Time and day: through Instagram Analytics, it is possible to determine on which days and times it would be most appropriate to publish. However, this is not to say that there is a perfect time and day on which to post, but you need to know this data through IG insights, allowing you to understand the most opportune times to post content for your target audience.

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Instagram Insights: how to make the most of them 

So far, we have only mentioned some of the metrics that, if analyzed correctly, can help you make your Instagram marketing strategy effective.

As already mentioned, Instagram Analytics provides free access to Instagram Insight, a tool in which you will find various insights into how users interact with your profile and how your published content is performing. In fact, you will be able to view insights into individual posts, Stories, Reels, or Directs that you have published, check their results, and find out how users interact with them.

Therefore, knowing how to read and interpret the statistical data that Instagram makes available to you is of particular importance! In fact, thanks to the correct analysis of Instagram analytics, you will be able to check whether your social media marketing campaign is effective or whether it needs some adjustments to achieve the desired results.

Before explaining in detail which indicators you can analyze with Instagram’s Statistical Data function, it is necessary for me to anticipate that, in order to access Instagram insights, you must have a corporate Instagram profile or a creator Instagram profile.

If you are wondering where to access this data from, the procedure is very simple:

  • log in to your corporate or creator account,
  • click on your profile icon in the bottom right-hand corner,
  • arrived in the feed area, click the three horizontal lines in the top right-hand corner,
  • Now, select Statistical Data.

If you have come to the Statistical Data section, you will notice that the information collected is divided into three sections: Activity, Content, and Audience.

Let’s find out together how we can make the most of them.

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social media manager test eng



In this tab, you will find a range of data measuring the views of your published content. In particular, you will be able to analyze different types of insights relating to the visibility of your profile and how your target audience interacts with it.

The Interactions section provides you with information on useful metrics for observing the actions users take when interacting with your account. For example, you will be able to see how many times your account has been visited (Profile Visits). Or, you will be able to monitor the number of times a user clicked on the link in your bio (Touches on the website), the number of times the user clicked on the Send e-mail button (Touches on e-mail button), or the Call button (Touches on Call button).

The Discovery section provides you with information on metrics such as coverage and impressions.

What is coverage? It is the number of unique users who have viewed your IG content.

Impressions, on the other hand, refer to the total number of times your content has been viewed.


Within the Content Tab, you can find out how your content, such as posts, stories, and promotions, is performing.

Here, you can view your elements and filter them according to content type, publication period, and type of metrics, such as coverage and interactions.

Content metrics are certainly useful for understanding which formats are most interesting and effective for your target users.

For example, if you notice from the analysis that your posts get more impressions on a particular day than your IG Stories, it would be strategic to follow the data gathered and thus give your posts more prominence on that particular day.


This section is mainly dedicated to collecting data on your followers. The insights, in this case, are offered in the form of graphs and collect data according to demographic criteria and the habits of your target group.

With regard to demographic data, you will be able to check the geographic origin of your audience, know their age, and verify whether your followers are predominantly male or female.

In addition, through Instagram analytics, you can find out the times and days of the greatest activity on the IG platform.

Please note that in order to view demographic metrics, your company’s Instagram account must have at least 100 followers.

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Instagram Analytics: 4 free tools for analyzing Insights

The insights within Instagram certainly give you a lot of data to learn from. However, there are many other tools with the advantage of offering you more Instagram metrics for a deeper analysis of your account.

For all these tools, there is a free version and several paid options with additional functionality.

Here we have prepared for you a selection of 4 excellent Instagram analytics tools:


This Instagram Analytics is an in-depth analysis tool. Squarelovin gives you access to metrics on your posts, follower growth, monthly analysis, and a history of your posts by month, day, and time.

squarelovin instagram analytics

Here is specifically what the tool in question offers you:

  • Overview: get information about your audience and the growth of your account. You can track your followers and likes, check the performance of posts and interactions with them.
  • Engagement: you can control when your posts are most likely to receive engagement from your fans. Find out on which days and times you are most likely to interact.
  • Optimization: in addition to finding out which are the best times to post your images and get more interaction, you can know which filters and hashtags work best and optimize accordingly.


One of the first Instagram Analytics tools created is Iconosquare.

By entering your e-mail address on the official site, you are sent a free report on the performance of your account, including tips on how to improve your business account.

iconosquare ig dataWith Iconosquare, you can analyze over 20 parameters on the last 30 posts and get insights into account activity, audience engagement, and account settings.

Here are a number of features of this historic tool:

  • Analytics Instagram Stories: discover impressions and coverage, completion rate by story type, and the best time to post
  • Community analysis: analyze the socio-demographic data of your followers
  • Profile activity: to know which links on your account point to your website
  • Competitor monitoring: to keep an eye on your competitors and compare yourself to them
  • Hashtag tracking: find out how hashtags work so you can use them wisely in your content strategy

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This tool for Instagram Analytics offers interesting features. You can find new potential followers by identifying users in line with your fans, content, and hashtags. You can also identify inactive users and followers. By entering your email, you have immediate access to the analysis of your business account.

crowdfire ig tool to use

You are then presented with a dashboard where you find the analytics menu:

  • Overview: you have a general overview where you can choose whether to analyze yesterday, the last 7 days, or the last 30 days;
  • Advanced: here, you have several subsections:
  1. Summary: a general overview of your key audience and engagement metrics;
  2. Post Insight: total number of posts, likes, and comments;
  3. Followers: total number of new followers reached per day;
  4. Impression: total number of times your business account has been viewed;
  5. Reach: total number of times your business account has been viewed per user;
  6. Profile views: total number of users who have visited your account in a specific timeframe;
  7. Click: counts the total number of clicks to the link in the email, to your website, to the call extension, to the text
  • Competitor: competitor analysis to optimize your strategy.

Sprout Social

Sprout Social allows you to analyze your Instagram Analytics and also monitor all your other socials with one account. With a single dashboard, you have an overview of your activities. You can create a free account for the first 30 days and then choose from several paid plans.

You analyze different time periods, including the current month or last month, the current week, or the last week.

sprout social analytics

Under the heading Instagram Report on the notice board, you will see the menu with all the data you need:

  • General overview of Instagram activity: number of total followers, likes, and comments received;
  • Daily audience growth: graph with daily follower growth;
  • Total Followers: with the number of acquired followers and people you have followed. The percentage of total followers increased or decreased is also shown;
  • Publishing behavior: you find a graph with the total amount of content you have posted for each day, and below that, you have the total amount you have posted of photos, videos, or others. You are also shown the percentage of decrease or growth of the content you posted;
  • Most popular posts on Instagram: a general overview for inspiration;
  • Hashtag performance: indication of the most used hashtags and those that achieve the most user interaction;
  • Views: graph with views day by day, average daily views, average daily coverage per profile, percentage decrease or increase in views;
  • Engagement: graph showing audience engagement day by day, the total number of likes and comments, percentage increase or decrease in interactions;
  • Performance of Instagram stories: metrics on views and performance of stories;
  • Public demographics: by age, gender, origin.

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