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Working for Google

Do you want to make a change in your career and work for Google? It is important to emphasize the fact that levels of growth in the world of Digital Marketing are constantly on the rise.

Are you passionate about digital? Our compliments, by acquiring the right skills you will finally be able to realize yourself and do things like work from home online, open a Web Agency or retrain your existing company towards digital, find work, open an online E-commerce or maybe work at within small, medium and large companies in the sector and many other opportunities.

work for google opportunityDo you think working within a large facility is the right choice for you? Would you like to be part of a globally recognized reality? In short, would you like to work for Google?

If this is your dream, to work for Google, there are some things you need to know. The American IT giant is looking for personnel in for internships and recruitment.

Maybe you don’t know that it is possible to work for Google without a degree, just like that the educational qualification is not a preferential requirement to enter the company, there are other values, other characteristics and experiences, as well as talents, which are appreciated and requested.

To work in Google there are criteria different from those required by other companies, people are sought with general cognitive abilities, i.e. the genius with a very high IQ is not sought, rather the individual who is capable of adapting to the situations and to make quick decisions based on the data at his disposal. Those who have leadership qualities are hired, but who never forget to be part of a team, which is why humility, also understood as the ability to learn from mistakes, is important for a job at Google. Finally, what is required is competence understood as experience and naturally expertise.

Working for Google: The Positions

The ones mentioned above are all qualities that are trained here at Digital Coach. But let’s go back to the dream of working for Google, here are some of the positions sought:

  • Strategic Partner Manager: interested parties must have a degree or adequate experience in the job that can compensate for the lack of a qualification. Experience must include the development of sustainable partnerships in the digital content sector. All candidates must be fluent in the English language.
  • Sales Engineer Google Cloud Platform: the ideal candidates are computer science graduates or have strong experience that can compensate for the lack of a degree.
  • Google Cloud Platform Account Executive: interested parties must have a degree in the IT sector or adequate experience in the job that can compensate for the lack of a degree. Resources must have experience with Customer Relationship Management integration systems.

As you can see in these job offers, skills, experience and skills weigh as much as a degree. This is a criterion that also remains valid for other job offers in the field of digital marketing. Consult the Placement job offer portal to confirm.

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Here are some opportunities at Google for young undergraduates:

  • Business Internships: the ideal candidates are young people trained in the Commercial sector to work in the areas of Large Customer Sales, Google Cloud, People Operations, SMB Sales and Operations, Trust and Safety, YouTube Partner Product Solutions, Marketing, Technical Services. All internships can last a maximum of 6 months and can lead to concrete opportunities for subsequent stabilization. The ideal candidates for internships should be university students who plan to defend their thesis in the short term.
  • Legal Internships: Resources will be expected to assist the legal team in managing legal actions and preparing and maintaining an internal industry database. Their job also includes the preparation and proofreading of contracts. The ideal candidates are undergraduate legal students who expect to graduate soon.

Here are other profiles commonly searched by Google :

  • Research Manager
  • Strategic Cloud Engineer
  • Technical Specialist
  • Partner Business Manager
  • Cloud Consultant, Professional Services
  • Technical Solutions Consultant

However the selection criteria remain the same, know-how wins over education, but if you still have doubts about it you can check the vacancies yourself on Google’s direct job portal.


Working for Google … A bit of history

Google is an Internet search engine whose domain was registered on September 15, 1997. Subsequently, on September 4, 1998, the company Google Inc. was founded. In addition to cataloging and indexing World Wide Web resources, Google Search deals including photos, newsgroups, news, maps (Google Maps), email (Gmail), shopping, translations, videos and programs created by Google Inc.

It is the most visited site in the world today and think that it was invented by two students at the time at Stanford University, Larry Page and Sergey Brin. Legend has it that the first office was a garage, so Google Inc. opens in a garage in Menlo Park, California.

Why work for Google

The desire to work for Google is conceivable, fueled not only by the fact that working within such a large and successful company is stimulating every day, a real dream for some, but also by the fact that it enjoys a excellent reputation.

According to many analysts and research firms, Google is one of the best places in the world to work.

Its employees work in welcoming and comfortable structures and in exchange for their hard work they receive numerous benefits and services, including the possibility of dedicating part of their time in the company to carrying out their own projects and personal initiatives.

It is estimated that every year Google receives at least one million applications from people who want to work for the company.

working for google partner

Working for Google and Digital Coach

Our courses, our masters, our certifications could be just what is right for you to be more suitable in the eyes of a recruiter; it could be that push, that extra gear that allows you to be in line with the profile sought in the job offers.

Please note: Digital Coach is an official partner of Google.

Google searches increase year after year, underlining a demand for information that continues to decrease. The need on the part of many companies to intercept this demand also translates into new professional opportunities.

For some time Google has been engaged in a series of educational activities in the use of its search marketing and web analysis platforms, in the hope of thus encouraging the creation of an Internet ecosystem in our country as well.

Google has therefore led to the spread of new professions:

  • web visibility specialists
  • advertisers for online sponsored ads
  • web analytics manager

As far as online visibility specialists are concerned, there is no single category of player, it would be simplistic to entrust this title to just one category. It is therefore possible to identify some roles born thanks to the rise of the internet and of course Google.

Among these, the SEO activity stands out (Search Engine Optimization) which corresponds to all those actions aimed at achieving the first results among the organic results (not paid) within the SERP (Search Engine Results Page).

The SEO figure is supported by other professionals as mentioned before who work in fields such as Content Marketing, Inbound Marketing, Affiliate Marketing or E-mail Marketing.

This demonstrates that a Digital Coach path divided into several subjects is the winning choice, since the strengthening of one’s brand passes through an integrated activity.


When we talk about advertisers for online sponsored ads we enter the field of SEM (Search Engine Marketing). The SEM is one of the branches of digital marketing that deals with directing traffic to a website.

It is not the only discipline that has this as an objective, it is in fact now known that many of the efforts made by those who work online are aimed at increasing visits and conversions but the main difference lies in the fact that the sem is based on a paid advertising system.

The Web Analytics Specialists or Managers are those figures who monitor the activity carried out by the other Digital Marketing operators, it is a very important activity because the performances, the results, are measured through the KPI or Key Performance Indicator. The data is collected, analyzed and then processed to ensure the best possible performance.

As you can see, the world of Google and that of Digital Marketing are inextricably linked.

If what you have read so far has interested you, do not miss the opportunity to participate in a free presentation of our masters, our courses and our certifications. Join our team!