What does a Copywriter do?

Job Description, Job Opportunities and Earnings

What does a Copywriter do? Do you like writing and would you like to understand how to turn your love of writing into a job?

Great, then you’ve come to just the right page. In fact, today we are talking about the figure of the copywriter and, in particular, about what he does, how to become one and the job and economic prospects of the profession.

Let’s begin. What does a Copywriter do? The copywriter, also called Copy, is the one who deals with Copywriting, or writing persuasive content aimed at making customers perform a desired action (eg a purchase). Master of synthesis, the copywriter is extremely skilled at communicating effectively, through clear and understandable sentences, even to those reading a certain topic for the first time.

A good copywriter must therefore know and master perfectly all the potential and nuances of a language and its words, know how to play with it and be curious and creative.
We can define it as an author who creates relevant texts for the target clientele and optimizes them for the web, so that they position well in search engine results pages. The contents must therefore be thought of immediately with an eye to Search Engine Optimization or SEO: for this reason in the world of the internet we often talk about SEO copywriting, online copywriters and web copywriters.

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We could therefore say that a copywriter speaks to both the public and search engines. But, let’s rewind the tape a bit.

Copywriting: What is it?

As we have seen, Copywriting consists of writing content that informs, convinces and persuades recipients to take certain actions. This discipline requires different methodologies and precautions according to the communication channel used.

The birth of the term “copywriter” dates back to the 19th century, when it was born in newspaper editorial offices to indicate those who were in charge of drafting announcements.
Subsequently, with the diffusion of the mass media, copywriting developed in the advertising field: today, in fact, the copywriter mainly works in advertising or communication agencies where he works in close contact with the Art Director , i.e. the one who takes care of the advertising graphics.

Copywriting today is also a very important aspect of communication on the web . Similarly to what happens offline, also in this case it is not only necessary to know how to write impeccable contents from a grammatical point of view, but to know how to develop increasingly useful and convincing contents that convince customers to fill out a contact form, to subscribe to a newsletter, to purchase a product/service , etc.

How to Become a Copywriter

First of all, let’s say that knowing how to write correctly in Italian is not enough to become a copywriter. And also as far as training is concerned, there is no linear and predefined academic path. Instead, there are many different ways to create a professionalism that goes beyond knowing how to write well.

A typical mistake is to delude oneself that anyone with humanistic studies behind them and who loves writing can automatically become a copywriter. Certainly a background in the humanities helps, as does having writing experience for local newspapers, blogs and websites, but all these things alone are not enough.

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How do you become a copywriter then? First of all, you can start from the material found on the internet and get an idea of ??how quality content can be produced. Subscribing to Groups dealing with this topic on Facebook and LinkedIn (click here to access the LinkedIn groups page) is also useful for finding ideas and suggestions, but the most important thing is to read a lot on the subject.

It is equally important to immediately specialize in a few topics, perhaps related to one’s passions, deepening them as much as possible. When choosing the topics on which to specialize, it is always good to have in mind the main market trends and the needs of companies, in order to have a better chance of subsequently finding a client for your content.

Copywriter: Course

What can an aspiring copywriter do to specialize in this discipline? Answer: follow a copywriter course , even online in order to acquire more specific skills, for example in the fields of Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing and SEO.This way you will be more competitive and have more opportunities to make your way into the job market. Based on this, I suggest you the digital marketing certification course where you can delve into all the areas listed above.

Technical skills must also be accompanied by other skills and personal characteristics such as creativity, the ability to listen to customers and understand what they need, the desire to continue reading, documenting and improving, perfectionism, etc.

Job Opportunities

The copywriter is becoming one of the most requested figures in the new economic panorama characterized by the relevance of social interactions. In fact, there are more and more companies, of any size, that need a good copywriting activity. With each passing day getting noticed on the web becomes more and more difficult and therefore the need to gain visibility by creating effective posts, articles, newsletters and landing pages constantly increases.
Job opportunities are therefore not lacking. Just do a simple search on Google to check how many ads are published in Italy, and in particular, in Milan, where most of the communication agencies are concentrated.


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How can a copywriter do to stand out in the crowd and be able to get noticed by the selectors? The main ingredients are transversal skills, i.e. the ability to move effortlessly from the creation of visual content to the SEO optimization of the content produced.

How Much Does a Copywriter Earn?

Do you want to know how much salary a copywriter is around? You can earn up to 2,000-2,500 euros per month, but this figure always depends on the experience, the skills acquired and above all the type of companies with which you collaborate and their requests.

Copywriter: Freelancer or Company?

There are many job opportunities for Copywriters, both as employees in companies, communication agencies or web agencies and as freelancers.

Having a copywriter in the company means always having a figure who takes care of corporate content on all channels: from press materials to blogs and social channels. Often, however, companies also make use of the collaboration of external resources to entrust specific projects.

Similarly, agencies also tend to have both their own employees and a network of external collaborators to turn to during work peaks.

What does a Freelance Copywriter do ? What requirements must it have? Essentially, he must be autonomous and equipped with strong commercial skills to be able to obtain customers and organizational skills to be able to guarantee quality work and punctual deliveries. In fact, while moving in a more flexible context than that of an employee, the time management of a freelance copywriter is closely linked to the deadlines agreed with his clients.


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SEO Copywriter: What does a copywriter do?

If, as we said earlier, Copywriting is the ability to write content with a strong emphasis on persuasion, the SEO copywriter must be able to find a synthesis between the previous point and search engine optimization, thus making the content itself welcome to google.

Today the web is crowded, there are more and more companies with an online presence and the only way to get noticed is to create quality, useful and interesting texts, able to give valid answers to users, but, above all , which are visible on search engines .

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A topic can also be written well, but this is not enough to position itself in the right way and therefore attract the attention of users.

Copywriter: What does he do to position his content on search engines? He drafts them keeping SEO copywriting techniques in mind, i.e. using all the relevant meta tags for SEO in the most appropriate way, from the keyword to the effective titles , from the meta description to the related ones, and then, again, synonyms, hypernyms, domains semantics, internal and external links, etc. He also knows how to properly use formatting tools such as color, bold, italic and underline to give visibility to the most important parts of the texts. How to acquire the necessary skills? For example with the SEO Specialist Course.

Where to start a career as a copywriter?

For those who want to undertake this type of path, it is advisable to train and specialize by attending courses, masters and certifications, also online.

Digital Coach, for example, offers you the opportunity to enter the world of copywriting and prepare yourself for a profession that gives you a lot of satisfaction by offering you a series of courses to follow on site, online or on demand whenever you want!

To get started, you can look at the Seo Copywriting online course , the WordPress for Blogging & Seo Copywriting course or the Digital Storytelling course .

If, on the other hand, you are looking for all-round training on communication and digital marketing (including the courses seen above) you can consult the Master in Digital Marketing page.


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